View Full Version : Chronicles of Gnawjaw Manchewer, Grey Seer of furtive evil

16-07-2009, 18:35
Hey folks,

I've played a few games with my ogres recently, but got the chance for a 3k battle with my mostly unpainted skaven a week ago.

Now my opponent this time did the battle report, so I'll just post the link to it if that's ok. Was a very entertaining game - with plenty of the skaven killing themselves which is always fun.



16-07-2009, 22:12
good grief what a slaughter, barely anything left by the end!

Must say though if you play skaven and is outnumbered, you're doing something wrong ;)

16-07-2009, 22:56
Thanks for the link, not sure Phil the skaven works though :p

17-07-2009, 03:51
Wow, not much left on the board at the end of that game... just the way it should be ;)