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16-07-2009, 19:42
title says it all really :) i'm having trouble deciding what army to choose, it's between a mounted nurgle warriors of chaos army and a high elves white lions of chrace army. At the moment i can't decide between the two as they both have their pros and cons, the main con for both of the armies would be.... A lot of people at my local shop collect chaos and i'm the kind of person who likes to do something different. As for high elves i'm thinking of this as a con but also as a question, are high elves cheesy? as it seems to be the general opinion at my local shop and i would hate to be playing what everyone describes as a "cheese army." keeping in mind the list would look something like:

1-2 mage scroll caddies
1unit of archers
1unit of spearmen
2units of white lions
2bolt throwers

which is about 2000pts and what i was aiming for.

16-07-2009, 19:58
That dosent look like a cheese HE list to me but then again I'm a noob so what do I no? Most "cheese" HE lists from what I read and hear are lots I magic and you don't have that. But every gaming groups "cheese" army is different. I went against the grain in my group and am starting HE (passed on WoC ironicly) do whatever seems most logical and fun.

16-07-2009, 20:02
I doesn't look too chesey,
but I haven't played against high elf chariots yet...

16-07-2009, 20:19
I think you should consider adding some more mobility. Without an eagle, flying character and/or some cavalry, you are likely to get outmaneuvered. White Lions are great troops and if you can get the charge with a chariot it can brutal. But smart players will avoid your Korhil unit and bait your chariots for a counter charge. War machines will also be the nemesis of the chariots and you won't have anything to get across the board fast enough to deal with them.

17-07-2009, 06:55
Are the chariots drawn by white lions or normal horses? White lions (the real thing) can hit like a sack of bricks, exuding the two white lion charioteers, and the impact hits. There's a guy at my Local not-so-local GW shop that plays almost the same list with the exceptions of a third unit of white lions (no spearmen), and great (war) eagles instead of the RBTs. Yours, and his list are not cheesy in any sense of the word. I could field an army consisting of four disk sorcerers, two warshines, and all the standard hard choices. As long as your not doing an all white lion chariot army you should be fine. Six white lion chariots might be over the top.

Again the "definition" of cheese varies from person too person.

Here's my army for 2000-2250 points.

1 Prince (might be mounted, or on a dragon)
2 mages (one mounted, or on a dragon) (2 scrolls, and one magic item)
1 noble BSB (might be mounted)

2 15 strong sea guard

2 14 strong sword masters
1 white lion chariot
1 20 strong phoenix guard
1 10 strong white lions

1 great eagle (if i can afford it)

17-07-2009, 08:27
That's a good question, because potentially you might have four Lion Chariots (inclusive Korhil). While Chariots are cool and hard hitting, especially Lion ones, your army may need some more flexibility.

17-07-2009, 08:32
When High Elves came out, my first instinct was 'Doom'!

Now, I see that the number of really good High Elf players I've met can be numbered on the fingers of one hand. It seems less scary. I've even taken out a mounted Dragon Mage with a Goblin Hero on a Great Cave Squig.

17-07-2009, 11:09
the chariots would be white lions, and i wasn't thinking of mounting korhil on a chariot, i was thinking of putting him in with the spearmen for 3 stubborn blocks.