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16-07-2009, 19:09
Hey all.

I've got a friend who's been out of the game for 2 years and is interested in getting back in. He played a rock solid Death Guard list in 4th, took a little break, then gave up when the new Codex ruined the killyness of his Daemon Prince (his beautifully painted pride and joy, and the centerpiece of his army)

Anyway, we have a game today. I plan on coaxing him into 5th edition, I've got a list of rules changes and where they are in the rulebook. Thing is, I'm not sure what size game to play.

We used to always play games of 1500-2000 points, and I would always lose with my 'Nids. He played my Eldar a few times but I usually beat him handily and he didn't like them, thought they were :cheese:

I'm wondering if it will be good to start at 1000pts or should we do a 1500 point battle and just go with it (since I'm a poor 'Nid player it's likely he'll win either game).

For reference, he has:

30ish Death Guard
5 Chaos Termies
Deamon Prince
Modified Abbadon that he uses as a Chaos Lord
Rhinos (2-3)

So, those of you who have helped friends back into the game, give me your advice!

16-07-2009, 19:39
1000, 1500, No matter. As long as you both have fun it really doesn't matter.

Exia Angel
16-07-2009, 22:18
I might be posting a bit late to help, but game size is a personal thing, I'm finding. Some guys like small games for their quickness and sharpness, others like large games for the number of things getting blown up, or spiffy army choices.

It's really what the two of you prefer. Talk to him and see.


16-07-2009, 22:36
Wierd, Daemon Princes are imo the best of the HQ choices now. I also think they were too strong last time, and have to query someone who gives up because a unit loses power.

As to thinking Eldar cheese, that's practically their racial characteristic. What was the design brief for Eldar in BFG? "Make sure they're annoyingly gittish". On the other hand, they've always been fair.

I don't know this guy, and sorry if I seem judgemental, but he sounds like he could use playing games twice, swapping sides so he can see both perspectives (I didn't enjoy facing the old Daemon Princes, and think you had to face them to see how nasty they were).

17-07-2009, 03:21
Thanks for the replies all. We ended up not playing today because he had an injury in his family and had to take care of that, but we're looking to get together this weekend or next week.

Sizes, yea, we'll figure something out.

On his army and Daemon Princes - He used to kit his old DP out to be a total CC Monster. Furious Charge, Wings, Mark of Nurgle (for the T), ect. It was kinda cool because every game we played had a point where his DP and my Hive Tyrant would dance around each other, estimating distances because whoever got the charge on the other usually won.

The one game we played with the new Codex....he got the charge on my HT, who proceeded to brush the DP aside like a gnat and crush two squads of Plague Marines. It was quite demoralizing for him as a whole, I had never beaten him so soundly in a game.

I think he's gotten over that fact though, and he wants to just sit down, roll some dice again, and have fun :) Oh and try hard to make a stronger list in 5th and start beating me again.