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17-07-2009, 14:40
As an aside to my IG Tank poll here's another one covering IG Arty.

I've included Thudd Guns and Heavy Mortars in here as well, even though they aren't mobile Arty

Personally the Griffon is my favourite, mainly because of the aesthetic look of it, rather than the in-game effectiveness

Captain Micha
17-07-2009, 14:44
The Colossus is easily my fave so far.

The Basilisk being second. Though ... the Manticore looks so awesome.

Lord Damocles
17-07-2009, 14:44
Surely you can't make a poll and expect people to not vote for the Thudd Gun? :D

17-07-2009, 14:46

17-07-2009, 14:51
Surely you can't make a poll and expect people to not vote for the Thudd Gun? :D

I favour them over Heavy Mortars generally, but Griffons over the other Arty, bizarre isn't it!!

17-07-2009, 15:49
Thudd guns or Heavy mortars 'cause:
-A griffon at half price is never wrong in my book.
-The Quad launcher can unload a hell of a lot of S5 blasts in one turn.
And finally: Towed artillery is much cooler IMO then self propelled and fits the infantry force look much better.
It's a shame they didn't make it into the codex. I'd take them over the punisher any day in the week and twice on sundays.

Colonel Kolm
17-07-2009, 17:13
im a fan of the basilisk for what it costs and what it can do you cant argue and its classic guard, people know what it is and know to respect it. the rest are good but ill take a basilisk any day of the week

Cry of the Wind
17-07-2009, 17:16
I had a Bombard for a while but it is now being used as a Colossus. Firing every other turn just kills that one for me. The large min range of the Colossus can be a problem but that's what Demolishers are for...

17-07-2009, 17:19
Heavy Mortar

Same firepower as a Griffon, but an Elites choice deployed as up to 3 seperate units, for 45pts each. Whats not to like?

405pts for 9, and that's a ridiculous amount of hurt. couple that *with* griffons and that gives you *18* S6 AP4 ordnance barrage shots every turn, half of which reroll scatter, for 1080 points.