View Full Version : Looking for advice 2250 HE

16-07-2009, 08:40
Archmage lvl4 360
-Annulian Crystal, Ring of Fury, Dispel Scroll
Noble BSB 139
-Armor of Caledor, Great Weapon
Caradryan 175

10x Archers 110
20x Spearmen 195
-Standard, Musician

15x Phoenix Guard 305
-FC, Banner of Sorcery
15x White Lions 255
5x Dragon Princes 150
5x Dragon Princes 150
5x Reavers 112
-Bows, Musician

3x RBT 300

Total: 2252
PD: 7-9
DD: 5 (1 scroll)

I'm trying to build an all-comers list that strives for balance. How does this look?

The SkaerKrow
16-07-2009, 12:14
Looks like a decent army, fairly balanced and competent in most phases of the game. I might be inclined to break up the Ellyrion Reaver unit in favor of a Great Eagle for March-Blocking and War Machine hunting purposes. Otherwise, drop a Musician or the like to get yourself at or below 2,250 points. Technically, this is an illegal list in its current form.

16-07-2009, 17:18
Swapping the Reavers for an Eagle would also free up 60 points.
I could add another dragon prince to each unit. Or put a warbanner / lion banner on the spearmen, give the BSB a guardian phoenix and give the Gem of Courage to one of my elite champions.


17-07-2009, 04:37
I second swapping the Reavers for an Eagle, one thing it looks like you'll be weak against is big guns (not all shooting, thanks to RBTS, but they can't wound war machines too well--randomization is an ugly thing) so unless you take the Lore of Metal, roll well, and can get brass off when you need it you could run into problems there. With the extra points, I'd say give the White lions (not the spearmen) the Lion banner so you have an almost unbreakable(LD 9, stubborn, can't autobreak) anvil/hammer. With the amount of fear/terror going around, guarding against autobreak is a pretty smart move (the other day a block of twenty saurus lost combat to tomb guard (static rez and they were outkilled by only one) and autobroke and were overran--i lost 270 points about two turns earlier than i should have...)