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Nu Fenix
15-07-2009, 22:48
Archmage, lvl 4, Talisman of Sapphery, Folariath's Robe, Dispel Scroll = 360 (A)

Mage, lvl 2, Silver Wand, 2x Dispel Scroll = 185 (B)

Noble, Radiant Gem of Hoeth, Dragon Armour, Great Weapon = 144 (C)

Noble, BSB, Banner of the World Dragon, Dragon Armour, Great Weapon = 184 (D)

20 Spearmen, Full Command, Banner of Arcane Protection = 230 (Joined by B)

21 Spearmen, Full Command = 214

13 Swordmasters, Full Command, War Banner = 250 (Joined by C)

12 Swordmasters, Full Command, Banner of Sorcery = 260 (Joined by A & D)

10 Shadow Warriors, Shadow Walker = 172

Total = 1999

PD = 9+D3
DD = 6

The theme is primarily built around Sapphery and the White Tower of Hoeth, hence the Swordmasters and Great Weapons on the Nobles.

I didn't want to go for four mages with a Sapphery list, as it is quite dull, and I really wanted to have a BSB with the World Dragon banner, as it just seems so potent. I was debating between having a third level 2 or the Noble with Radiant Gem, as whilst he wouldn't be a fantastic mage, it gives me some support, but also keeps my combat power high since the units will be getting into combat.

I am unsure about swapping banners between the Spearmen and 13 strong Swordmasters, as the Warbanner is there to balance out the lack of ranks, which should be supported by the kills in combat.

The Shadow Warriors were added as I wanted some variety, as well as something that could act as a harrassing force for the enemy, march blocking and baiting units. They may not be fully thematic, but they were the last unit purchased for the army as I had the exact amount of points for them, whilst an 11 strong unit of Swordmasters, or two minimum sized units just didn't feel right and would get shot before they could do anything. An alternative may be a unit of Ellyrian Reavers, with their spears replaced with bows. Which would be more viable?

For the Archmage, I really want to try the combo between the magic items, although once my fellow players are used to it, I will change for something else and then continue rotating, such as Book of Hoeth, so long as I don't see a Dark Elf list with Ring of Hotek.

I previously used to play Empire, and as such right now I am feeling like I have a low amount of models on the table, but feel this is mainly due to being unused to an elite army, where one Swordmaster costs as much as three Free Company, yet likely to do more than those Free Company are.

Any thoughts or advice on the list, as well as my statements above would be much appreciated.

15-07-2009, 23:00
I like ur list, though I think that 3 great eagles would be better harrassers than the shadow warrioirs.

Nu Fenix
15-07-2009, 23:44
The main problem I have with Eagles is transporting them. I can only carry one normal sized GW case, nothing else, and so trying to get all my infantry and then the eagles inside may get tricky...

16-07-2009, 05:18
Why do you want a banner of the world dragon? That one always seemed the most pointless to me. Esp in a list with loads of dispel dice.

Nu Fenix
16-07-2009, 16:32
Because even with all the Dispel Dice in the world, sometimes you can't dispel everything, might fail a roll, get placed against an army with four mages, suffer an Irresistable Force, and so on.

This way, all their magic is forced onto other units, which means my Dispel Dice can do more, and allow me to make sure one unit is always safe from magic.

16-07-2009, 16:55
Why do you want a banner of the world dragon? That one always seemed the most pointless to me. Esp in a list with loads of dispel dice.

In a world where an Infernal Gateway could be lurking just around the corner, having your largest and most important unit immune to it could indeed be worth the hassle. :)

Nu Fenix
16-07-2009, 17:02

I would love to see the look on my opponent's face, when they manage to cast the spell, roll an 11+ for Strength, only to be told I shrug it off because of a magic banner.