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Caine Mangakahia
16-07-2009, 22:18
Not sure I'm posting this in the right place, but with rumours of the new tomb kings book I thought I should make my voice heard.
I suffered paying Tomb Kings for a long time against the likes of Dwarves Empire Brettonians and Chaos (demons and Warriors) before I threw my hands up in disgust and switched to the much easier and playble VC.
Tomb kings rely on constant luck of the dice, even with relentless incatations, their hitting power and suvivability is so low that you often take more casualties than you can deal out even on the charge.
The power of incantations, while admittedly impressive and relentless is spread too thinly to compensate for its inability to march, low combat stats and survival rate.

After a trail against some of the new armies here's a wishlist that would help tombkings.

Princes and Tomb Kings

Embalmed rule should give a regeneration save or/and grant an armour save bonus.
Should keep driver on chariots (makes sense that egotistical kings were chauferred doesn't it?) and a bow option would be cool (they have strangly goos BS)
Some armour cracking weapons and decent armour/protectives wouldn't go astray, especially against the likes of Doc Woc and assasins.

Liche priests:

Need an effective way of spreading their healing power. Perhaps the raising spell could use a single dice while smiting and charging spells require 2.
Range of spells could be a little larger.
Smiting spell: Combat version needs to be better, along the lines of Vanhel buffing (rerolls strikes first)

Some general Magic defense would be good, the MR item is way overprices, more than 2 nullstones.

Casket of Souls: Overpriced and Underpowered, especially when compared to Caudron Blood Anvil and Engine of Gods.
Casket Gaurd should count as champions
Casket should Grant Ward save and MR
Lower point cost
TArgets whole field so clarify immunity to MR.

BSB: Allow Princes to be battle standard bearers and dump the Icon Bearer as crap. Some decent magic standards to make it worth taking
MAking charge reactions for Fast Cav would be a good banner
Lessen crumbling by D3.

Special Characters

Khalida is one of the most balanced and well designed special characters in the game IMO, almost a no brainer without being cheesy. Maybe a pip of strength so she can survive against armour.
On the other hand Settra is crap. His cost army restrictions and lack of magic power make him a shiny and expensive joke.

Command is overpriced (20 points for 1 extra str 4 attack?!?!) even chaos Knight command isn't that much.
A 4+ armour save doesn't seem too much to ask either.


Allow infantry (only) to march
Skeletons should be 8 points with HW LA & Shield (like VC) with spears as an option.
Option for poison Bows (thus not relying on Khalida all the time) , even a banner or a straigt upgrade. The only fix skeleton bowmen really need.

Heavy Cavalry:
Need the word heavy removed from their mname, awful and overpriced, command way too expensive.

Light Horse, a little expensive but better than the Heavy Cavalry.

Tomb Guard:

Still good troops, perhaps give them partial embalmed rule allowing them a +1 armour save?

Undead constructs:

Ushabti need a 3-4+ armour save, as they are they are just too fragile for their cost, and can whiff way too easily.
Should be able to march as infantry.

Tomb scorpions are one of the only good units in the army. Can be considered overpowered as warmachine and character hunters , but can be quite randim and are reasonable outside those roles. Could still do with a better armour save 4+ is reaonable.

Bone Giant
A failure in application really. A big scary model with impressive looking stats, but no real way to make use of them. Vegas odds to do any damage.
Cost more than a normal Giant, but slower in all but the most favourable circumstances and will crumble while a giant is stubbourn.

Catapaults are fine, not as powerful with all the high Ld and ITP out there now.

A bit of a rant, but not without basisfeel free to agree or disagree. Not without basis, a couple of trial games were most enlightening.

17-07-2009, 00:05
I agree with most of your request but i wouldn't like infantry or any TK units actually to march. I just like the restriction as part of the TK feeling.
I also strongly agree that units should be easier to resurrect, specially since TK can't increase the size of their own units.

I doubt it will happen but i would really love to see living units (nomads) on the TK army, it would be a nice break from all the european looking human models and bring something new to the TK table to set them even more apart from VC.

17-07-2009, 03:36
I agree with most of what's said here. Hopefully after the Beastmen, the Tomb Kings will get their update.

17-07-2009, 10:13
i honestly would be happy with the list staying relatively similar. some point tweaks throughout the book would be nice as i think we overpay for some of our units. a bone thrower would be nice, but on the most part i think the army would be greatly improved by being able to get a few more units in for the same points cost.

some shiny new models are what i want most :D

plastic tomb guard are a must

17-07-2009, 10:27
I do agree with you on most points, however I do not think these are good ideas:

Tomb Guard:

Still good troops, perhaps give them partial embalmed rule allowing them a +1 armour save?

Just reduce their cost.


Allow infantry (only) to march
Skeletons should be 8 points with HW LA & Shield (like VC) with spears as an option.
Option for poison Bows (thus not relying on Khalida all the time) , even a banner or a straigt upgrade. The only fix skeleton bowmen really need.

Maybe a banner for poison, but definately not for every unit.
Shouldn't be able to march, it's a feature of the army. Maybe a magic item that a prince/king can take that lets only his unit march could be fun though?

Catapults are fine as they are

Tomb scorpions likewise, if not slightly too powerful.

Everything else I read I thought were great ideas.

17-07-2009, 10:30
I think the arguments above are very true. Especially against the ASF and multiple attacks at S4+ units in the game now, and the lack of a real punch that is not shot early on in the game (like ushabti and giant) the Tomb Kings are in trouble. Many people play lots of magic because it is so powerful in some armies, which makes incantations hard to cast on the right time. The most basic troops are overpriced (the command issue for the chariots is a classic example of rediculous point costs of some things in a TK army), which does not allow a lot of flexibility in the rest of the army.

Looking forward to a new list with some rules to make the TKs potentially as powerful as they seem to be in Warhammer Online - or at least competitive.

OW, and yes: I too want plastic tomb guard since soon that will be the only unit my 4500 point army* does not have (ok, I'm partially to blame for the not-so-strong army I have).

*I need to build some of the troops still.