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Inquisitor Eisenhorn has been trapped on a world which has been ravaged by a zombie virus. Nobody knows who is responsible or why they have done this. All that Eisenhorn knows is that if he’s going to survive long enough to get to the bottom of this, he’s going to have to get out of the zombie-infested city.

He and his staff’s weapons have all run out of ammo or otherwise become useless. The only weapons that they have are what they can find in the twisted, ruined remains of the city.

Like an idiot, I forgot to take my camera with me, but I did make this rough computer-generated model to show you the terrain and collectable item layout.

The game takes place around the “Emperor’s Finest” meat company’s truck depot. In order to get out of the city, Eisenhorn and his warband have to steal one of the many trucks that are parked here, and drive it to sweet freedom.

However, it’s not that simple. Over the last few days, zombies have gnawed on cables, smashed engines and generally wreaked havoc. None of the vehicles are in useable condition – but perhaps one of them could be repaired?

Rules wise, this scenario made extensive use of mystery markers. These markers are numbered pieces of paper which are folded up, and then mixed thoroughly to ensure that nobody knows what is on any of the pieces of paper. Ten of these markers were made and then scattered around the map to represent engine parts, tools, oils, fuels and all manner of repair kit pieces that could be of use for repairing the dilapidated trucks. After these pieces were deployed, we rolled two D10s to determine which of the ten pieces were actually necessary for the repair of the vehicle. Ergo, two of the ten pieces were necessary to repair the truck. The rest were useless. It took one action for a character to examine a marker, which would allow the player to pick up and read the paper slip.

A similar method was used on the trucks. A folded piece of paper with a number on it was placed on top of each of the three trucks, and then a D3 was rolled to determine which truck was in repairable condition. Two of the trucks were useless, one was not. To check a truck to see if it was repairable or not, a character had to spend three actions, after which, the controlling player would be permitted to unfold and read the paper slip to find out if he has wasted his time or not.

In addition, there were several weapons markers scattered around the map. These markers represented weapons or other tools which could be used to fight off the ever-encroaching hordes of the undead. Weapons were not determined by paper slips, and instead were determined by the GM before the game started. One exception was a multi-laser turret which was on top of the security station, which both players and the GM were aware of. However, this turret had no ammunition, and one of the mystery weapons markers represented a power pack, which would power the weapon.
Additionally, not all the weapons the players found would be fully loaded. Upon picking up a weapon, the GM would roll a D6, and consult the table below.

1 = Weapon has no ammo at all. Flame and chain weapons can be refuelled at the wooden fuel storage building. Other weapons could be reloaded from any of the ammo boxes, which are found at certain points, represented by weapons markers.

2/3 = Weapon has half a magazine of ammo in it.

4/5 = weapon is fully loaded.

6 = Weapon is fully loaded and has an extra reload.

Every turn, a D100 was rolled, using the following table.

1 turn since zombies last arrived : 25% chance of more zombies.
2 turns since zombies last arrived: 50% chance of more zombies.
3 turns since zombies last arrived: 75% chance of more zombies.
4+ turns since zombies last arrived: 90% chance of more zombies.

There were three players and one GM taking part in the game, each one taking one of three characters available. These characters were: Inquisitor Eisenhorn, Slick Devlan and Emissary Fabien. As explained earlier, these characters were totally un-armed and un-armoured, except from Fabien, who retained 1 point of armour for his iron hard skin special ability.

All three players chose to enter play onto the table edge nearest the truck depot.


In the first turn, Slick had the fastest initiative, so he ran up to the nearest truck (the one on the far left of the above picture) and investigated it to see if it was in a repairable condition. By a stroke of luck, he discovered that this truck could be repaired to a functional condition. Eisenhorn had the second fastest initiative, so he sprinted around the left hand side of the truck depot, and Fabien followed close by his heels. Slick’s player, Sophie, did the honours of rolling the first zombie arrival dice for us, and to nobody’s surprise, no zombies arrived in the first turn.

In the second turn, having found the right truck, Slick climbed up on top of the truck to retrieve a weapons marker, which turned out to be an Accatran pattern lasgun with half a magazine in it. Not exactly the BFG9000, but Sophie seemed pretty thrilled to have found a weapon first. Eisenhorn and Fabien chose to split up at this point. Fabien headed towards the wooden Fuel storage building, only to find that it had been barricaded shut to keep the zombies out. Fabien took a strength test to see if he could move the barrier, but failed. Meanwhile, Eisenhorn headed towards the goods storage building and retrieved the weapons pickup that was outside the main shutters. To his player’s delight, he had found a fully fuelled chainsword. With Eisenhorn’s superior weapon skill, this would prove to be quite a bane of the Zombie’s existence. This time, Eisenhorn’s player, Chris, rolled the zombie dice for us, and lo and behold, a number of zombies had arrived on the scene. After rolling a D6, we saw that 5 zombies had arrived, and upon a D4 dice roll, we saw that they would enter play on the wooden fuel storage building’s table edge. Fabien’s player, Fiona, seemed quite frightened at this point.

On Slick’s third turn, he walked along the truck depot platform and started taking shots at the zombies with his new weapon. As he only succeeded in getting a single action, he only managed to injure a single zombie. Eisenhorn briefly considered turning around to assist Fabien with the zombies that had suddenly arrived, but then reconsidered. The inquisitor evidently wasn’t willing to risk his life to help a mutant. Instead, Eisenhorn ran across to the stairs which would lead up onto the roof of the storage building. On Fabien’s turn, Fiona finally managed to pass her strength test and enter the building, at which point, she piled the crate-barricade back up against the door and held it in place with all her might. On the zombie’s turn, they managed to walk around the fuel storage building and hammer on the barricaded door, but failed to gain entrance, to Fiona’s relief. Fiona took the zombie dice this turn, and as her result was over 25, no more zombies arrived this turn.

In the fourth turn, Slick seemed to realise that Fabien had the zombies under control, and decided to conserve ammo by not shooting at any more zombies. He ran around the side of the depot towards the goods storage building, but as he only succeeded in getting two actions, he failed to reach the building this turn. Fabien, meanwhile, was still frantically holding the doors shut, keeping the zombies from eating his brains, however, during the Zombie’s turn, they managed to break one of the windows and started to climb in. However, with their paltry speed of 1, the zombies did not have enough actions to make any attacks on Fabien just yet. I let Chris take the fourth zombie arrival roll, as he seemed quite eager, but he seemed quite disappointed when he caused a further two zombies to arrive, this time from the edge closest to the goods storage building.

In the fifth turn, Slick ran up to the shutter control panel and opened it, allowing him to enter the goods storage building. Once inside, he headed towards the nearest objective marker, but did not get enough actions to examine it. Eisenhorn, meanwhile, headed across the roof to pick up the rooftop objective marker, but ironically, also failed to get enough actions to read it. Fabien, meanwhile, faced with a horde of zombies, fled up the stairs of the fuel storage building to get up onto the roof, where he picked up a weapons marker, which turned out to be a grenade. During the zombies turn, the zombies at the fuel storage building picked themselves up from the floor and shuffled towards the staircase. Over at the goods storage building, the two zombies headed up the staircase to go after Eisenhorn. Sophie took the next zombie dice roll, and unluckily caused another three zombies to arrive. These three came on from the same table edge as the last pair – The goods storage building table edge.

In the sixth turn, Slick examined his objective marker, only to realise that it was utterly useless. He started to head across the room to get to the next objective marker, but again, did not have enough actions to read it. On the rooftop, Eisenhorn also managed to read his objective marker, which also proved to be totally useless. He decided to take his frustrations out on the two zombies that were climbing the stairs, and absolutely gutted them with his chainsword, leaving only a pile of giblets and wet bone. Fabien, standing on top of the fuel storage building, which was by this point crawling with zombies, primed his grenade to explode in one turn, and ran off the roof of the building as fast as his mutated legs would carry him, grabbing the objective marker (but not examining it just yet) and leaping off the roof like a Hollywood action hero. The zombies downstairs were slowly ascending the staircase, but by the time they got to the roof, Fabien had already scarpered. The three zombies which had arrived last turn began to move towards the goods storage building, but failed to get close enough to enter the still-open shutters. The next zombie dice roll was taken by Fiona, who was gutted to discover that six more zombies would be coming into play, all arriving from the wrecked delivery shuttle table edge.

In the seventh turn, Slick only succeeded in getting a single action, which he spent examining his objective marker. It turned out to be another dud. Meanwhile, Eisenhorn descended the goods storage building staircase and entered the shutter doorway, closing the shutters behind him to keep the three zombies out. Fabien spent every action he had running away from the building, within which, a grenade was slowly ticking down to destruction. He ran up and around the back of the goods storage building, towards the back-door. The zombies in the fuel storage building shambled across the roof after the distant Fabien, but failed to get so far as the edge of the building. The zombies at the Goods storage building’s shutters hammered at the shutters for a little while, but failed to force them to open. One of the zombies, thinking ahead, decided to walk around the building, looking for another entrance.

Then, with an almighty boom, the fuel storage building erupted as a pillar of flame. Fabien’s grenade had gone off, igniting the twenty three barrels of high-octane truck fuel, and the result was a truly epic explosion and fire. The zombies who were caught in the blast immediately caught fire, and only two of them survived the blast, with only a trickle of injury points before they would succumb to death. The two surviving zombies toppled off of the roof and began shambling blindly about in all directions, blinded by the intense flames that enveloped their decomposing forms.

No zombies arrived this turn, much to the relief of the players.

In the eighth turn, Slick went over to the window to see what the zombies outside were doing, and if it was safe to go outside. Eisenhorn went through to the back room of the storage building and discovered an objective marker and a weapons marker. The objective marker proved to be a dud, but the weapons marker was considerably more worthwhile. He had found a multi-laser power cell, which would power the multi laser at the truck depot for thirty shots. Fabien continued to run away from the burning building, and eventually came to the back door of the goods storage building. Upon entering, he grabbed the security office keys and held the door shut behind him. Now that all the humans were in one building together, all the zombies could really do was converge upon it. A couple of the zombies which had come on from the wrecked shuttle edge had by this point reached the building, and started to hammer upon the back door, but since Fabien was holding it shut, they did not succeed in opening it. No more zombies arrived this turn.

In the ninth turn, Slick ran over to the control panel and opened the shutters, and then sprinted past the two zombies that were still there to head around the stairs towards the back of the building. Eisenhorn followed him, evidently heading up towards the wrecked shuttle. Fabien, meanwhile, ran towards the shutters in an attempt to head down towards the depot, but did not have enough actions to get out of the shutter door. The two zombies at the door, sensing an opportunity, charged at and attacked Fabien, scoring two hits, which caught him in the right arm and left leg. As they only did D6+1 damage, they didn’t actually cause any significant injury. Another six zombies arrived this turn, also coming on from the wrecked shuttle table edge.

16-07-2009, 00:37
The tenth turn arrived, and Slick and Eisenhorn were headed up towards the wrecked shuttle, which was swarming with zombies. They parted ways and headed for the objective markers, hoping to get to them before the zombies did Slick loosed off a few shots at them as combined actions with running, but unsurprisingly, missed on all counts. Fabien, on the other hand, managed to barge past the two zombies who were attacking him and used the outdoors shutter switch to lock the zombies inside. After doing this, he ran off down towards the depot as he had originally planned. The Zombies around the goods building, unaware that it was now only occupied by the undead, entered through the back door, and were rather irritated to discover that the place was empty. The zombies at the wrecked shuttle swarmed together and went after Eisenhorn, determined to make the old man into food. The burning zombies down near the still immolated fuel storage building stumbled around for a bit before finally collapsing dead. One of them fell onto the nearby weapons marker, which I then told the players was an ammo box containing frag rockets and grenades. I told them that each turn, I would roll a D10, and on a 1, the explosives would detonate as a result of the zombie’s flames. A single zombie arrived this turn, coming on from the edge nearest the burning fuel store. Since he was a loner, and I felt like giving the players a bit of a challenge, I said that this one was a “carrier” zombie, who had an increased weapon skill, and increased damage output.

The eleventh turn came, which saw Slick and Eisenhorn finally reaching their objective markers and examining them. By the Emperor’s blessing, one of the two markers proved to be one of the necessary engine parts required to fix the truck. There was much rejoicing around the table. Slick fired at the zombies with all his remaining actions, and actually managed to take one of them down, which was also met with much jubilation. Fabien, meanwhile, arrived at the depot platform to pick up the objective marker there that had been seemingly ignored by all the players up to this point. However, unlike earlier in the turn, this marker proved to be a dud, and was not worth anything. One of the zombies inside the goods store took a sagacity test (with their sagacity of 0, they needed the auto-pass of 1-5 to actually succeed) to see if he could open the shutters. Miraculously, he succeeded, and proceeded to open up the doors, letting the horde of zombies inside rush down towards the truck depot, intent on tearing Fabien a few new ones. A further four zombies arrived this turn, coming on from the wrecked shuttle table edge. Evidently, Slick and Eisenhorn were going to have quite a fight on their hands up there.

On the twelfth turn, both Slick and Eisenhorn got their hands dirty. As the third wrecked shuttle objective marker was currently covered with a tide of zombies, they both spent all their actions fighting, but had little effect on the huge horde of zombies that were slowly shuffling towards them. Meanwhile, Emissary Fabien reached the security office, and managed to open it with the key he had found earlier. However, he did not have enough actions to go inside and find out what was in there. The zombies weren’t far behind him, coming through the truck depot to flood the platform in a tide of rotting flesh and gribbliness. No more zombies arrived this turn, to the relief of all three players.

In the thirteenth turn, Slick and Eisenhorn realised that there was no way that they would be able to take down so many zombies without being killed, and instead, they decided to bail. They both ran away as fast as they could, with Eisenhorn headed down towards the goods store corner, and Slick running down towards the burning fuel store. Along the way, there was a weapons pickup just on the fringe of the wrecked shuttle. He picked this up, and seemed delighted to hear that it was a rocket launcher, but seemed distraught when he rolled a 1 for his ammo roll. The weapon was empty, and he would have to go find some ammo for it. Fabien managed to enter the security office, turning and locking the door behind him with his key. The zombies at the wrecked shuttle split into two groups, one following Eisenhorn, and the other following Slick. Two of the zombies actually got close enough to lay a few punches on Slick, who took a heavy injury to the arm as a result, and dropped his lasgun. The rest of the zombies continued in their persuit of Fabien, at this point they were now at the door of the security office, hammering at the doors and groaning, but they couldn’t force the door to open up. The carrier zombie, having just reached the security cabin, shoved his arm in through the narrow window and tried to reach the mutant inside, but with no success. A further two zombies arrived this turn, also coming on from the wrecked shuttle table edge.

In the fourteenth turn, Slick ran towards the ammo pile where the rockets were kept. “Are you sure?” I asked Sophie, reminding her that there was a burning zombie slumped over the ammo store, and that it could blow at any minute. She seemed adamant, and so, she rushed forward and began scrabbing for rockets. Eisenhorn, however, was still fleeing from the zombies which were hot on his heels. He fled down past the goods store and ran down by the side wall of the truck depot, down towards the security office. Fabien, locked in the security office, checked both the weapon marker and the objective marker. The weapon turned out to be a straight-mag bolter, with a full magazine of ammunition, and the objective marker turned out to be the missing repair part (much to the relief of Chris and Sophie, who had been certain that the marker at the wrecked shuttle, which they had been forced to abandon, would be the missing piece). The Zombies continued to chase after Slick, finally drawing close enough to land a few more blows on him. A light injury to the head stunned the gunslinger, and he was put down like a sack of sand. The zombies started feeding on him. We counted this as unarmed attacks with +1 damage. The zombies that were chasing Eisenhorn continued to chase after him, but the Inquisitor with his superior speed was far too fast for them, and they couldn’t catch up. The zombies down near the Security office continued to hammer upon the door, and with an almighty crash, finally managed to break the door down.

It was at the end of the turn when I rolled the “burning zombie on top of the ammo dump” roll, that I finally rolled a 1. The flames of the zombie’s burning corpse had finally set the explosives at the ammo dump off like a box of fireworks. The resulting explosion killed both Slick, and all the zombies that had been chasing him. Sophie seemed contented that she had sacrificed herself to rid the other two players of so many zombies.

In the fifteenth turn, Eisenhorn finally reached the security office, and he quickly climbed up the stairs leading to the roof. Then, he reloaded the multi-laser turret that was up there, but didn’t get enough actions to start firing. Fabien, on the other hand, spent every action firing into the zombie horde that had just broken his door down. He actually succeeded in putting down two of the zombies with his mighty weapon, but there were too many for him to handle. Eventually, the carrier charged in and started attacking him without mercy. He took rather a lot of damage in that turn of combat, putting him dangerously close to his unconsciousness value. All the zombies were converging on the truck depot, determined to make a meal out of the two humans who were down there. A further five zombies arrived this turn, coming on from the truck depot table edge.

In the sixteenth turn, Eisenhorn charged up the multi-laser and let rip on the zombies, taking down six of them with a quick blast of semi-auto fire. Fabien, meanwhile, miraculously managed to barge his way through the zombie crowd and run out towards the truck that they were intending to repair. He didn’t get enough actions to integrate the part that he had found in the security office, however. The zombies all ignored Fabien and started to march around the security office towards the stairs, evidently knowing that Eisenhorn’s big gun was the biggest threat to them right now. The group of zombies that had followed Eisenhorn down from the wrecked shuttle had finally re-entered play, coming down to the security station and starting to march up the rear ramp. The zombies which had arrived last turn started to head towards Fabien.

In the next turn, Eisenhorn opened fire on the group of Zombies who had started to march towards Fabien. The mutant would need some time to fix up the old truck, so Eisenhorn thought he should give him some covering fire, and succeeded in taking down a further four zombies. He was still unaware that there was a tide of zombies slowly marching up the ramp behind him, and this would later prove quite a costly mistake. In Fabien’s turn, the mutant managed to reach the truck and start wiring in the part he had found. He didn’t have any weapons, so there was little he could do to stop the final zombie from attacking him and causing a light injury to his abdomen. This brought Fabien to within two points of his unconsciousness value, So Fiona knew that she was in trouble. The zombies by this point, had crept up behind Eisenhorn and started to attack him, but as Eisenhorn was equipped with a chainblade, it was not easy for them to score any hits, as the reach difference between their claws (reach 0) and Eisenhorn’s chainsword (reach 3) meant that they faced a heavy –40% modifier. However, one zombie did manage to place a rather nasty blow to Eisenhorn’s crotch, knocking him prone, which also knocked him off the edge of the building, landing on the hard concrete below and suffering a further 10 falling damage.

In the penultimate turn, Fabien finally managed to get his part integrated into the vehicle, and he leapt into the driver’s seat. Eisenhorn picked himself up from the ground and hobbled towards the truck, shoving his part rudely into the engine and hanging onto the side of the vehicle, shouting “Drive!” at the mutant driver. The single zombie that had previously attacked Fabien pawed at the driver-side door, but as it had no window and was made from solid steel, he didn’t manage to open it. The zombies over at the security office shambled towards the truck, but couldn’t reach it this turn.

In the final turn, the injured Fabien and Eisenhorn drove off into the sunset together, finally escaping the horrors of the zombie-infested city. But never would they forget the brave gunslinger, who had given his life in that heroic struggle.

All in all, the game was enjoyed by all, but I think that if I were to do the same sort of game again, I would make the zombies a little less tough, but put up their damage and speed to make them less easy to run away from. This would mean that players would be more inclined to stand and fight them rather than run away all the time.

Commissar Molotov
16-07-2009, 01:58
That sounds like a fantastic game, and a fantastic experience. You really managed to make a thrilling and enthralling narrative that must've been very tense to participate in!

The only thing I would say is - what about Eisenhorn's psychic powers?

16-07-2009, 02:08
We agreed that the zombies, since they were dead bodies animated by a non-sentient virus, which has neither a soul or a mind, Eisenhorn's telepathic psychic powers would not have done him very much good.

That left his daemonology powers - namely vortex of chaos. However, the player who was playing as Eisenhorn, Chris, didn't feel like using it, because he thought that chopping madly at the undead with a chainsword was a whole lot cooler.

Commissar Molotov
16-07-2009, 02:13
That's fair enough; I just wondered if, in your attempts to disarm the players, you might have 'removed' Eisenhorn's powers. It would've been easy enough to do by saying something like "...after many days straight of fighting, Eisenhorn does not have the mental fortitude required to manifest his powers properly...'

All in all, a very interesting game indeed!

16-07-2009, 10:35
Yay! Resident Inquisitor! :D

Note to self: make Inquisitor scale zombies...

16-07-2009, 19:04
Note: We made our zombies out of 1:32 scale Zulu warriors. They're widely available on eBay, and you can normally pick up about sixteen for a fiver.

17-07-2009, 00:14
Fantastic report; very cinematic! I also enjoyed the players' reactions and other comments, such as rolls, being incorporated.

I would definitely read another one of these!

Magos Errant
18-07-2009, 04:45
Excellent job Ynek! You wrote the report very nicely.

I just feel sorry for Eisenhorn at the end. ;)