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Supreme Archon Orlok
16-07-2009, 23:59
I'm trying to build up my daemons forces to 1000pts, so I've written a list to build to:

Herald of Nurgle-Noxious Vapours, Slime trail-150pts
Herald of Tzeentch-Power Vortex, Winged horror-165pts

16 Plaguebearers-192pts
16 Horrors-192pts

4 Screamers-120pts

5 Flamers-175pts


I'm thinking of dropping a flamer, so I can get some command into my core units.

I'd like people to respond to this in a mature and somewhat friendly way, meaning no flaming me for taking 5 flamers in 1000pts, remember this is an initial list, not final.

17-07-2009, 04:38
I don`t play many games at 1000 points, so maybe I`m not the most qualified person to give you advice, but...
1. The only reason to not take a Palanquin with you Herald of Nurgle is because you don`t have an appropriate model. Otherwise, I`d advise taking one.
2. Are you planning on flying your Herald of Tzeentch around and zap things? If your opponent doesn`t have much shooting (or magic), this might be okay. Otherwise, I think your better off giving him something like Master of Sorcery (instead of wings) and sticking him in your unit of Horrors.
3. Not necessary, but yeah, if you can work in a S.B.+Icon of Sorcery for your Horrors, it would be a good thing.

Good luck.

Almighty Nocturnus

17-07-2009, 07:34
A so-so list, it's got a tar pit unit (plauge bearers) and a magic unit (horrors), some zippy screamers and some flamers.
But you lack punch - against armies with armour it'll be a slug fest. And come combat it'll be bye-bye time.
Whats your overall direction with the army? ie when it hits 2250?
looking for a balanced force, or something with focus on just 2 gods....give us a hint

in a 1000 i'd be inclined to field:

HoZ - power vortex - 145pts
10 horrors, std, icon (gives them +1 to cast) - 147pts
6 furies - 72pts
3 fiends - 165 pts
HoK - armour of khrorne, firestorm blade, jugger - 190pts
11 bloodletters, full command - 162pts

AND you still got another 119 points to play with - in my case I'd take 3 bases of nurglings

Now I have a super combat unit with Khorne and his boyz
An excellent mahic unit with the Tzeentchians
A fast moving, hard hitting unit with the tickle me I'm sexy Slaaneshies
Let's sneak up on them and hug them with filth Nurglings
with some furies thrown in to fly around and cause mayhem.

The other advantage to this list is that you have a nice core to build the future army around. Add some plauge bearers to it, some deamonettes and now you can field from 4 core units to switch you army around. Add any special/rare choices as needed to fill out the ranks.

If you already got some of the models from your own list above then drop the horrors to 10, the plauge bearers to 14, screamers by 1 or 2, the flamers by 1 or 2 and use the points saved to add a more combat orientated unit to the mix - maybe fleshhounds or bloodletters. Fleshounds are better for value as 175 pts get you a rock hard unit, wereas bloodletters need a command and herald to function well.
Hope this gives you food for thought