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05-01-2006, 06:16
The War of the Beard list is not compatable with the new dwarf book as it either contains restrictions that no longer exist in the army, or rules that no longer work (for instance the Rune of reflection that is CAST instead of simply rolled like all runes on the anvil of doom).

The download is still available on the dwarf page, but at the moment the list is less powerful than the new one, not MORE as the article indicates.

So here are some alterations to bring the article in line with the new army book:

(anything NOT mentioned works the same as in the original article)

Each runesmith/lord gains an additional 1 dispel dice

Longbeards may be upgraded to Clan Kin for +1pt each. Clan Kin are Special choices and are Stubborn and have the Bodyguard special rule (See new Dwarf book- basically just Longbeard hammerers as they didn't exist during the War).

Miners may not take a Steam Drill or blasting charges.

You may take ironbreakers as Core choices but may not have more than there are Longbeards in the army.

Thanes and Dragon Slayers increase the Runic alotment to 100pts

Engineers may take 75pts of runes

Runesmiths may take 125 pts of runes

Anvil of Doom Runes:
The following runes are always cast with Ancient Power (on a 4+).
Anvils of Doom will never explode, so treat a roll of 1 as 2-3 instead.

Rune of Doom:
Until the beginning of the next Dwarf turn ALL dwarfen units (including war machines and characters) cause Fear.

Rune of Reflection:
D3 Enemy wizards anywhere on the table are affected by this power. Each is struck by one of their spells chosen by the dwarf player, which is automatically cast and will affect any unit they are with. Drain Magic is cast at level 2, and the Dwarf player may choose which item is nullified from Vaul's Unmaking.

Throne of Power (100 points):
Adds +4 wounds to the character, and gives them a save of 5+ (which can be combined with other armour as normal). an Extra 4 Ws5 S4 I2 attacks may be made by the bearers, indenpendant of the characters runic abilities.

I haven't really made many changes to the list, simply adjusting them to the new format, although the CLanKin longbeards was pretty much a straight swap with the hammers in the new book.



Warlord Queek
10-01-2006, 14:56
Why should the WotB list be better:confused: ...
During the War of the Beard, Dwarfs werent at their full strength. Now that technologies have developed further and the dwarfs have more knowledge, its only realistic to make the new Dwarfs a bit stronger. The whole list you made up is quite impressive, but I dont think you'll find anyone at all who will allow you to play it (as is the case with almost every self-produced list)...

Bran Dawri
10-01-2006, 17:56
Actually, the during the WotB the dwarf empire was at the very pinnacle of its strength, and while they didn't have gunpowder technologies yet (the original article precludes the use of these), runic knowledge has since declined, not increased.

Rik Valdis
10-01-2006, 19:25
Why should the WotB list be better:confused: ...

Because it is designed to be used against the WotB HE list which is better than the standard one.

13-01-2006, 07:01
Sorry, I shouldn't have made the comment regarding the 'power' of the list, as it can cause all sorts of misunderstandings. I wasn't deliberately trying to make the list beardy (I like Puns), simply convert the old list to fit the new one, as the new dwarf list is not wholy compatible with it.

I haven't actually made anything 'new' (except rather than 0-1 ironbreaker unit as a Core I made it similar to how longbeards work) merely attempted to streamline the list back into place.

Bran Dawri is correct regarding the list- no blackpowder weapons are allowed and the dwarf armylist cannot take ANY Rare choices.

As I said at the beginning of the post- anything that I don't mention will work the same way as the original War of the Beard list- the no black powder weapons being among them.

That aside, do people think this is a better way of presenting the list since the new armybook came out?

I had to change the way the Anvils worked, but I still liked the Rune of Doom and the Rune of Reflection so attempted to fit them into the list- but made them ancient power instead.

Of course, considering that the war of the beard list IS Ancient, In suppose the argument could be put forth that the Anvils ALWAYS work on Ancient power, but at a lower dice roll (so 3+ like Thorek or even 2+ :eek:) for an extra +50 pts or something.