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16-07-2009, 14:33
EDIT: It's been a while since I started this plog, and although I haven't made a huge amount of progress I thought it'd be good to post some of the things I have completed to set the tone for the plog, especially since my very first photos are such poor quality. Welcome to my Asrai plog.

Glade Guard

Glade Riders


Hey, I'm relatively new as a member to these forums, I used to collect Fantasy when I was a young teen, and then left the hobby for almost eight years. Whenever I thought about starting again I was always particularly drawn to the wood elves. There was something about their enigmatic, withdrawn nature that appealed to me. I imagined them being so distant from the other races that they would barely even acknowledge them as sentient beings, and could take the lives of those who threatened the forest with utter detachment. And I also love the models for them!
So when I finally decided to start collecting again, I decided to go with the vague notion that wood elves are a bit like ninjas - detached killers, sneaky stealth tactics etc. Rather than going for an all out ninja theme, I am just going to keep the overall feel a bit dark, and add little details such as extra masks and straw hats for champions, that kind of thing. The paint scheme is a little too similar to the GW studio ones atm but i'm hoping that conversions, later and some more dark colours will rectify that. Anyway, too much blabber, here are some pictures of my WIP glade guard (i paint both slowly and irregularly), sorry for the pic quality, and some more photos of WIP units and conversions to come soon.

Oh and quick 1000pts:-

16 glade guard w/command
6 glade riders w/mus
16 eternal guard w/command
6 waywatchers
some characters!



16-07-2009, 18:56
Some more pictures.

Some WIP front rankers. I thinking of doing a big kanji style elf symbol on the top of the champion's hat, although I think it might need a bit more decoration as well.http://i932.photobucket.com/albums/ad161/bong_hitaka/DSCN2945.jpg

Standard bearer. The bird arm (from a noble model) is not glued on yet... hence why he is pecking for worms atm. The bird was influenced by the rules for lotr radagast the brown and the End from MGS 3 Snake Eater, a sniper who has a parrot for a "spotter". So my bird is meant to be a spotter for the archers.http://i932.photobucket.com/albums/ad161/bong_hitaka/DSCN2946.jpg

Apologies for the blurry pics (again), still getting working out how to take photos of little things. I am not too sure about the turquoise banner pole so I will probably tone it down with some orkhide shade glazes. Although I am going to use turquoise as a spot colour in the army (mainly because I want to paint wardancers with turquoise hair!) Comments and criticism are very welcome and appreciated.

16-07-2009, 19:04
Those are some really nice Wood Elves! I must say I'm not entirely sold on the Champion's hat, but that's just me. Keep it up!

Monsterzonk :skull:

16-07-2009, 19:18
Sorry, there's more!! I worked on these two today. First up is going to be my Alter Kin Noble armed with the Spear of Twilight/great weapon. It might need shortening a little though.
I want to mount him on a scenic base, which will hopefully resemble the amazing John Blanche artwork for this model in the army book.

And a mounted noble with the Dawnspear/Spear of Twilight. Going to do some green stuff work on him.

I will try and learn how to shrink my photos because they're a bit big!!

16-07-2009, 21:56
Looking good - I'm not sure how I feel about the Champ's hat, but I'll wait to see how it ties in with the rest of your army.

I rather like the initial shots of your nobles.

Also, I think your pictures are probably okay in size...I'm on a widescreen monitor, however, so it might be stretching some people's screens.

Anyway, I'm glad to see some Wood Elfs on here...I was getting weary of all the Chaos. *nods*

17-07-2009, 11:04
@monsterzonk and loveless - Thanks for the comments :). I will do some more work to try and improve the hat, give it some more detail because I agree that it doesn't look quite right. Will probably do so after I finish off the unit, including adding the cloaks, which I am painting separately (and I might add have taken ages to find the right recipe for).

Elazar The Glorified
26-07-2009, 10:21
Looks promising so far, have to agree with Loveless and Monsterzonk on the hat, not convinced. Everything else here looks great though. Keep up the good work! :)

26-07-2009, 11:25
Wow, that´s the only thing I could say by watching this great wood elves. But as it was mentioned before, forget the hat for the champion.
Greetings Bazoragh
I especially like your basing

08-08-2009, 23:30
The hat really isn't very popular :) I now consider it my personal challenge to make the hat work!! It should contribute to the overall theme of my elves since I was trying to incorporate some oriental/ninja-ish style into the army, possibly including an entire unit of archers or scouts with straw hat in the style of House of Flying Daggers. I'm hoping that it'll work once I have developed the theme with the rest of the army so I'm not conceding defeat yet!
Anyway, very little progress made (a combination of laziness and being a slow painter), I'm still working on the glade guard but won't post any more of them until the unit is finished... With the exception of this guy. I've changed the tone of the hat and added a simple pattern. I want to add some leaves to it as well, with some vine bits blowing in the same direction as the cloak. However, I'm unsure as to whether or not green stuff will stick to the hat now there's paint on it, but I'm wary of scraping the paint off. If anyone has any advice on this it would much appreciated. Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming



09-08-2009, 00:07
Now for a bit of fluff

Roeth Oscurael's kindband is a Talu kinband (Talu is the word for vengeance or revenge , something like that) are elves that all suffered loss during Coeddil's Betrayal. Many of them lost family and friends at the hands (or spiky twigs) of dryads spurred on by the malicious intent of the twisted treeman. These elves have since come together having sworn an oath to a joint cause. They have sworn to maintain vigil over the borders of dark glades in the south-east of Athel Loren lest Coeddil and his bitter companions should find a way to break the enchantment imprisoning them there and wreak further carnage. They have also sworn to come down mercilessly upon those that threaten the forest in the hope that the blood spilt will appease the forest until one day it fully accepts the Asrai as its own children. In their own way, the elves of Roeth's kinband are bitter that they have been rejected by their own home. However, it is their foes that will feel the full force of the elves resentment.

A bit emo, yes, but then they are elves :)

Here are some of the glade riders that I am currently working on. Thanks to Anarkdil (sp.?) for some tips on how to pose the horses on the bases.




09-08-2009, 00:11
Quick shots of the army as it stands.

And I thought some people might be interested to something my step-dad painted the other day, an old citadel ogre miniature. I thought it was pretty good considering that he hasn't picked up a paintbrush in 25 years!


23-09-2009, 19:50
@Elazar the Glorified - thank you, i'm gonna push on with the hat (if, further down the line I still can't get it to work and it doesn't fit with the rest of the army then i can always give him a new head - maybe with a better hat:p). I'm glad you like the rest.
@bazoragh - thank you too! I'm quite pleased with bases so far although i want to add some clump foliage and some leaves to liven them up.

A combination of many things has meant that I have painted very little recently, but I have almost finished my first unit, all that's left to do now is the cloaks, arrows, and a few little details here and there (oh and bases). But I'm getting there slowly but surely. Boy these models are hard work!
I think I'm gonna do the arrow feathers a orangey browny colour like snakebite for some contrast. Still need to work on the champions hat (yep its still there, sorry!), and I'm unsure of whether or not to keep the std bearer's hawk because I think it clutters up the unit too much and could probably be put to better use elsewhere.

Hope you like what you see! Thanks, Elfboy






23-09-2009, 19:52






23-09-2009, 20:05
Nice to see another WE army. It looks great! I like the shady, dark greens and the hat ;D

23-09-2009, 20:28
Thankyou, I'm glad someone likes the hat! I'm looking forward to seeing some more wood elves on your plog, you keep us waiting too long :)

23-09-2009, 20:46
Those are some excellent WE :D

Inquisitor Gideon
23-09-2009, 21:10
Personally, i like that hat:D

23-09-2009, 21:14
You know, the leaf-work on the hat makes it look better...huh. Well done stuff.

24-09-2009, 09:53
Nice work on the Glade Guard, I would never have dared to use such grey-ish colours on Wood Elves but on yours that looks really good =)

Looking forward to seeing more stuff done from you ;)

Oh and I do like the guy with the hat as well, never seen sth like that on GG before..

24-09-2009, 11:08
Looking good so far, and I say, give hats to the whole regiment! I think it's a great idea to make them oriental, if that fits for any army, it's the Wood Elves!

Also, good choice of colours, looking quite natural and realistic. You've got a good hand for highlighting, think that's very important with such a dark palette.
I'll keep an eye on this plog, can barely wait to see more!

24-09-2009, 11:11
Great painting! I really like the dark, moody colours. They work really well with the Wood Elves' sinister character. Nice job!
Also good work on painting the horses, which is one of the most difficult things to do right IMO.

Monsterzonk :skull:

24-09-2009, 12:40
You do not leave the hobby for eight years and re-enter being THIS good... It's just not fair.

How did you accomplish the very dark green look? I really like it. I am finally trying to paint up my WE army, but I haven't got much luck. You say yours look too much like the GW ones, I disagree. Mine do, and I hate it... Yours look way better. Love the dark look.

24-09-2009, 12:40
Holy crap! When the new wood elves came out I was a little disappointed, not really the style I was hoping for.

Now I wish they painted and photographed a few of the archers up like this! I might just dig up my old wood elf army and add a bit to it soon :)

24-09-2009, 13:58
Many thanks for the responses :)

@out of context - thank you

@inquisitor gideon and loveless - cheers, I'm glad the hat is finally working out. It did look quite flat when I started out, but some sketchy green stuff work has made a difference!

@wildberry - thank you, look forward to seeing some more from you too. I need to try my hand at some of those swirly patterns you've done too, although I'm not sure if it'll work with the darker scheme... we'll see :)

@noeste - I was thinking about doing hats for everyone but after my first attempts at making them I'm afraid i cowered from the challenge at the time, too much hard work! However, I will do a whole unit with hats in the future, probably glade guard, try the House of Flying Daggers look

@monsterzonk - thanks, i'm pleased that the dark look is working, I agree that wood elves are quite sinister and reclusive so that's what I was trying to convey. I always used to find horses difficult to paint so I was a bit nervous when it came to doing these ones, but the sculpts are really nice, they show all the muscles very clearly so they lend themselves well to painting. Very time consuming though! I think I need a bigger brush :p

@daniel36 - I have kept drawing and painting canvasses even after stopping warhammer so I still had some form of practice with a brush. Also, before I started painting these I had some practice helping my brother with his lotr models, I tried to do everything a well as I could and I picked up tips from wherever possible to improve as fast as I could. Plus a lot of trial and error :D. And being anal. In the retentive way... rather than imagining I am a gigantic bumhole :p
For the green on the shoulder pad things i did:
1. Dark Angels Green basecoat
2. A black wash
3. Dark Angels green on the rims.
4. A finer highlight with 1:1 Dark Angels and Goblin Green
5. Pure goblin green
6. Goblin green mixed with bronzed flesh
7. Bleached bone added to previous mix.

For touching up mistakes I used a thick wash of dark angels and chaos black, making sure not to go close to the edge.

For the cloak I used:
1. Orkhide shade basecoat
2. Badab black and chaos black wash
3. Scorched brown wash just in the deepest folds.
4. A thin coat of catachan green followed by a heavier one once the first coat is dry
5. Lighten catachan green with kommando khaki.
6. Lighten it again.
7. Final highlight with thin coat of kommando khaki.

Quite time consuming (I'm a slow enough painter as it is), but I'm quite pleased with the results.
I understand if your having problems with wood elves. Nice as the models are, they're torture to paint, so many different layers of clothing on them that its hard coming up with a colour scheme, I took ages working on mine till I was happy... and I'm still trying to work out what to do with details like banners. Just keep plugging away and eventually you'll find something that your happy with :)

@zoggin-heck - Cheers. I think the GW studio models look good but, like many people, I don't think they fit with the dark, mysterious nature of the tree lovers. The most recent edition models are very nice, if time-consuming to paint (especially for core troops).

Thanks, Elfboy

10-01-2010, 18:03
Its been a while and I still haven't completely finished my glade guard but I'm very close. Don't go back to uni till wednesday and I promised myself I'd have them finished by tuesday, so will put some pics up then.

Anyway, I originally was gonna keep the main list for this army completely forest spirit free, but after submitting a list on the tactics and getting some feedback I decided I would another fighty unit to back up my eternal guard and wardancers. So here is the concept for some wild riders:


In keeping with a ninja-ish theme these masks are inspired by naruto anbu and japanese oni masks. These riders are supremely skilled and experienced, so much so that they are almost impossible to hit, and remain undaunted by the even most fearsome foes (5+ ward and immune to psychology!). As they bear down on the enemy, their victims are fear-struck by the strange, ghostly masks of the riders (the wild hunt). They are armed with spears and two lethal elven blades perfectly designed for killing (Fury of Kurnous).

These mysterious figures remain an enigma even to the other warband members. They never remove their masks in the company of others, leaving many to wonder whether they remain corporeal or are dark twisted spirits, echoes of the Betrayal. Although no-one knows for sure, some argue that they are in fact survivors of the great Betrayal who were banished from their their wild-rider duties for failing to protect the King's Glade, thus returning to a state of normal elvishness(whatever that may be). However, none can refute that their combat prowess is awesome to behold; they strike down their foes with hearts full of vengeance, hoping to repay their debts to the forest and the great Orion so that might reach that higher plane of elf-forest spirit once more.

10-01-2010, 18:10
Sorry double post! For the conversions they will be made from the battalion box (although I'm a long way off buying this yet), basically using dryad heads on glade riders and adding details where I can, green-stuff skills permitting.

And here is some progress on my alter kin. I ditched the spear (was gonna be spear of twilight but I realised that might be a waste of points) for a great weapon (i still have to extend the handle for this (not sure that handle is the technical term, my mind has deserted me right now). I'm trying to giving him as much forward momentum as possible, alluding to his incredible speed.


Some pics are a bitt blurry but u get the general idea.

11-01-2010, 05:02
So you're going to sculpt hoods over the Dryad heads? Should be an interesting look.

11-01-2010, 09:29
Yeah, that's what I'm going for, and a mould for the partial mask musician, but I'm not sure how the heads will work in terms of proportion with the glade rider bodies. I will file the heads down anyway, clip off the branches i don't need, but I might do moulds of the dryad faces instead if they're still too big.

12-01-2010, 01:01
Great work! You've almost got me tempted to pick back up the autumn-themed Wood Elf army I was working on during the summer...

12-01-2010, 06:15
Well since they're meant to be masks, it's excusable for their heads to be a bit bigger. If you think about Chinese carnival masks or stereotypical witchdoctor masks, they're triple the size of a person's head so a small increase shouldn't look too out of place.

12-01-2010, 08:06
I'm really looking forward to seeing those Dryads done, I think the basic models are great but it'd be nice to see some variety.

I also love the GG hat, awesome.

A question for you, the eyes on your GG - have you just done black? I've got some eyeless GG sitting on my painting desk at the moment because I've never painted eyes before!

12-01-2010, 18:27
I really like the theme of your WE. I's good that you don't use the cloaks for your GG, it makes them look far more agile.
The Champ. with the strawhat looks great, I hope to see more of these. :)
What will you use as masks for the WR? Or are you going to do them with GS?

12-01-2010, 19:01
Looking good=) excited for updates!

12-01-2010, 22:43
I was supposed to have finished my GG today, I am very close though, just left with details on the champ, and the string on the all the cloaks because I'm unsure how to paint them, will leave them though, so will update in the next couple of days.

@Seraph74 - Thank you :)

@Thurizdan - good point, ur right, they should work (although I'm glad dryad heads aren't three times the size of normal heads cos then these wild riders would look ridiculous!) getting quite excited about trying it out now, very tempted to buy the battalion soon, even though I know I shouldn't since there's too much stuff I haven't painted... but then again I think most of us are guilty of that!

@quasihayley - I am looking forward to dong them! Yeah, I left the eyes black, I struggled with the first couple, they ended up looking like they needed to be sectioned, I didn't think elves should be mad-eyed so I left all the eyes after that, they're "in shadow" now, or at least that's how I try to justify it. I also contemplated having the eyes without pupils, white with a yellowy green wash so that they would be luminescent and other-worldly, i thought it worked quite well, so if u want to avoid painting eyes that might be worth a try :)

@Indreth - I've put cloaks on now, although I know what you mean about the agile thing, I'm gonna do scouts without cloaks, clipping out the quivers and just using them so that they look more mobile. Cloaks are also a real pain to rank up. Also thinking about giving my next glade guard unit straw hats and no cloaks, although I find making the hats really hard so I don't know if I'm up to it.
For the masks I'm going to use dryad heads, including the blank mask (will green stuff over the dryad's mouth), and green stuff the hoods.

@Shadow_steed - Thank you, I'll have a quick update soon.

Cheers for all the encouragement guys!


13-01-2010, 13:26
Ok, seems like i have missed that detail with the cloaks, sorry.
Yeah, I had/have the same problem with my GG, the cloaks are sometimes too big for the small bases...
Yes! Do the scouts like you say and they will look great!
Wow. A whole unit with strawhats? Sounds like great fun with GS ;)
Do you sculpt the hats on something or is it just GS?
Nice idea for the WR, I'm looking forward to see a prototype!
Kind Regards,

14-01-2010, 18:57
Ah, Elfboy, I'd almost forgotten about you and your lovely elves.

Somewhat glad I clicked here again - your wild rider concepts are incredibly similar to the ones I have in my own sketchbook. You're the first I've seen to have a similar idea - fun times.

Lovely Alter, by the by.

15-01-2010, 01:11
Brilliant elves! Your paint scheme is great, I like the nice subtle subdued tones on em. And your horses look like they are going to gallop off the bases they look so good and realistic!

Keep it up!


15-01-2010, 05:54
My friend, this looks absolutely fantastic! Brilliant theme, amazing painting and very nice, subtle conversions. I envy you :)

17-01-2010, 13:38
Thanks for all the feedback, keeping me motivated.

@Indreth - Thanks again :) I'm looking forward to doing a unit without cloaks, tehy have caused me so much pain with the GG! For the hats i make a green stuff circle then make the lines with a scalpel working from the centre. Then I cut a wedge from the circle and fold the circle up into a very shallow cone and leave it to set. However, its a bit inconsistent, i haven't get a formula yet for making the right size and depth of "cone."

@ Cheers, great minds think alike?! I think the wild rider idea is pretty much down to watching emo-esque anime with overstated themes of "everyone needs bonds and friendship" and "no one should be alone": naruto anbu, and bleach arrancar resurecciones and vizard! Emo-ness aside, these kindof things are visually inspiring IMHO, and share certain fantastical elements. And I've been wondering, where is your avatar from?

@Dakkapantz and Geld - Thank you :)

I have now finished (apart from the glove on my std bearer I have just realised, tsk!) my unit of GG. Improved bases and a movement tray will come later once more of the army is done.


17-01-2010, 13:41
and the rest

Hope u like, C&C welcome as always

17-01-2010, 13:43
I've grown to like the hat. Good work overall.


17-01-2010, 13:48

17-01-2010, 15:47
@ohno!zombies and quasihayley - thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it

17-01-2010, 15:52
The Glade Guard are looking great! I really like the dark colour scheme you've chosen, as well as the smooth highlighting and blending. Those freehands on the banner and the gems on the champion are also really well done! Keep it up!

Monsterzonk :skull:

17-01-2010, 16:36
I'm really liking these models and the concept behind them as well - the theme and the figures really suit the dark colour scheme (I was never sure if Wood Elves could work as dark colours, but yours are looking very nice indeed). I'm very much looking forwards to seeing more of these guys.

17-01-2010, 17:04
great painting. do you use gw "sand" on the bases?

17-01-2010, 17:44
@monsterzonk - Thanks :) I'm quite pleased with the freehand as I was pretty nervous about doing it, but it came out quite well IMHO, could probably do with some sharpening up but I'm happy with it as it is atm.

@andyg2006 - thank you glad you like the shady theme :)

@leeoaks - thanks :) yeah I use the GW stuff, a long time ago when I was young and foolish I used builder's sand but it didn't keep very well. Why do you ask?

17-01-2010, 22:09
Same here. I had to re-pose them several times to form a proper unit. Horrible.
Thanks for the instruction. The straw-hat looks really great with all the leaves on it, I hope to see more of them. :)

18-01-2010, 04:41
Your greens are so insanely rich - I love seeing these models. These may well be my favorite Wood Elves I've seen in recent times.

24-01-2010, 21:32
@indreth - i don't know how many more hats are going to feature, it might just become a unit champion thing, I've definately got one for the waywatcher lord model (he'll usually be fielded as a shadow sentinel tho), I'll have to experiment with a more consistent method for the hats because a lot of them come out very wonky! I also forgot to mention that I clipped the elf head down a little to get it to fit more naturally, so I'm also worried i'll mess it all up and have no heads left :)

@ loveless - thank you :)

Just a quick progress update of some horses for glade riders. I'm quite pleased with the dapple grey horse because it was a bit of an experiment but came out quite nicely, its not perfectly smooth but I'm happy with the overall effect. Also, i was wondering if acetone (well nail polish remover) can be used on plastic models? I want to start again with one of the horses (not shown here). Anyway, I hope you like :-)





24-01-2010, 21:40
The dapple is great, the other as well.

I wouldn't recommend using nail-polish remover in plastics, tried that myself today actually, but not on anything more important than a base, and it wasn't the result I was hoping for.
And anything based on acetone WILL melt plastics.

But I think that breakfluid might work, Tried that many years ago and think that it didn't melt the plastic, but I would still advice you to test on a piece of sprue or something first.

24-01-2010, 21:46
Cheers, definitely won't be using nail polish then! May just leave the horse I want to strip as it is

25-01-2010, 02:15
Nice ponies ;)

I've had luck with Simple Green on removing paint from plastics. Do they have that in London? I don't really know...it's usually in the automotive cleaning section around here.

25-01-2010, 08:26
i love your horses

Lord Azoth
25-01-2010, 09:22
beautiful horses, with a realistic painting in their skins..really nice

25-01-2010, 15:55
Wow, sounds difficult. Are you running out of heads?
Btw: Do you sculpt the leaves by yourself? Lately I have bought the basing kit and it contains a etched brass sprue with lots of leaves in it. I was wondering how it would work and surprisingly it worked great. They are a bit difficult to cut tough.
The horses look great so far! My favorite is the first one, its fur looks pretty realistic. Can't wait to see them done!

25-01-2010, 16:04
I love those horses :) especially the dapple one. It looks very realistic!

25-01-2010, 19:30
Love the choice of colours you've used but hate the hat and the moldlines! Are you going to stipple some flesh, dark flesh, on the horse muzzle?

Fairy Power spray should do the trick with plastics, Tesco do it for about £3.5/ £4 a bottle.

25-01-2010, 20:22
Nice looking horses. What did you use on the cream coloured one?

26-01-2010, 09:22
Cheers for the feedback, really helps me to keep moving things along. I bought the battalion yesterday so I now have all the bits I need to put together a full 2000pts, and I can now get to work on converting some scouts and wild riders.

@loveless - cheers for the tip, I haven't heard of it before but then again I've never been the the auto motive section since I can't drive :) I'll have a look for it though, did you get it from a DIY/hardware store?

@anselminus - thank you

@lord azoth - thank you, me alegra que te parecen realistas, traté de pintarlos sin demasiado contraste (especialmente con respeto a los toques de luz) para que los hiciera tan realista como pudé. I'm studying spanish at uni so I thought I'd practice a quick bit of writing with that sentence :)

@indreth - no, still plenty of heads since I haven't started defiling them yet! There are so many spares on the sprues that I'd have to do a really bad job to run out :) The difficult bit is getting the hat to look right but I think adding foliage helps to take the eye away from any problems with the hat itself. I sculpted the messy foliage, but the two 'leafy' leaves are from the basing kit. I agree, that sprue is pretty sturdy, I even managed to prick my finger, drawing blood, on a leaf stalk. Tricksy leaves! Injuries aside I like them, although I wish they had texture on both sides, though I'm assuming that the production method meant it wasn't possible to do this.
The dapple is my favourite too, I'd been wanting to try it for a while and I'm glad it came out the way it did. I think the photo flatters it a little, in real life you can see the 'paintedness' of it a bit more clearly. Thank you for the compliments again :)

@tdc500 - cheers, glad you like it

@darkmark - yeah, I struggle with moldlines a bit, I manage to get most of it off but will find there's always some left that I missed or couldn't get rid of, particularly on these glade guard. There were certain areas (bows, hands, shoulder pads, gauntlets... actually thats quite a lot of areas!) where I just couldn't smooth it down. Hopefully I'll get better at this with a bit more practice.
Which horse were you thinking of for a fleshy muzzle? I think I'll leave these ones as they are, but I'm going to work on a darker dapple grey for the same unit so I might give the fleshy muzzle a go on that one cos I like the idea.
Cheers for the power spray tip, if ainsley recommends it then it must be good! Loves the jobs I hate... like scraping away paint from toy soldiers :)

@ohno!zombies! - cheers, I can't exactly remember for the cream one, I have a feeling I started with vomit brown mixed with either snakebite leather or khemri brown. Definitely had vomit brown as the main colour though. Did plain vomit on the next few layers, lightening it with bleached bone. Then I used very watered-down charadon granite for shading areas which needed definition like around the face, neck, leg recesses

Thanks again!

26-01-2010, 10:30
I think the white and grey horses suit a tallern/ dark flesh muzzle best. I'm sure if you google a couple of horse heads you'll see roughly what I mean.

I openned and poured the fairy into an old jam jar with a lid. It smells 'ok' so you don't need to worry about stinking out your house! Test with one mini first just to be sure. I left metals over night just so it was easier. Plastics were fine too, just watch out for little fiddly bits as they may break when you brush them. Remember to wear gloves and glasses when you strip the minis.

26-01-2010, 11:00
Had a look on google, I see what you mean, I'll do it on the next horse :)
Thanks for the advice for plastic stripping, the model I'm stripping isn't too bad, its just not the right colour for an elven horse. I'll go with the powerspray rather than simple green because it'll be easy to get hold of, although i'm wondering if its possible to use plain washing up liquid instead? Does anyone know if it works? I already have plenty of it at home!

26-01-2010, 13:55
Looks like I'm late on the response, but you can find simple green in a common department store over here (like Target), or at a home improvement/hardware store (like Home Depot).

As far as using the standard washing up liquid, if you're meaning what I think you're meaning, no, I don't think that works (wow, that was a terrible sentence). It typically has to be a pretty heavy cleanser, or something relatively caustic.

I've heard about using Pine Sol (and its equivalents) before, but I'm not sure how it reacts with plastic.

26-01-2010, 13:59
I use fairy power spray, done a load of glade riders with it and whilst a few heads fell off that actually made it easier to scrub the paint off. I only left them in it for 30 minutes and it stripped down to the primer. Can't get the chaos black spray undercoat off but that's fine for me.

Love the dappled horse, might give that a go myself.

26-01-2010, 20:45
@loveless - i thought plain old washing up liquid might be a bit of a long shot! I think I'm gonna go with the fairy power spray but I appreciate your help nonetheless ;)

@quasihayley - it's probably better that it keeps the primer coat on, saves spraying it again! Glad you like the horse :)

26-01-2010, 21:14
Hahaha That's why I asked ;)
What the hell? I never thought that they would be this sharp? But I had problems as well, I managed to cut myself with the knife I used to cut it. I don't know exactly how it is produced but jep that is a possibility and a pitty :)
The dapple one is great, I was thinking of a way to paint my horses and I think I will do it in a similar way if you don' mind :)
Hope to see more of your work soon,
Kind Regards,

26-01-2010, 22:57
@indreth - No worries, feel free to do dappled horses, its hardly my own original idea ;) Dappled horses are much cooler than all the other types of horses put together! A quick tip (I know you haven't asked but I thought it might be useful :)), for the dapple i didn't do stippling as such, instead i used very, very watery paint and applied it in blotches. Once dried, kept doing the same but with a lighter colour and with smaller blotches, repeating until I was happy.

Started investigating my new battalion today, very excited! I'll take some time to think everything through, it's nice to puzzle over how the models are going to work, how units will fit together, it makes a nice change having stuff to assemble as opposed to just having stuff to paint. Compared the dryad heads to the elf bodies and they work proportionally, so the wild rider concept is good to go. Time for some modelling fun :D

26-01-2010, 23:03
Hehe, i'm looking forward to seeing you wild riders :D they sound fun!

26-01-2010, 23:08
Hehe true :) Jep, dappled horses are awsome.
Thanks for the instructions, it helps me a lot. I was indeed wondering how I would do them...

12-04-2010, 17:12
Just a quick update... slow progress on these guys, partly because i'm still on a painting learning curve so I want to take my time and improve, and also uni work and of course laziness. Anyway, the work in progress glade riders



12-04-2010, 17:47
Hey, curious question, but what uni do you study spanish at? I only ask because my dear mother is a spanish professor in London. Even if it's not your uni, she will know most of your teachers!

Also, since you're in London, would you be up for a game? PM me if so - I have loads of Lizards and I am working towards 1k of Dark Elves at the moment... It's always good to see a nicely painted army on the other side of the battlefield.

captain krak
12-04-2010, 19:16
Those are some awesome riders. The details on the horses are very nice and I like the dark green cloaks.

El Aartos
12-04-2010, 20:05
Your horses are very nice! The white/greyish one looks really realistic as I saw on the former page.
And you should take your time indeed, your work is very neat and clean now but I hope to see more soon =P
Keep up!

12-04-2010, 20:24
Ahhh, an Elfboy update - excellent!

The horses are looking great - glad to see you back in action a bit.

13-04-2010, 11:03
Those glade riders are coming along well :) i really like the white/black stippled horse too !

13-04-2010, 13:58
Thank you all for the nice feedback, I will work on them a lot more over the next month to try and get them closer to finished. I'm thinking of making the rearing black horse a light bleached bone type colour, and the plain grey one lighter, mainly because I'm not sure that the dark horse look works with wood elves, even if I am going for a dark theme overall... not sure the mix-and-match horse colours really works for them either, thats something I associate with dirty humans!

A few more pics, some assembled dryads which won't be in the final army because of the asrai only theme but I needed a changed... and the points to make up my first 2000pts. I've made sure they rank up too on the off chance they become a rank and file unit in the future... never hurts to be careful :o




13-04-2010, 14:41
The GR are pretty cool so far and remind me of my own...

It's a pitty that you don't use dryads, what I can see so far is that you've tried to make them ook very dynamic an individual. But the theme of your army is too cool to add them ;)

13-04-2010, 15:06
Thanks Indreth, you always have words of encouragement for me, much appreciated :)

I spent a bit of time working out how to pose the dryads, i did try and make them look different from another without having to do any proper conversion work... although a while it got harder. The main problem is that the types of poses you can do aren't very broad, unless you want them look like they are desperate to give someone a hug, or hailing a bus :) So I was also trying to avoid those two poses!

13-04-2010, 15:54
Love your dark take on the WEs, and the Glade Riders look great so far. I'll probably keep yours in mind when I gather info on how to paint the Pistolier horses, cause I'm going for the 'mix-and-match' look.
Anyhoo, keep up the great work! :)

13-04-2010, 19:40
Really like your take on the wood elves, and I for one like the straw hat on the champion :) Like have been mentioned already, the mix and match horses are looking great

13-04-2010, 21:27
I'm not sure that the dark horse look works with wood elves, even if I am going for a dark theme overall... not sure the mix-and-match horse colours really works for them either, thats something I associate with dirty humans!

I totally agree with this, it just doesn't seem right that the purest steeds are all multi coloured :)

El Aartos
13-04-2010, 22:02
+2346 to that, elven steeds need to be pure. Except the white stippled horse from the glade riders, that one has the best elven look of all.

13-04-2010, 22:05
they should all be like that ;)

16-05-2010, 20:19
Thanks again for the feedback. I'm going to stick to the mix and match horses after all, but they will all be light colours. Made a little progress on the glade riders but nothing worth taking pictures of, I won't show them till I finished the riders at least.

Uni revision for exams has taken up most of my time, but I have my last one tomorrow :D

I have been able to put some wild riders together (albeit with bluetac), I want to give my wood elves a 2000 pt game including wild riders before the new edition. The horses will be green stuffed (maybe with draped material like on the glade rider artwork) and some hunting trophies hanging from the strap-like bits. Riders will need some hoods sculpting and branch-like armour too... I hope my green stuff skills (or lack of them) will be up to the task!

Hope you like...





18-05-2010, 14:48
Hey elfboy!
Great to see some progress on your army! I really like the new cav, they look really wild, even in this unfinished status. :)
So your Plan is, to add some cloaks with hoods to the dryad-heads? Sounds like a cool Idea to me, can't wait to see them done!
The Champ of the unit is my favorite, he has a very dynamic pose and it seems that he wants to challenge/defy the Champs/Heroes of the other armies. Very cool.

18-05-2010, 14:51
They look great, really dynamic. Can't wait to see them painted!

18-05-2010, 15:23
looking good :) i really like the look of the spears, they look pretty wicked

18-05-2010, 16:23
@indreth - thank you, hopefully I'll be able to get them looking wilder still! The dryad heads help give them a slightly mad on the hunt look I think.
The plan is to give them hoods, but no cloaks, instead the hood material will extend to their shoulders (i think the sketches for them are on p2 of this thread), and I might give them scarves that flow behind them in order to create some movement. I'm also going to try and make some armour that looks like the branchweave thing that the GW waywatcher models have, although I'm a little dubious as to whether or not I can pull it off.
Glad you like the champ too, I'm thinking of giving him a blank mask with just eyes, like on the sketch.

@quasihayley - thank you, I'm looking forward to painting them too, especially the heads/masks, although painting will be a long way off :(

@tdc500 - thanks :) I thought they deserved bigger spears than glade riders, wanted to make them a little more fierce

18-05-2010, 23:36
Nice take on the wild riders, they look pretty menacing. Very well done!
If you haven't made up your mind about the horses' coat colour, I'd suggest going a lot darker than with the glade rider horses.
Anyhoo, I'm curious to see them with hoods - if it turns out anywhere near as cool as on the champ, you'll end up with an awesome unit!

18-05-2010, 23:49
The army looks fantastic! Top job, and keep it up. It has really inspired me to paint the Wood Elves I got laying around.

Wicked Dwarf
19-05-2010, 08:02
I am starting to hate my own Wood Elves army now. :p *Yeah, I am kidding.*

I really like the Glade Guard unit. The colourscheme is wonderful and the overal effect is just wow. Now I am wondering why didn't think about a dark colourscheme.
I also like the Wild Riders (Dryad Elves on horses). I am more of the Centaur kind (which I will make hopefully this month), but also you give some inspiration for the spears.
I guess you used the Elf Swords for that?

19-05-2010, 08:50
Even more wilder? :) Sounds cool.
What are you going to do with the "branches" on the dryad-heads? Modeling the hood around them?
I think that you will succeed in modelling the branch-armor. You also did those nice looking straw-hats I remember. ;)
The plan for the Champ is great, I want to see him done!

19-05-2010, 09:07
@gargobot - thank you :) I agree with you about the horses, I have been considering making them darker than the glade rider ones. Can't wait to do talsimanic tattoos on them either! The success of the hoods will depend on my underdeveloped green stuff skills, so fingers crossed!

@ormo - thank you, glad to be an inspiration :)

@wicked dwarf - glad you like my elves :) the centaur look for wild riders works really well, there are some great examples on this site. They inspired me to use the dryad heads, although I'm going with a "hooded and masked" look to keep the no forest spirits allowed theme going.
Yeah, I used the elf swords.

@indreth - I'm going to clip away any bits of branch I don't need and have the remaining ones as horns/antlers. With the musician one, I will keep the downward growing branch, it looks nice and weird for a horn. I have only managed one successful straw hat since then (to go on a waywatcher shadow sentinel/lord) so I am a little dubious :P but it is one of those things I will will take my time over and test out what might work:)

PS to all: if anyone has suggestions for an aesthetic approach to the"branch" armour, or any suggestions for methods, please let me know, will be much appreciated :)

19-05-2010, 09:34
Just a quick thought, you mentioned you were thinking of an oriental theme (nice hats, how did you do them, by the way?). Have you considered modifying the weapons? The wood elves as they are seem to have standard mediaeval/western blades - leaf shaped or tapered. Chinese weapons especially seem to either be straight edged (almost like a sharpened bar) or only have one edge (such as a scimitar or katana).

However, a nicely done army, the masked Wild Riders sound impressive, shall be interested to see how they turn out. I take it you won't be including many of the special characters?

19-05-2010, 14:21
@MichaelJames - Yeah, I know what you mean about the weapons. When it came to planning the wild riders I had originally intended to give them either straight or very slightly curved, short single edged blades (have you seen the japanese film 'Zatoichi' with Beat Takeshi as the blind sword master?), and have them holding them with a zatoichi style grip (don't know what the term is, but it is an inverse grip). I'm still going to have a couple of the wild riders holding their swords in this manner. However, my main problem is trying to find a way of giving japanese style swords to the entire army, since I don't know how to make that style of sword. It's a shame too because I reckon the Highborn with the great weapon model would look great with a katana! However, now you mention it, I feel I should commit to the idea... grrr, curse you, now I have a dilemma! :D
Glad you like the hat, something else I need to make more army wide, the glade rider should get one on his back.
- I made them by making a flat circle of green stuff.
- Then used a scalpel knife to do the straw texture.
- cut out a slice (like cake or pie)
- joined the two edges
Same method as make a cone out of paper. The plant stuff I just messed around till I got something that looked plant like, then superglued it on.

And I won't be including any special characters... at least not for many years!

19-05-2010, 14:35
@MichaelJames - Yeah, I know what you mean about the weapons. When it came to planning the wild riders I had originally intended to give them either straight or very slightly curved, short single edged blades (have you seen the japanese film 'Zatoichi' with Beat Takeshi as the blind sword master?), and have them holding them with a zatoichi style grip (don't know what the term is, but it is an inverse grip). I'm still going to have a couple of the wild riders holding their swords in this manner. However, my main problem is trying to find a way of giving japanese style swords to the entire army, since I don't know how to make that style of sword. It's a shame too because I reckon the Highborn with the great weapon model would look great with a katana! However, now you mention it, I feel I should commit to the idea... grrr, curse you, now I have a dilemma! :D
Glad you like the hat, something else I need to make more army wide, the glade rider should get one on his back.

Have a look at Perry miniatures, They sell packs of naginta in packs of 30 that could possibly be cut down to size? As well as spears etc.


Thanks for the hat tute, great idea, well executed. I may or may not steal at a later date! Maybe a unit of oriental elf mercenaries... hmmm..

Hope that helps anyway.

24-06-2010, 15:18
@ MichaelJames - cheers for the link, those naginta look perfect, will definitely be getting some of them, can't wait to try them out! I like the sound of oriental elven mercenaries. Possible tip for the hats (which I haven't tried out yet, but will give a go soon) is to find a shallow cone shape to support the hat during sculpting to help keep the shape since all my hat efforts so far have "wilted" a little.

Well, again not much of an update, my target to finish the glade riders in a month was a little too ambitious. However the elven riders are almost there, not much more to do to these. I am quite pleased with how the cloaks have come out.





The keen-eyed among you may have noticed that these poor elves seem to be suffering from a severe case of haemorrhoids. Too much riding... :p

24-06-2010, 15:26
They're looking fantastic :), the shading/highlighting is awesome!

24-06-2010, 21:29
Thanks tdc, I'm tempted to go back to my glade guard and add a few extra highlights so that they're closer to these guys. I've tried to push myself with these models so that I improve enough to do some justice to the woodie character models.

27-06-2010, 22:45
Yes! New stuff! :) As allways, the unit looks simply great! Keep that great level of painting!

27-06-2010, 22:59
nicely done army. looks great
like the wild riders, really dynamic minis

27-06-2010, 23:28
I've tried to push myself with these models so that I improve enough to do some justice to the woodie character models.
And it definitely shows, they look stunning... though I'm a little worried about the fatal case of haemorrhoids they seem to be displaying. Are you planning to do a Nurgle army soon? :p

28-06-2010, 06:15
lol @ Gargobot's hawk-eyed observation :D

On a serious note, they're looking really good! Definitely looking forward to seeing you start on those characters.


30-06-2010, 15:13
@indreth - thanks, i'm hoping to finish them soon and work on more new stuff in the shape of wardancers (a maybe a spellsinger at the same time)

@verminkin - thanks, glad you like the wild riders.

@gargobot - "Nurgle blog of pestilent anal seepage?":evilgrin: I was trying to mark out holes for pinning but in hindsight should have gone for a different colour :)
Will we be getting an update for your empire any time soon?

@beatthebeat - thanks, I might make a start on a spellsinger soon, the one who looks a bit like a hermit.

My sister is one holiday at the moment, I borrow her camera for the photos. She's back in two weeks by which time I hope to have a decent update.



30-06-2010, 15:25
Very nice! The glade riders look preddy damn cool in those dark cloaks :D Nice to see something a bit different.

30-06-2010, 16:00
@gargobot - "Nurgle blog of pestilent anal seepage?":evilgrin: I was trying to mark out holes for pinning but in hindsight should have gone for a different colour :)

Red? :evilgrin:

Good choice of character btw, keeping an eye out for pics soon-ish then!


30-06-2010, 22:48
Sounds like a very interesting idea! I'm excited how the mage will turn out but especially I'm waiting for the WDs!
Hope too see more soon!

28-07-2010, 15:57
I like the glade riders, did you highlight up to green from black, or shade down? The cloaks, as you say, are especially well done. Just had a quick look back, what did you use for the wild rider spear heads? Hoping for some more updates soon (a.k.a. get those riders finished)!

01-08-2010, 19:29
These are all really nice. Just started some WE of my own, kinda wishing I'd gone a bit darker scheme-wise now...

06-08-2010, 18:46
Will post pictures of the riders for now, which are pretty much all done, just a few final touches, will post up more pictures again soon. Enjoy!





edit: spare time after all.

@anardakil: thank you, glad you like the dark theme and think they're different! I was trying to do a variation on the GW studio theme without comitting to a seasonal paint scheme, your autumn wood elves already take the biscuit in that department.

@beat the beat: not as soon as I hoped but they're almost finished so I can move on to the wardancers and spellsinger, want to get a headstart for the ToFP

@Michael James: PM'd you with the painting stuff.

@Mowgers: Thank you, all the best with your wood elves they're a joy to paint although time consuming too!

El Aartos
06-08-2010, 20:08
Your glade riders look so alive! You've given them a really realistic touch man, awesome.
Nice highlighting of the black. Most of them turn out pretty bad, but yours are very good. Can't stop looking at this unit..
Give us more!

06-08-2010, 20:18
Fantastic as always, must get mine back out of the cupboard!

06-08-2010, 20:18
Looking perilously good! The black/dark cloth is wonderful and really contrasts with the bright horses. Some of the best WEs I've seen recently :)


07-08-2010, 14:54
Wow, your glade riders look absolutely brilliant.
Mind sharing how you painted the wood grain on the spears and bows?

07-08-2010, 15:13
There are only to words to describe this army: Beautiful and subscribed! :)

I agree with BeatTheBeat, the contrasting colors on the glade riders are fantabulous!

07-08-2010, 17:53
@el Aartos - thanks, I think we've taken a similar approach with our respective elf armies, going for a slightly muted, realistic aesthetic. I especially loved you're dragon. Kommando khaki and bleached bone are the all-purpose highlight colours.

@quasihayley - cheers, waiting for more of your tomb kings too

@beatthebeat - Thanks, if only glade riders were a perilous prospect on the
battlefield... :)

@gargobot - thank you, of course I will share the wood grain recipe. It's black mixed
with bleached bone. Start of with a dark grey (about a 1:1 ratio? Hard to
tell because black is very strong) then a light grey (about 1:3) and then
pure bleached bone applied thinly so that that it doesn't come out too
cream coloured.

@finarfin - cheers, always nice to be complimented!

08-08-2010, 01:14
Just skimmed through this thread, great stuff.
For the slightly asian themed elves you have, can we expect a Bamboo Treeman?

14-08-2010, 14:43
@dayspringer - Thanks. Not sure a bamboo treeman will be on the cards, cool idea though. Hadn't really thought about how I do a treeman till you mentioned. I might go for the usual western style, or maybe a bonzai-style treeman, but not so small :)

Finally the glade riders are completely finished, first unit to be so too since glade guard still need their bases finishing and a few other details. Started work on some wardancers too, plus an attempt at sculpting on a wild rider. Struggling to get the green stuff smooth atm.






14-08-2010, 14:54




14-08-2010, 22:44
Wow.. Now this is one cool army! I like your choice of colors, realism and alltogether feeling in the lot you brought together here to defend your beloved forest. My GF wants me to make her a WE army and this one is pushing me closer to do so. I have also been thinking of making something like you done your Wildriders.. Might have to pick up a battallion box i think!

Cheers for showing us!


14-08-2010, 23:09
Fantastic Army mate! Some of them look like they stepped right of House of Flying Daggers! Cant wait to see more.

14-08-2010, 23:40
@Kaos - Thanks, glad you like it. Hope you will join us in the fight to keep our planet green! Look forward to seeing your painting style done with wood elves, especially with the way you use colour in your chaos log.

@minitrol - cheers :)

15-08-2010, 00:47
I really like your wood elves and your glade riders are fantastic. Keep up the great work.

15-08-2010, 18:45
Glade riders really pop - very nice. If I had gold star stickers, I would give you several :p

15-08-2010, 19:53
fantastic colour scheme, I'm loving the dark-yet-vibrant feel....

I'm looking forward to the wild riders, you have a unique idea there!

15-08-2010, 20:53
this is a great WE log.
I very much like the shadow theme. I have often wished that I made my wood elves a night watch army with a my nobel on a giant owl instead of eagle.

I'm digging this so far, keep it up!

15-08-2010, 21:40

18-10-2010, 21:33
Too long, since I checked this out.
The GR look absolutely great, as expected. ;) What color did u use for the capes? The dark touch of it comes so cool.

19-10-2010, 00:00
Yawza, what a great army. Fantastic theme, well executed. I love the hat at the start of the blog, and I love the various coloured cavalry. I think that sometimes, people need time to adjust to new idea's, and you certainly ask new questions of the wood elf range.

Very nice. Can't wait to see your general painted up and how this blog continues.


12-11-2010, 17:22
Well it has been a while, I'll start with some replies.

@Tzarinchilla - Thank you

@loveless - Cheers, spent some time trying to get the glade riders right so its nice to hear that the effort paid off. Shame the gold stars aren't real, they would make my mummy proud if she could see them :p

@kyussinchains - Thanks, glad you like it. Wild Rider idea isn't entirely unique, it was inspired by a combination of threads here on warseer and anime shows with masks. I've only just started getting to work on them again, I'm going to forego the green stuff bodies and stick to regular torsos, otherwise I'll never get them done.

@MrSean - Thanks, the owl rider sounds like an awesome idea for a character by the way, I'm tempted to steal that, with your permission of course :)

@Toshiro - Thank you, and congrats on getting 2000pts of O+Gs painted.

@Indreth - Thank you, as always :). The cloaks are orkhide shade washed with badab black ink then built up from catachan green+chaos black, then pure catachan through to Kommando Khaki. I make the kommando khaki quite stark, and I try to keep the main colour of the cloak as the orkhide shade washed with black. There might a recipe for it earlier on in the thread.

@lilloser2010 - Thanks, I need to start reintroducing some more hat action! In truth, I haven't pushed the oriental theme as far as I could have, I'll just try and include little influences here and there.

Just finished a wardancer unit today, I found it harder painting metal figures (especially after I dropped the musician last night, the hastle of repainting chipped models!), and after seeing the dark eldar wych release I'm hoping wardancers will get a plastic kit that is just as good. Still, I am pleased with the overall look of the unit and it was a good chance to test a few things out. Anyway, enough talk, picture time.




Will take some photos of my spellsinger and an army-as-it-currently-stands shot when I can get some good light in my room.

13-11-2010, 00:43
Thx for the recipe, sounds like a lot of work!
Does it have any special meaning that the WD have turquoise hair, or did you thaught "Hey, lets paint the hair turquoise!"? :D
They look great! Their look is totally different to anything I've seen before. Fits them pretty well. I'm looking forward to see the groupshot.
What's next btw? The Wild Riders maybe? :)

13-11-2010, 09:51
You're welcome :)
The turquoise doesn't really have any special meaning, I just like the colour and thought it would work with wood elves. I think it has a mysterious, eldritch quality, especially when it's a very dark turquoise.
Next up will be some eternal guard which I'm trying to get done for the Tale of Fantasy Painters (which I joined to try and speed things along a little). The wild riders are going to be on the backburner, although I'll be doing the basic assembly as soon as I can because I want to give them a go in a game.

13-11-2010, 10:50
The hair looks great, definitely has that ethereal quality. Really good job mate, as usual.

I also find metal minatures way harder to paint, also harder to keep painted, they chip so easily.

13-11-2010, 11:18
Thank you quasihayley. I'm considering putting the purity seal spray on them to prevent any damage, but I've heard some horror stories of it ruining the models so I'm still debating which is the better risk.

(one too bright, the other too dark)


Army as it stands:



C&C welcome

13-11-2010, 13:15
your painting has gotten better and better over the entire blog. Nice wood elf army there!

13-11-2010, 15:08
Such a great scheme, and I had no idea the face on that spellsinger was so good, your painting has really done justice to the model.

I've spent this morning building a treeman from a wood and was getting a bit fed up (also running out of plasters/bandaids) but this has revived me, I'm off to carry on.

As for varnish, I just use Testors Dullcote, never had a problem with it although it's not as hardcore as some, but that's a sign of 'this model is finished' and I'm always thinking 'I'll just do one more highlight...'.

13-11-2010, 15:13
Beautiful army. With the purity seal; I ruined a space wolf a while back and have been real careful with it since, but its better than chipping your guys. What I do is make sure its at an average temperature, spray it against something nuetral to make sure the spray is clear of gunk and then keep an eye on the spray to make sure no gunk is coming out while Im actually spraying the model. I havent run into a problem in years. Im pretty sure its the temperature that causes it to gunk up.

13-11-2010, 19:38
@juicytomatoes - thank you, glad to hear I'm improving, I really want to do justice to the WE character models.

@quasihayley - thank you again. Best of luck with the treeman, are you going for a straight build, or are planning any conversion work with it? The model seems to have quite a bad rep here on warseer, but with a bit of foliage decoration and extra branches I think it makes for a decent model. Hope to see some more of your tomb kings too, you had a really nice scheme going with them.
I already have a can of GW purity seal, but as you say, it means deciding once and for all that a model is finished. I'm definitely done with the wardancers now though: I've already gone past the stage of adding more highlights, then even more highlights only to get it all wrong and spend lots of time correcting it! My art teacher used to tell our class "there's a skill in knowing when to stop" and it holds true, even to warhammer I feel.

@mdiscala - cheers, thanks for the tips with seal, I really didn't want to cover my wardancers in goo so shortly after painting them!

13-11-2010, 19:53
I'm scratch building from the Citadel Wood rather than using the actual model, just don't like the GW one. I didn't realise how long it would take me but it's pretty much ready for spraying now, I'll take some photos once it's done. I also plan on scratch building 12 treekin...I may live to regret this.

My Tomb Kings have been gathering dust for a while, I probably won't get them back out till my woodies are finished now but thanks for your nice comment.

I think your art teacher was right, but that's probably why they advised me not to take art GCSE ;-)

What's next for your army?

13-11-2010, 20:13
I look forward to seeing your treeman. The treekin will be worth it once they start ploughing through the enemy in combat; I've also seen some great treekin made from twigs, green stuff and dryad branches should you wish to save your hands from the chopping and splicing of plastic... although they might turn green instead :p

My art teacher was fully committed to that phrase; he would steal people's work off them if he thought they'd reached the "stop point", very funny, lovely, (and slightly weird) man

Next up for painting are some eternal guard, and I'm tempted to get my wild riders assembled up to the pre-green stuff phase later tonight.

Desert Rain
14-11-2010, 09:49
I love the army, very good use of darker colours and I really like the turquoise hair on the wardancers.

14-11-2010, 10:57
Great looking army. I like the colour scheme.

14-11-2010, 16:41
Very nice work, Elfboy. It's good so see some dark and imposing woodies.

14-11-2010, 21:36
The sexiness continues. Great job on the wardancers, and that Spellsinger is just awesome. I think you really brought out everything the sculptor wanted to have in this model.

14-11-2010, 22:19
uuuhh, these are nice! I like your choice of colours. Your horses are beautifully painted, and that spellsinger looks great. Good job!

15-11-2010, 19:44
Man I love that Spellsinger - and you've done the model great justice.

Keep up the stellar work!

17-11-2010, 23:00
This is an absolutely beautiful army and instantly one of my favourite ever plogs. What technique do you use for flesh, if you don't mind?

Keep up the top, top work :D

18-11-2010, 01:19
Ahh I remember us saying we'd play a game! That was about the last time I painted a model until last week... Are you planning on playing your army? It looks great by the way.

18-11-2010, 07:35
Great work, especially on the wardancers! They have always been amongst my favourite WE models, and you've really made them look awesome! I love the hair colour and the tattoos. Very, very well done!
The Spellsinger looks great as well, even though this one's my least favourite of the minis available. But, again, you've pulled it off nicely.
Oh, and one more thing: nice bases too!

Monsterzonk :skull:

21-01-2011, 00:36
Thanks to all for the encouraging comments.

@Desert Rain - Thanks, turqoise is such a nice colour I was determined to put in my army somehow!

@Gargobot - Very complimentary of you indeed! I'm pleased with how the spellsinger came out too. As far as character is concerned it is my favourite of the spellsinger models. The others are very beautiful models, but this one has a darker feel, and a hermit look to him too, so I was always looking forward to painting him.

@Ospriet - Cheers, I sent you a PM about the elf skin, I still haven't settled on a recipe yet. From now on I'll use the White Dwarf Prince Althran recipe minus the dwarf flesh.

@Monsterzonk - Thanks, I did find the wardancers a little tricky to paint, I'd forgotten metal can be harder to paint than plastic, I am hoping they'll do some plastics for them in the future, especially after seeing the Dark Eldar wyches.

I've managed to paint some dryads in the last couple of months, although I've yet to put the finishing touches on them, and I still need to base them properly too. I won't post them here till they're fully completed, but for anyone who's interested, they're in the Tale of Fantasy Painters plog. I have also finally braved the green stuff with a wild rider over the last two days, here's a couple of WIP shots.



I've decided I might use the glade rider spear tips on their spears rather than the swords as i thought it would look sleeker, (although the champion will get a sword-tipped spear so that he looks more ferocious). I'll try and decorate the spears with vines.

Any suggestions for ideas for how to add more detail or how to improve it would be very welcome (and helpful!).

21-01-2011, 01:12
Ah, updates! :)
Good to see you back! The WR is pretty sweet, I really like what you've done to the head. The hood is also cool. Pose looks very dynamic, I like that very much! The small details, that make him look so special in my eyes, like the hair or the skull on the saddle, are nice as well.
The spears sound just fine how you planned it.

A suggestion for the mini from my side would be bigger horns on his head, but that could make his head look overloaded.
I really liked your sketch, so you could add some wooden armor or you could add a straw-hat on a future mini. Would come pretty cool I think, especially in combination with the masks they will be wearing.


21-01-2011, 01:34
Thanks Indreth, glad you like it. The hair idea was taken from arimata on asrai.org, I think I need to add a couple of extra braids maybe.

For this one, I did think about adding a larger horn to the other side, but as you said, I thought it'd be a little overcrowded, especially with his sword raised like it is. The others will definitely have bigger horns though :). Yes, you caught me out on the wooden armour, I gave it a go a while back but it failed miserably. However, I'll try it again on another one, I'd like to have a couple of wild riders with the armour on; hopefully I can get a straw hat on the champ.

21-01-2011, 06:44
Awesome concept and just as awesome execution! That's what the wild rider models SHOULD have looked like... Great to see you back again anyway, looking forward to seeing the painted stuff as well!


21-01-2011, 10:00
Lovely conversion there. I just went through your whole log again - this has really inspired me. I will have to steal a few of your ideas.

21-01-2011, 13:12
To be honest, it reminded me of this army, but I know him from a different forum: http://www.tabletopwelt.de/forum/showthread.php?t=90825

I do think, some braids more would do him good. But too many extras could make the whole mini look too massive for a tiny elf. That's something I always try to keep in mind, when I do something on my WE. What flashed through my mind (when I thought of the masks) was a WR without the mask on his face but having it hanging from his belt. Just thinking, don't know if you like the idea. Could be the musician or some other guy of the command unit.

21-01-2011, 14:25
Holy mother of awesome, that Wild Rider is fantastic!

I really have no other words than that...just wow.

21-01-2011, 15:25
great sttuff. Love it!

Hitsugaya Toushiro
21-01-2011, 16:08
@dayspringer - Thanks. Not sure a bamboo treeman will be on the cards, cool idea though. Hadn't really thought about how I do a treeman till you mentioned. I might go for the usual western style, or maybe a bonzai-style treeman, but not so small :)

Finally the glade riders are completely finished, first unit to be so too since glade guard still need their bases finishing and a few other details. Started work on some wardancers too, plus an attempt at sculpting on a wild rider. Struggling to get the green stuff smooth atm.






could i ask you a tip for painting that black? it's wonderful......its just black and then codex grey on edges or it's a different way? also did you use badab black etc?


Hadriel Caine
21-01-2011, 18:46
So this is the most realistic and dynamic looking wood elf army I have ever seen. The black, as Hitsugaya Toushiro says, is wonderful! The horses are incredible. They really look alive. Can't wait to see progress on your wild riders. The conversions are looking great.



21-01-2011, 19:13
@beatthebeat - Cheers, glad you like it. The slightly blurry photos hide the flaws in the execution, mainly the green stuff work on the hood, but I'm happy with how it came out too.
Painted stuff might be quite a bit longer, I've made a start on some glade guard and eternal guard, hopefully I'll have made some progress in a month or so.
Awaiting some updates on your log too, you been out-of-action for a while. Are you waiting for the new releases before you get going again?

@Kaiser Resiak - Thanks, steal away! Most of my ideas are a mix and match of stolen ideas :shifty:

@Indreth - Yeah, his work is amazing, big inspiration for all wood elf fans. Having just had another look, I think I might add some normal strands of hair. As you said, too many braids could make to model look heavy, so a few strands solve that problem.
I really like the mask idea too, it would be nice to hint at the fact they are actually elves wearing masks. Come to think of it, I might try to have a mask tilted back to rest on forehead/head of the musician... thanks for the idea :)

@loveless - Thank you, glad you like it.

@New_guy - Cheers

@Hitsugaya_toushiro - Of course you can. There are two different recipes. For the black cladding on the horses:
1. I use black and then apply edge highlights by mixing in bleached bone,
2. Add some more bleached bone to the mix for next highlight,
3. Then pure bleached bone thinned with water,
4. And finally bleached bone with less water for the final extreme highlight.
5. Yes, i do use black wash to the parts I haven't highlighted, I don't know if it makes a difference, but it does feel like it makes the black blacker. I only apply it thinly, otherwise it can dry to end up looking a little odd.

For the cloth bits on the glade rider's legs, I replace the bleached bone with kommando khaki and follow the same steps (minus the badab black wash). I also do a very very dark brown wash in the recesses with scorched brown and chaos black in the recesses.

I suppose the only other tip is to make the first highlight stage very dark so that the difference between it and the black baseoat is almost imperceptible. Helps to hide flaw form the later stages! And also, watering down chaos black and using a fine detail brush to try and emphasize any shadows once the rest of the paintwork is done. Hope that helps.

@Hadriel Caine - Thank you. I agonised over the horses, making many mistakes trying to get them to look how I wanted, so its really nice to hear that, thanks again.

21-01-2011, 22:44
Awaiting some updates on your log too, you been out-of-action for a while. Are you waiting for the new releases before you get going again?

Haha uuuhm yeah, you could put it like that! After I reached 1000 pts I got sidetracked by first AdMech and then Alpha Legion (which I'm working on ATM), see the links in my sig! But yes, I will return to my beloved O&G, and yes, very likely with the new releases. Or earlier, depending on what I feel like painting the next time school workload reaches the next low :)


The Yak
22-01-2011, 00:09
Respect! Elfboy this is a great army full of excellent ideas, your painting is spot on and the conversions are cool. Cant wait to see more of your wild riders!

22-01-2011, 00:12
STUNNING! over and out.

22-01-2011, 06:51
An excellent looking army. I love that you've used natural tones that would be available to them. The turquiose hair on the wardancers is very striking and the basing is solid.
Had a similar idea myself for the Wild Riders, but yours is better executed.

Dark Apostle
22-01-2011, 08:21
What a great army! I love the dark tones you've used, especially the green cloaks. Your wild rider conversion is simply brilliant, and you even managed to make the baglady-sorceror look great. No small feat :-)

23-01-2011, 23:12
Yeah, his work is amazing, big inspiration for all wood elf fans. Yeah, it is. :)

I think I might add some normal strands of hair.
You mean, that you add the strands to the braids?

I might try to have a mask tilted back to rest on forehead/head of the musician. Thats brilliant. Better than my suggestion. Please make a rider with that sort of head. :)


15-03-2011, 12:46
@BeatTheBeat - Glad to see you've been hanging out with your savage friends again!

@The Yak - Thank you, I'm afraid the wild riders are very slow WIP but I'll try my best to get more done.

@Davidian - Roger. Thank you, Captain Oveur.

@Fanny Crowbar - Thanks. I've tried to keep natural colours for the most, even considered not having any metal armour, although then decided that excessive use of wood could be deemed threatening to the wellbeing of Athel Loren. I'm adding leaf litter to the bases at the moment (using the well-known dried herbs technique) for some extra detail, although I still need to do some more work on it to get it right.

@Dark Apostle - Cheers. I have to say, I love that particular spellsinger for the very fact that he looks as though he could have just crawled out of a dumpster! A true hermit vagabond.

@Indreth - Yeah, I might try and have mix of regular stands of hair and braids.
I've had a look at doing the mask thing, and with the right amount of chopping and green stuff work, it will definitely be possible. Looking at doing some half-masks as well, like in the sketches I did.

Following the trend of WIP shots in some great threads, here are some photos of current works in progress:

Eternal guard. Metal is a pain to paint, but found some inspiration in Vidrian's O+G thread to make things easier. Will try and get the gold as silvery as possible without it being silver.

Glade guard. Back rank.
Front rank. One skin stage behind the bank rank. Wondering if I should paint eyes on the second left elf and then shade the sockets because just shaded looks a bit stark on this particular head.

Something for the future. This dragon model will primarily be for Transformation of Kadon.

Ender Shadowkin
15-03-2011, 20:11
Those eternal Guard look great. Awesome job on the armor

15-03-2011, 20:56
I really like what I see. The EG look nice so far and, as Shadowkin said, the armor is pretty nice. The FD is something I can't wait to see done.

15-03-2011, 21:15
Thank you both :)

I'm looking forward to doing the forest dragon too, I love the model. I'll have to pull the green stuff out to smooth things over. It's my first time putting together a big metal model properly with pinning and the like (I had a VC winged nightmare with a necrach vampire when I was a teenager, but that kept falling apart because I didn't know what I was doing at the time) so it has been slow going. I'll need to come up with a nice base for it too, so any ideas will be welcome. In terms of pose, I will try and have it on one leg so that it looks it's running, ready to snap someone up.

15-03-2011, 23:05
Those big models are pretty hard to keep together, if you don't know the right technique. I had a lot of problems, when I was unexperienced.
You could put some dead foes or those fay creatures on it. Dead wood is, as I suppose, a must have on such a big WE-base. In this case, the etched brass from the basing kit i pretty useful. I use a lot of it on my WE bases in the last times.

16-03-2011, 00:08
Dude your army looks amazing!!!
Can't wait to see some paint on the wild riders :)

16-03-2011, 02:17
The Guards look good so far, and yeah Vidrian's gold is pretty cool. I'm sure it'll look good in your army.

Looking forward to the dragon.

16-03-2011, 02:37
I'd really like to know how you've done your faces. What paints you used, technique for applying highlights, etc. They look great especially the females!

Ender Shadowkin
16-03-2011, 05:11
Thank you both :)

I'm looking forward to doing the forest dragon too, I love the model. I'll have to pull the green stuff out to smooth things over. It's my first time putting together a big metal model properly with pinning and the like (I had a VC winged nightmare with a necrach vampire when I was a teenager, but that kept falling apart because I didn't know what I was doing at the time) so it has been slow going. I'll need to come up with a nice base for it too, so any ideas will be welcome. In terms of pose, I will try and have it on one leg so that it looks it's running, ready to snap someone up.

I've actually been running a dragon list recently and its been pretty fun. Loosing the Archmage hurts but I'm loading up on level 2's If you get call of the hunt you have a pretty good shot at hurteling your Dragon Across the field safely into combat ;), and regenerating Treekin aint too shabby either.

As far as the base. I would recomend using the Chariot base, it gives you a lot of room to be creative. I think these dragons look good elevated, bamboo pieces make great starters for fallen hallow logs (and you can stash some spites in the hollow part). My M.O. is to load up on spites and I have had a good time raiding the warmaster range (skins look good, as do witch elves with added wings, and High Elves can be converted too).

16-03-2011, 07:54
I don't think it is possible to tell you just how jealous I am of this awe inspiring Wood Elf force.

I am guessing you already told people how you did the capes, so when I get home I will go back through your thread to find out, but if you haven't told people yet, could you please tell us now? It looks so good!!

I have already gone over my WE force two times with a new colour scheme and I am never happy. This greenish black could very well be the answer to my problem.

16-03-2011, 11:10
Thanks for all the comments :)

@Indreth - Some very dead foes is definitely on the cards, and by very dead I mean skulls and skeletons overgrown with vegetation would be good, and there are some good bits in the basing kits with evil army skulls on. I always imagine that with the strange flow of time in Athel Loren, corpses would decompose at a fenomenal rate or perhaps be engulfed with vegetation almost immediately, as though the woods are trying to remove the traces of an foreign presence. It's a very xenophobic wood.

Your right, the big base is definitely the place for some brass etched leaves. Fay creatures are also a must :)

@sasheep - Thank you very much. I will paint the WR as soon as they're all converted, although that bit will still take quite a bit of time!

@Gargobot - Thanks :). I changed the Vidrian recipe a little to get the colour I wanted, but his method is great getting good coverage with gold, it's great way to avoid applying lots of layers of gold.
I'm looking forward to painting the dragon too, although I have no idea how I'm going to paint it yet.

@Ludaman - Of course, the colours I use, all GW, and method are as follows:
Basecoat > Tallarn flesh
1st wash > Dark flesh (not too heavy); for earlier models I used a light wash of Scorched Brown.
2nd wash > 2:1 Scorched brown + Chaos black, although just scorched brown works well too. I keep this wash to the eye area.
Reapply Tallarn flesh in two separate coats to start the highlighting process.
1st Highlight > 1:1 Tallarn flesh + elf flesh; for earlier models this was a 2:1:1 Tallarn flesh + elf flesh + bleached bone.
Final highlight > Elf flesh, in two coats; used to be 1:1:2 Tallarn flesh + elf flesh + bleached bone. However, this was a pain to get a consistent mix which is why I've tried to change it.

With the elf faces (both male and female, we like sexual ambiguity here :p), my main approach with regards to highlighting is to try and avoid any high contrasts between light and shadow (the one exception being the shadowy eyes), trying to get a smooth complexion. I'm not a fan of the super-boney faces of the 'Eavy Metal elves. If a layer looks too stark or colourless, I'll apply a glaze of dark flesh (in the tallarn flesh stages) or a glaze of tallarn flesh (in final elf flesh stage). Dark flesh glaze is also good for soft shading under the cheekbone and jaw, when it is needed.

Hope that helps, any more questions just let me know.

@Ender Shadowkin - Dragon list does sounds good fun, I'll try and make it so that I can take a lord model on and off so that I can use the dragon for a mount and for the Transformation of Kadon Horned Dragon spell :D.

I'm with you on the chariot base, I already have it ready and waiting. I love the hollow log idea with spites inside, will definitely be using that! I'll have a look at the warmaster range too.

@Daniel36 - Happy to give you the recipe, it's on post #130, I'm a student with a day off so I thought I'd save you the search! The main thing is to keep the layers thin when applying the catachan green and kommando khaki glazes. Glaze Badab black with a tiny,tiny bit of orkhide shade can be use to tidy up or reemphasize the basecoat.

16-03-2011, 13:54
Sounds like a good Plan too me, especially the idea with the absorption of corpses. Nice imagination :) I think you should go for it.

Edit: I forgot to say that the basing kit contains a lot of the stuff you talked about, helped me a lot with basing.

16-03-2011, 19:53
Ah, yeah, not to worry, I got the basing kit when it came out, the leaves drew me in.

16-03-2011, 20:06
Same here. :)

Btw: what's the plan for the eagle? Will it get a rider or is is a single one?

16-03-2011, 21:02
It's the one with a rider, although I will be using the rider as a noble on foot. I got the model a little cheaper off ebay and was suprised to find a couple of extra arm options which are useful for conversions. Already have plans for this lot: the noble will lead a unit of GG that I'll try to paint up in the style of the WE army book cover, and I'll try to make the noble look like the elf on the cover. A couple of the spare arms in the kit will be combined with the Wild Rider noble model to make a Beast Lore Spellweaver.
As for the eagle, I might drill a couple of holes so that I have the option of putting a noble on if I want, but I haven't decided yet.

Lord Dan
16-03-2011, 21:49
Why am I not subscribed to this?

03-04-2011, 10:43
Quick progress report on wild riders.

@Lord Dan - Who knows?! I don't update very often, so there is rarely much to miss out on. Sometimes I like it when I haven't seen a log for while and it has a whole lot of new stuff to look at... but given my slow working speed, that is not this log!

Wild Riders: My first five are getting there slowly, slowly. All the poses are now decided on save for the champion. As the rest of the unit has developed I have become less pleased with his pose. Also removed his head so that I can try to give him a half mask. Not sure whether to have it covering the top half of the face (should be easier to pull off) or covering one side.
Standard bearer will get a green stuff banner.
Musician will probably get a spear but need to make sure it fits in with/looks good next to the champion's pose.
Angles of the regular wild rider's poses are not quite right but that should be sorted when I glue the torsos in place.

Here are the pics:




Lord Dan
03-04-2011, 14:49
Those are terrifying! Great work! Where are the metal weapons from?

03-04-2011, 16:40
Cheers! The metal weapons are from Perry Miniatures, they're naginata with the shaft chopped off. Someone on warseer recommended them, I'm very glad they did!

03-04-2011, 20:42
Great work on the WR, can't wait to see them done. The musician is my favorite. ;)

03-04-2011, 22:18
As someone just about to start painting my own wood elf army this thread is really inspirational. Especially as I was planning on a grey/green colour scheme. I can only pray for it to come off as well as yours though. Those are some seriously tasty minis!

04-04-2011, 11:30
@Indreth - Thanks! I think the mask thing worked out ok in the end, found a use for my least favourite dryad head too. He's my favourite so far too :)
Unfortunately it will be slow going (as always) as I have coursework and exam revision to be getting on with.

@Strangeguy - Thank you, all the best with your wood elves, they are lovely models to paint.

Ender Shadowkin
09-04-2011, 03:51
these are turning out really great! How have the wild riders been working out on the field? I had a second unit in the works but can't get motivated to finish it, I've had some success with the one I have done but mainly as a sacrifice unit, or to keep up with the dragon ( and suck up challenges).

I heard some people have been giving them the mv banner which compliments the vanguard move... any way great work on these conversions.

Desert Rain
09-04-2011, 10:35
Looking really good!

09-04-2011, 11:23
THey are starting to look really well those. Please hurry up and paint them huh?! :)


El Aartos
09-04-2011, 14:18
Those eternal guard look really really good. Especially all the metal bits, I'm quite a fan of them.
And wild riders with dryad heads are awesome! It gives them just more mystic feeling than they already had. I'm very curious to see those guys painted!

09-04-2011, 16:51
Thanks for the nice comments!

@Ender Shadowkin - I haven't used them yet, I don't game very often atm, although I'm hoping to change that over the summer. I hope to give them a go once all the important glueing is done.
Do you use a lord on a dragon? What kind of sacrifice role do you give the riders? I was considering a similar tactic, teaming them up with and keeping them close to my other fast units (Great Eagle and Glade Riders) to get in behind and hunt any stragglers, then chuck them into combat a support unit to hopefully add kills before they die. Might be wishful thinking though, I've heard a lot of moaning on here about WR! Good to hear you having some success with them though, gives me some hope!

@Desert Rain - Cheers!

@Kaos - Unfortunately hurry isn't in my vocabulary :P. Nor is fast, speedy, or even steady progress! Just slowly, slowly... :)
Although actually I been making some progress the last couple of days, now I've built up some momentum with these guys my motivation to get them done is increasing, fingers cross they'll be done by the end of the year!

@El Aartos - Thanks, I am pleased with the metal too, I have vidrian to thank for making it easier, I don't like painting metal very much.
Glad you like the wild riders, quite a way off painting yet (see above!).
Haven't seen updates from you in a long time, I've missed your logs, where have you been?
(edit: just seen your update, very nice!!)

Lord Dan
09-04-2011, 17:09
Everytime someone posts on this thread I get tricked into thinking you've updated, Elfboy.

09-04-2011, 17:26
Me, frequent updates?! Never!!:) Tell you what, I'll get some stuff done the next few days and post it up, break the trend by updating in under a month. Feeling a strong urge to get stuff done atm... must be because I have coursework to do, any excuse not to do it.

Also, does anyone have any tips or suggestions for thickening the spear shafts (without changing them for a thicker rod, because the won't fit in the hands), they don't need to be much thicker, just a little.

09-04-2011, 17:30
Those Wild Riders are fried gold. This plog is the reason I cracked open my Wood Elf case for the first time in ages and made me seriously think about a colour scheme. For that I can only thank you :D

El Aartos
09-04-2011, 21:39
@ your previous post:
Well, you don't have to expect lots of more elves from me since I sort of quit them. I'm painting my island of blood seaguard now and then so that will be the last update.. :(
But I'll be still watching your logs in awe as always. How do the woodies play in the 8th edition?

Lord Dan
10-04-2011, 00:17
Unfortunately without swapping them entirely I can't think of a way to thicken the spear shafts without thickening them rather significantly. Honestly though I think the shafts are the perfect thickness.

Ender Shadowkin
10-04-2011, 03:10
Also, does anyone have any tips or suggestions for thickening the spear shafts (without changing them for a thicker rod, because the won't fit in the hands), they don't need to be much thicker, just a little.

the only thing I can think of is multiple layers of PVA or white glue, you might have to let the model dry with the spear vertical in between coats, and there could be some sanding...

10-04-2011, 23:09
@Fanny Crowbar - Fried gold.... do you mean chicken nuggets :). Speaking of fried gold, a warm autumn yellow army might look amazing as a colour scheme, I'd love to see that (hint, hint :)). Type yellow tree into google images and you'll see what I mean. In fact, you have no choice in the matter!:P

@El Aartos - I've only played one 8th edition game so far so not much to go on, it was quite a tough game against lizardmen, but still enjoyable, I lost, but it wasn't a hopeless demoralizing loss, felt like I could have done some things better to improve my chances. Anyway, I enjoy a tactical challenge!
Didn't play much in the previous edition either so I don't have much to compare it to either. First impressions though were that WE still rely on shooting and ganging up on small parts of the opposition to have any success, think I'll have to play a lot more to get the hang of it!

@Lord Dan - I quite like the slenderness too, seems suitably elvish, my main worry was that when it comes to painting, a wood grain effect would show up how thin they are. I might try wrapping a super thin layer of green stuff around, although I'm not convinced it'll work, worth a try though.

@Ender Shadowkin - PVA might work well, good idea. I'll do a test of that too, and see how well it takes paint as well. Mutiple layers would give me a good degree of control over thickness too. Thanks!

Ender Shadowkin
11-04-2011, 19:49
@Ender Shadowkin - PVA might work well, good idea. I'll do a test of that too, and see how well it takes paint as well. Mutiple layers would give me a good degree of control over thickness too. Thanks!

You might experiment with varying degrees of water in the PVA. Should work, just may take some time

Thanks for the nice comments!

@Ender Shadowkin - I haven't used them yet, I don't game very often atm, although I'm hoping to change that over the summer. I hope to give them a go once all the important glueing is done.
Do you use a lord on a dragon? What kind of sacrifice role do you give the riders? I was considering a similar tactic, teaming them up with and keeping them close to my other fast units (Great Eagle and Glade Riders) to get in behind and hunt any stragglers, then chuck them into combat a support unit to hopefully add kills before they die. Might be wishful thinking though, I've heard a lot of moaning on here about WR! Good to hear you having some success with them though, gives me some hope!

I have been using a lord on a dragon, its fun and not woodelves can build a decent one, its also good at VP denial. One of the problems the dragon has though is getting challenged out of thunderstomping, so having a fast unit of wild riders (that includes a champion) to combo charge with the dragon allows you to keep the dragon out of a challenge. They can also be used to protect the flank of your dragon for a turn or two... They arn't super expensive and can take out most other light things... although last game mine got run off by a spawn in the flanks grrrr.

15-04-2011, 11:07
Update time. Had these painted for while but didn't base them till now. So here's some finished dryads:






15-04-2011, 11:25
And some small progress on the wild riders.
@Ender Shadowkin - I briefly experimented with the PVA thing, but realised it would take longer than I was prepared to put in. Instead I have opted to keep the actual shafts the same width but wrap them in green stuff, try to make it look like rags draped around the spears (a bit like the waywatcher bows). Not so good on the first attempt (normal rider) but I will go back to it, slightly better result on the std bearer.
Cheers for the tactical tips, now I'll be making sure my dragon can fielded with a lord as well as without for the Beastlore spell.


This is the closest I have got to finishing a wild rider. I may add the horses shroud so that it is looking through a hole instead, what do you guys think?
The spear head is supposed to have fur around it, might add a couple of leaves too.
I will try and have a bit of variation across the unit in terms of details so that they're not too uniform.

And after trying to split the heads vertically down the middle and getting a bad result I tried the horizontal version, had more success, and quite liked how it looked.


Loads more green stuff work to do on all the wild riders, quite a way to go yet.

15-04-2011, 21:36
I love that standard bearer! This is shaping up to be a very nice unit - has made me want to make my own! The paint job on the dryads is also very nice - lovely glowing eyes. I really like your bases as well.

The Yak
16-04-2011, 01:21
Ive been looking forward to seeing the progress of your wild riders for a while. You don't dissapoint. ACE!!!!

Lord Dan
16-04-2011, 02:09
Absolutely fantastic. The "wrap" on the spears is exactly what they needed, and I think the effect you've achieved is spot-on. Great work! How did you manage such a smooth surface on that banner?

16-04-2011, 07:53
I don't even like Elves, and yet this army is making me all itchy to go out and buy some pointy-eared gits. Love the work on those Wild Riders so far as well ... keep it up! :)

16-04-2011, 09:20
Whew, it's been quite some time since I last logged in to comment on a log, but you kinda forced me...

Great Dryads! Can you give us a recipe on how to achieve the skin? It looks brilliant, and I've always struggled with painting natural wood...

The Wild Riders look really promising as well. Keep it up!

Monsterzonk :skull:

16-04-2011, 12:32
I like a lot the way you use the green putty, and the best part is the painting stile i have brought the wood elves army book some days ago and i thought the miniatures were bad, but looking yours i can say they are great, one of the best armies i have ever seen.

keep it that way.

I will put a link to this post in the bigger spanish forum i think you can inspire some wood elf players to paint and convert like you.

16-04-2011, 15:56
@Kaiser_resiak - Cheers, I'm really enjoying working on this unit too as I've been a bit more conservative with my other units so far, and the interest shown on here helps to spur me on and keep going. I'd love to see you go for it with a wild rider unit, you've already got some great stuff on your log conversion wise.

@The Yak - Thanks, making progress slowly but surely :)

@Lord Dan - Cheers, I'm quite pleased with how its come out too, always feels nice to solve a problem.
As for the banner, I worked with the green stuff on a flat (and wet) surface, made the triangular shape and tried to get it as flat and even as I could, then wrapped the wide end around the pole and then rested it on bits of sprue (round objects would have been better as the sprues left indents) as the green stuff was setting to get the wavyness. However, it's not quite as smooth as it looks in the photo, has quite a few dents and little bubbly bits. I still struggle to get a smooth finish with green stuff.

@Squiggoth - Thanks :)

@Monsterzonk - Cheers, glad you dropped by, always nice to get praise from the zonk! My ingredients for wood are charadon granite for the basecoat and kommando khaki for highlights. That's the foundation, with shading and mid-tones I used different colours to achieve slighty different tones. I used dark angels green mixed with scorched brown for the shading wash, ratios vary depending on how green or brown I want the final tone to be. As for midtones, I added catachan green to charadon granite for the greeny ones, graveyard earth to charadon granite for browny ones, and I add codex grey or nothing to charadon granite for greyer tones. Might have been a bit too specific there! Charadon granite with anything neutral, whether light or dark, seems to get a good wood colour :)

@ekxw - Thanks, I will definitely try to keep it going :) Which spanish forums do you use? I would like to have a look, would be good spanish "revision" for me.

17-04-2011, 20:12
Wow! I just browsed your entire thread and I'm impressed (and not just a little, too). The level of detail and atmosphere you manage to put into your models is really something (and those are 'just' basic plastic Archers)! I absolutely love your idea of Wild Riders, very well done! The Dryads are my absolute favourite, really dark and menacing!

This reply has been long overdue, but I'll be back! Only thing I have to watch out for is the pain of regret as I've just sold my Wood Elves last summer...

18-04-2011, 22:13
@ekxw - Thanks, I will definitely try to keep it going :) Which spanish forums do you use? I would like to have a look, would be good spanish "revision" for me.

here you got the url


just pass by and enjoy yourself.

It will be a good chance to improve your language skills. :)

19-04-2011, 11:00
@Boreas_NL - Thank you very much! Atmosphere was one of my goals so I hope I can keep it throughout the army.
The level of detail on core troops owes itself to my pernickety nature. The dryads for example: I started them thinking "I'll give them a speedy paintjob, drybrushing, washes and finish off the details so I get something done quickly for once." However, I couldn't leave them alone, I got carried away and ended up painting them as well as I could. Double edged sword, pleased with the outcome but it takes too long! My goal with a next army will be to learn a speedier approach.
Don't give in to the pangs of regret! No wood elves means more time to spend on your Empire ;).

@ekxw - Thanks for the link. Fingers crossed my grammar tests will all have extracts about miniature painting, then i will be well prepared! If only...:)

19-04-2011, 16:54
just try to post like you will do on a English forum, i think people will correct your grammar, if you put something in your signature like

Disculpad mi español, estoy aprendiendolo.

for example, that will make people help you with your language, its always nice to see people learning other languages, and also it could be very useful if you want to go on a trip to Spain or south America.

19-04-2011, 18:43
Nice Dryads you have there! I had a lot of fun, painting mine. :)
Basing is fine too, like the fallen leaves and stuff.

19-04-2011, 19:07
Great looking dryads, love the muted tones.
The wild riders are shaping up nicely too.

21-04-2011, 18:20
Replies and a little WIP picture to go with it.

@ekxw - Cheers, I will do that soonish :). I will be going to Spain in September to stay for a year as part of my course (provided I pass my exams this year) so it will be good practice, and hopefully a good contact tool once I'm there too.

@Indreth - Thank you, yes they are lovely to paint :) Swirly bits were much trickier to paint than I had anticipated though, and painted muted tones all over a model got a bit depressing after a while! What sort of look did you go for with yours?
Basing I took the classic culinary approach... mixed herbs, found a 4 in 1 pot, which has rosemary too which looks a bit like twigs, haven't used them yet though. I will be going back to rest of my army to alter the basing a bit so they all match.

@Gargobot - Thanks :) Painting all those greys and browns drove me mad after a while, glad it came out ok in the end!

And glade guard. 4 others are at the same stage, although none of the others have the arrows done, just a colour tester.

22-04-2011, 06:41
Very nice Archer! His armour looks very good with all the dark greens and browns. The highlight really makes the leave shapes pop if you know what I mean.

His skintone is also very well done, very ef-like.

El Aartos
23-04-2011, 13:39
I think your wild riders will look so cool when finished. I hope you can work a bit more on them soon :P
I like the dryads a lot with the blue, it looks a bit like sacred flames and it would scare the hell out of me if I was intruding that forest.

03-05-2011, 11:44
Really inspiring army, wonderfully painted and excellent conversions.

03-05-2011, 21:39
Yeah, it is depressing after a while, especially when you do a lot of them. I made mine in brown, finishing them with Kommando Khaki.
The leaves are great, as I said before. You should definitely do the whole of your bases with them.
Rosemary looks like twigs? Interesting. I'd like too see how it works with the rest of a base. You should definitely do a Test-Base. :D

01-07-2011, 20:43
A few updates, some painting has been done but not enough to merit photos. Instead I've been distracted by modelling and sculpting, starting to enjoy using green stuff more and more... plus a couple of defeats motivated me to make some new additions! Replies first and then pictures.

@Boreas_NL - Thanks :) with all the murky colours I was hoping to get that pop with the leaf-shape pad things.

@El Aartos - Cheers, have been working on the wild riders bit by bit so some progress has been made... won't be taking more photos till I've made some more big steps of progress... sorry to be a tease!

@Giles 86 - Thank you

@Indreth - Completely forgot about the rosemary until I re-read your post, so no test base yet. I'll probably stick some straight on a model's base instead, shouldn't be to hard to take off if I don't like it, especially considering the weak performance my PVA glue has been putting in recently!

Given that my waywatchers have been next to useless in the games I've played so far, I decided to put some time into boosting my missile troops with these glade guard/scouts. Still WIP, need to add quivers and green stuff some more raggy bits etc but the poses are there. Really enjoyed converting this unit.

Needed to use the Noble on eagle body so made this regular noble, he will get a more vibrant colour scheme than I've used so far, similar to the army book cover (based the pose on that picture too).

And a teaser pic... hopefully you will be able to guess what it is supposed to be!

Hope you like it.

Lord Dan
01-07-2011, 20:52
Awesome work! I hate that highborn when it's mounted on an eagle, but you've really brought it to life there.

Great conversion work on the GG. I love your use of branches mixed in with the units, very cool.

EDIT: That is either a really cool looking treeman based on a LoTR Ent, or a very unfortunate greater daemon of Tzeentch conversion.

02-07-2011, 10:22
i love the treeman, just insane, it kind of looks like and old man but yeah I am loving all the models keep it up, you inspired me to start wood elves pretty much

Mr. Ultra
02-07-2011, 10:40
Once again, it's demonstrate... No one likes the terrible GW official Treeman model!!!:evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:

02-07-2011, 10:58
@Lord Dan - Thanks, the model itself isn't too bad, with the major exception of the head which is very much botox gone wrong, comes with some decent arm parts too. As you said, on top of he eagle (same goes for the warhawks too, I think) he doesn't look right, too stiff.
Tzeentch spellcasting gone wrong ends up in a wrinkly disaster? Thankfully it isn't a tzeentch greater daemon :)

@slirgy - Cheers, glad to be an inspiration :)

@Mr. Ultra - Why they made it finecast is beyond me! Or maybe they thought it was a waste of metal. Never used to dislike it that much until recently where it seems to get worse every time I look at it. One of the complaints I've heard is that it (and the treekin) don't fit the aesthetic of the dryads and pretty much look like a wood jumble sale on legs.
I'm going to try and take some visual cues from the dryads, only more gnarled and mannish.

More pics of treeman after some blue-tac action. Going to take the standard approach of including citadel wood and dryad parts for branches. I want to get away from the lanky look of the ent model by adding a bit more bulk to the model and making it more hunched. These photos should give a general idea of the pose/overall look etc


And glade guard, cloaks still need work, then 5 more to finish the unit.

02-07-2011, 14:22
Excellent update!

Very good GS work on the Treeman and Scouts!

Deathmaster Snikch
02-07-2011, 18:50
These look really good mate, excellent conversion work on the wild riders I really like the idea and a nice paint scheme too.

02-07-2011, 23:38
Im really impressed with your style of painting, i like the crisp clean look of them whilst still looking suitably wild :)

03-07-2011, 06:22
they made the treeman resin so that the consumers (us) wouldn't have to spend so much time pinning the model, it would stick much better as it was lighter and we could spend more time painting.

i would invest time in converting treemen as when they switched to finecast the treeman got moved too so when they get a new army book the finecast ones won't get redone.

03-07-2011, 08:33
Thank you very much for all the nice comments :) Any ideas and suggestions, especially concerning the treeman, are also very welcome.

@slirgy - Must be a nightmare to put together in metal, putting together a metal dragon at the moment, hard work! It being released in finecast was one of the things that convinced me to do my own, as you said its unlikely the treeman will be redone.

03-07-2011, 10:53
are you doing naestra and arahan, i think thats the only metal dragon.
if it is i am looking forward to it

03-07-2011, 16:17
I am but not with the special characters, will use one of them as a lord model that can be taken on and off, mainly want to use the dragon for the Transformation of Kadon spell.
I love the dragon model so chose over converting a plastic one, can't wait to reach the painting stage!

03-07-2011, 18:16
Very cool woodelves, the conversions are great, and the paintjob is dark and sinister enough to show their not happy elves living in trees.

Shame i haven't seen this before:o

Abraham Danglebreech
03-07-2011, 21:44
I haven't been here for a while. Pretty nifty sculpting on the treeman and those Dryads on the previous page are painted to perfection (you can tell how enthused I am by the alliteration)

04-07-2011, 02:43
The only advice i can give right now is to make the tree man more tree-ish? Nothing to do with your work more of a problem with the original sculp needs more bark effect i think but thats just me.

Lord Dan
04-07-2011, 03:28
Beautiful work on the armor and skin tones- very clean whilst still looking like they're running through the woods. I know it's tempting to just drybrush away when you're dealing with earth tones, so it's refreshing to see such dedicated highlighting.

From that angle I'm not sold on the lime green color of the arrow fletching (I'm sure you've used it before and I just didn't notice). Is that just a light play that makes it so bright? Could we have a closer shot?

04-07-2011, 06:36
i think the treeman Is very fear causing, :). if you ar going to use it as the great fire dragon i would paint it red as its a FIRE dragon but if you are going to use it as a forest dragon it would have to be green??????

04-07-2011, 06:42
I really dont get why this thread has 4 stars and not 5; it has all the elements of awesome IMHO - aolid conversions, top notch painting, great explanation etc. Keep it up!

Mr. Ultra
04-07-2011, 07:21
I LOVE your astonishing colour scheme! Consider yourself plagiarized sir.:D

04-07-2011, 09:07
Thanks again for all the comments,

@kronos - Thanks, sinister and not happy is good, they even have some cheesy emo-ish fluff to go with them as well!

@Abraham Danglebreech - Not sure about perfection, still a long long way off from there! But thanks all the same.

@UchihaSasukeKun - Definitely, I'll be trying to get that barky texture thats on the face on the most of the model. I'll try to break it up by having areas where the bark has flaked off too.

@Lord Dan - Thanks. The green colour on the fletching is new (actually, just remembered it appears on the wardancers too, but that's the only other place I've used it so far). I've been umming and ahhing over that colour too, it's still a bit of an experiment. I wanted to introduce an alternative spot colour to the turquoises and I'm also going to do one bright unit of glade guard (similar to the tones on the army book cover). I've included it on this unit to see if it fits in with the army at a later stage when I've painted a bit more. If it doesn't work, I'll change it to match the glade guard that are already painted (they've got very dark blue/turquoise fletchings). I'll add close ups to this post some time soon. Also started painting the noble conversion which will serve as a reference for the new colours and tones too.
PS. The brightness is especially prominent on the elf on the far right (which was the original tester) as I used too much yellow, don't think it's the lighting of the photo. I'll try to mute brightness on him.

@slirgy - He will be green and foresty, if I want to use it for the fire dragon transformation then I'll have to ok it with my opponents, otherwise I'll have to make do with the horned dragon transformation!

@Griffonclaw - Thanks, I'll try to keep it coming :)

@Mr. Ultra - Plagiarize away :)

Lord Azoth
04-07-2011, 09:43
love your conversions mate, really ellegant and effective.. I follow your PLOG!

04-07-2011, 09:44
ok got it. are you going to make warhawk riders as i think you could come up with something suitably scary and vicious for them, maybe wardancers on warhawks or something. i still love the dryad wild riders :)

04-07-2011, 14:13
Thanks Lord Azoth, always nice to hear :)

Slirgy, I'm going to wait to see if they release any in plastic, still have plenty to keep me busy for the time being :), don't fancy working with the metal hawks either, even though they look pretty good (ignoring the riders). Glad you like the wild riders, they've been one of my favourite things to work on so far.

04-07-2011, 14:25
and most heavily converted :)

Hybrid Alpha
04-07-2011, 14:40
I really like where you're going with this army. The conversions and painting are great. I'll be following it from now on :)

04-07-2011, 15:26
It's a great scheme, great atmosphere in the minis. Love it!

04-07-2011, 17:01
Awesome army!
You don't see wood elves that much anymore these days, which is a shame IMO, since they're just awesome models.

09-07-2011, 18:50
Thanks again for your feedback and nice comments.
@slirgy - Yeah, first unit I tried to go to town on in terms of converting, very fun to do.
@Hybrid Alpha - Thanks, always nice to hear.
@Rapahatsutt - Cheers, still trying to find ways to up the atmosphere more, can never have too much atmosphere!
@warpsucker - Thanks. I agree, great models, don't know why more people don't want to do them.

Here are some WIP painting shots, although first for Lord Dan some better shots of the archers/fletching.


Noble, testing out a more flamboyant scheme on him to break away from painting dark colours. Hoping to have one bright unit that still complements the general scheme for the army.

Waywatcher shadow sentinel. Hope to have markings on his body similar to the ones on his face to represent camo-paint type thing. Inspired by Fanny Crowbar and some of the illustrations near the front of the WE army book.

Been working on these a little yesterday and a lot today. Finding them quite awkward to paint in places, but pleased with the overall look so far.

Desert Rain
09-07-2011, 22:08
I remember these ones! Still looking amazing :)