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17-07-2009, 18:24
I've decided to try out a few different lists in some upcoming games, different races, but all of them will be as far from the norm as I can make 'em. The point with these armies isn't necessarily to win, more to provide a bit of a laugh for me and my opponents (but probably mainly for my opponents...).

With that in mind I give you the incredible no magic VC army of Konrad von Carstien!

Konrad- 145
Wight King BSB- Drakenhof Banner- 225
Wight King 1- Sword of Kings, Hauberk- 125
Wight King 2- Tomb Blade, Enchanted Shield- 115
Character total- 610

29 Skeletons- H/W, Shield, FC, Banner of the Endless Nightmare- 277 (WK2)
20 Zombies- Mus- 84
20 Zombies- Mus- 84
18 Grave Guard-FC, Screaming Banner- 286 (Konrad and BSB)
19 GG Banner of the Barrows- 303 (WK 1)
Troop total- 1034

Varghulf- 175
Varghulf- 175
Total- 350

Grand Total- 1994

With no casters and only basic magic defense, anything magic heavy will have a field day with this army, but against other armies it might have a (extremely slim) chance of winning.

I'd love any advice on how to make it slightly more competitive (the only must-haves are the characters, so feel free to rip it apart as much as you like...), also I've only decided on basic tactics so far- main 3 units stay close together to benefit from Konrads "Vampiric" rule, while the Varghulfs hunt war machines/ lone casters and provide a mild hammer when necessary. Zombies will either tarpit flanks or try to hinder my opponents attempts to take advantage of Konrads frenzy and high movement.

So C&C if you will, and prepare yourselves for more bizarre concoctions in the near future!

VC Billy
17-07-2009, 22:32
Normally I would never leave a post like this, but I am. This is the worst VC army I've seen. You can not win with this list or any variant of it. Scrap it and begin again. That's just the truth.

17-07-2009, 22:54
I second VC Billy. VC armies need magic.

17-07-2009, 23:26
The point with these armies isn't necessarily to win, more to provide a bit of a laugh for me and my opponents (but probably mainly for my opponents...).

I think the other 2 posters don't fully get the point behind the post, as the OP clearly states this army is to provide him with an army to have...fun with!

Lord Dan
17-07-2009, 23:33
Their level of tact is about as high as their post counts. Not a great first impression, gentlemen.

It's gimmicky and looks like a lot of fun to play, though I honestly have no idea how it's going to do on the field. I'd like to see some wolves or knights in there for some maneuverability, but other than that I'd have to read a battle report or two to have any idea how to critique a list like this.

17-07-2009, 23:34
Now lets see, although it's a fun list you still need to re-look at your army build. The fact you lack magic means you need to hit hard in the combat. You can't out-shoot anyone by sheer dint of 'no warmachines/missle troops. You have cut out the magic, so unless you beef the list up it's going to be a tough cookie. Against some armies you'll be kind of ok as you cause fear - but so do TK, OK, and DoC!
Zombies are just cannon foddor - you could take them in units of 10 (if the army book allows it) and use them as a throw away screen. 20 is pointless (unless minimum size for unit is 20) as the rank bonus wont do much for you in combat.
You also need dire wolves - at least 2-4 units, 5 strong, as they are fast cav, ideal for flanking units, bait charges, etc, etc.
Fell bats also play a similar role excpet they fly!
Skeletons are great, but with only 2000 pts to spend perhaps 2 units of grave gaurd is 1 too much, maybe sub it for 2 skeleton units????

17-07-2009, 23:35
Its refreshing to see some people still try to make fun lists.

Personally, with no raising power.. I'd ditch the zombies all together. They die too easy and even with magic.. people still tend to just raise them. I'd go for more heavy hitters and fast movers for this list. Dunno if you can take too much damage slogging on the battlefield without the ability to raise em or Vanhel.

18-07-2009, 00:00
To stick with the theme will making it a lot stronger, you could:
- replace all wights except the BSB by vampires. Just don't give them magic enhancing items/powers. Some magic defence would only make your army more fun, because right now you have a huge advantage against Dwarfs and you're f*cked against magic heavy armies. In general, balanced armies are more fun than all or nothing armies, even though yours isn't powerful.
- in particular, a vampire lord with flaming lance, red fury and infinite hatred would do very well while being fluffy. I mean, it's like Konrad on a dragon.

- add blood knights. Fluffy and killy! This also goes for the Varghulfs though.

In general, I think a Konrad army should be about relentless close combat, not attrition. Game wise, this is good, because you don't have the magic to win wars of attrition.

18-07-2009, 00:40
personally i would up the size of the zombie units, without any magic i think your army should ditch the skeletons altogether in favour of more hard hitters and more bodies.

so lose the skellies, up the zombies to about 100 (two units of 50 should do it) then id personally ditch you of the grave guard units (partly to fund the zombies) and pile all of your characters into that one unit

use the spare points for a unit of black knights (mounting a wight in here if you prefer) to give you a speed hitting unit to support you vargulfs

18-07-2009, 07:59
It looks fun, and if you don't really care about winning or losing then it would be a great list. Konrad is always fun and can be very destructive, but also a hindrance. Seeing as how you pretty much had to use Wight kings then they look alright. The 2 Varghulfs will help the effort, but I do not know how effective they will be with the rest of the army looking like that. Hope you have fun with it.

18-07-2009, 14:14
In response to the first 2 posts...perhaps some new glasses are in order? ;)

Now....onto the constructive replies...

Let's say for the time being that I keep the character set-up as it is, if I drop the second unit of GG, the Zombies, and a Varghulf I'm left with 652 points.

I could pop in 2 units of 25 Skeletons, FC for the time being, but that can change, for 440 points, and 2 units of Wolves for 80. This leaves me with 132 points to play with.

Where would they best be spent? I could get Black Knights, or more Wolves and some Fellbats, or possibly invest in a couple more banners to help out the units...