View Full Version : Help with 2000pt all-comers Empire army

16-07-2009, 20:45
Arch Lector, great weapon, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Van Horstmannís speculum, War altar
Battle wizard, level 2, horse, Doomfire ring (knights)
Battle wizard, level 2, dispel scroll (archers)
Warrior priest, heavy armour, great weapon (swordsmen)
24 swordsmen, full command, 9 halbediers, 5 archers
20 flagellants, prophet of doom
5 knights, musician
10 archers
5 outriders, champion, Hochland long rifle
5 outriders, champion, Hochland long rifle
Great cannon
Great cannon
Helstorm rocket battery
Helstorm rocket battery

Total - 1998pts

Any suggestions/changes people want to put forward?

Thanks a lot

17-07-2009, 05:24
Just a few thoughts here:

General Wisdom is that Helstorms don't hit often enough to really be worth their points. You're better off taking Helblasters as those can chew through some of the things (i.e. Chaos/Dwarf infantry) that your bowment can't.

Which brings me to point number two: don't take bowmen. Handgunners are infinitely better in almost any situation, and they are the bane of a lot of things that can rack up enough ACR (active combat resolution) to overcome empire's static CR (which can be staggering).

Personally, I love Warrior Priests, and the Arch Lector, but I'm a little curious about the setups you have for both of them. First, the Armor of Meteoric Iron is something of a Waste on the lector because he is mounted, you could give him full plate, a shield, and then the mount bonus would get him almost the same save for cheaper (or even the enchanted shield for the same exact save, and only slightly less cheap). Secondly, if you want to take the Speculum, take it on a mage (perhaps the one riding with the knights) and get into combat with the biggest, nastiest character you can find (preferably a demon prince haha) to really inflict despair on the opponent. I'd give different items to the Arch Lector (maybe armor of the Dawn and the Hammer of Righteousness). That said, I think the war priest could use a bit of beefing up, as he is pretty vulnerable at the moment.

The outriders don't seem to fit what you're trying to do--if you want fast cav to marchblock and redirect and harass, pistoliers are cheaper, and better at harassment (because they can move and fire), whereas outriders provide mobile Chaos Knight Murdering platforms (better in more heavily mounted forces). I'd consider taking pistoliers, and perhaps adding an infantry block or two (no idea where you'd get the points) as you'd have enough enemies coming at you.

Finally, your magic phase is sort of halfway--even with the priest's bound spells (remember--only power level 4) it's mediocre offensively. Defensively, you're pretty well covered. I'd recommend (given the type of army you're playing) dropping a mage (and maybe getting a BSB) and making the other a standard issue scroll caddy (giving you 5 dice and a scroll caddy which should be fine against anyone but 10-12+ PD armies).

Overall, it looks like a nicely conceived list, it just needs a few tweaks here and there.