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17-07-2009, 21:37
I really like Morghur, he's just awsome. I really want to use him now and again in games, but I can never seem to find the right way to use him at his best.

Is surrounding him in minimum sized beast herds a valid tactic? I'd be taking something like 6 ld 6 tests, failing 4 and creating most liekly 3 spawn a turn, but would the ensuing panic tests screw me over? Is there a way of lessening the effect of these panic tests without increasing my ld value (as I want this as low as possible so I get lots of spawn), or will I just have to possition the surrounding units so they don't run into each other if they flee

A couple of questions along with this:

- can you chose to fail the ld test?

- are the spawn's wounds based on each wound or each unsaved wound caused?

- similarly, do you have to cause one unsaved wound to creat the spawn in the first place, or just 1+ wound

- do units that he panics run directly away from him or towards the nearest board edge?

- would lots of hounds do the job better as their cheeper?

cheers for any help

18-07-2009, 12:39
I think the plan is normally to surround him with hounds rather than herds. They've less leadership and are alot cheaper. Remember, both herds and hounds have Ambush, so you could keep all you herds hidden and surround Morghur with LD5 hounds for some sheer Spawndom.

AFAIK, you can't choose to fail a test. Units that panic usually flee away from the unit that caused it.

The Spirit essence description says that a unit that fails suffer D6S4 hits with no armour saves allowed. Therefore, if a unit takes casualties (unsaved wounds), a spawn is created. "The spawn has a starting number of wounds equal to the number of wounds that were caused"

Morghur is definately cool.

18-07-2009, 12:43
surround with hounds as nightsword said, next turn sound the brayhorn, this causes all your ambushers to come on and any remaining dogs to rally (if fleeing) so they can be run up and spawned later.
Just keep Morghur out of combat and you should be fine.

A problem with running Morghur is having enough spawn models....

18-07-2009, 13:59
Try to kill less than 50% of each friendly unit you target. That way they 1) don't give away victory points and 2) are easier to rally.

If things get messy the bray horn will always help you.

18-07-2009, 20:41
The reason for the saved vs unsaved wounds was more to do with regen and ward save carryers, as they DO get their special saves

Ok, so hounds are the way to go, but what sizes should they be? I want to avoid at all costs leaving 3 or more in a unit that has to take a panic test, so I'm thinking the minimum 5 models is the best bet. That way if I kill 1 they won't panic (unless another unit is completely destroyed that is), they're a pain if I kill 2, but won't panic me if I kill 3 or more.

Generally I shouldn't expect to kill 6, so if I got units of 6 then it'd lessen the 'unit destroyed within 6"' panic tests for the ones that only suffered 1 or 0 wounds, but it does mean that I'll have a panicing US 5 unit if I kill either 2 or 3 models (which would leave 3/4 to take panic)

Any thoughts? Either way if I kill 3 they are under half strength, and for this I'm thinking units of 5 purely because its 6 pts cheeper

also, a slightly more opinionated question, how much is too much in this list? I've heard a lot of trash about Morghur because he can very easily be exploited and becomes very dirty indeed, but personally I recon if you go too far like many people do then you just give away even more free points and spawn are prety limited in what they can do (lightly armoured week troops is about their limit), so how many sacrifice units should I have, 4/5?

19-07-2009, 01:26
The reason for the saved vs unsaved wounds was more to do with regen and ward save carryers, as they DO get their special saves

I imagine they'd have to fail the save for the spawn to emerge, that's how I read it to be intended. My opinion of course. It's not something that's mentioned in the FAQ either...

With the hounds, you kinda have to view them as the medium for getting the spawn. Unlike the herds which will be useful, those hounds that surround Morghur have the purpose of being there to generate spawn. You kinda want them to die in droves. If you only kill one, then you get a one wounded spawn. Not much use.

I like the idea of four units.

19-07-2009, 20:25
the complaint with morghur is that he creates 60 point spawn from 6 point hounds, a very good investment if you ask me.

However morghurs armies are actually quite well......rubish if you make the mistake of concentrating too much on the spawn to the exclusion of all else, the list still needs the units that give beast a punch, namely herds, chariots, minotaurs and; now that morghurs about bestigor.

Personally i would go for about 50 (10 groups of 5) hounds, as this gibes you enough fodder to make two waves of hounds, this gives consistency so if the first group of hounds all flee away so they cant be spawnified the hounds waiting in the wings can come in to be transformed.

With this list as well i find that herds fall dramatically in usefulness, as without a general their leadership really begins to take its toll, you cant really on them to ambush as they're going to fail that ld test 50% of the time and now that bestigor skirmish in raiders there main battlefield role has been taken over, i would really only ever take as many small herds as you want bestigor units and throw them into the spawn pool.

On the note of leadership, immune to psychology is your friend here, id endeavour to give as many units as possible a way to reduce the effect that panic, fear has on your army, so get that mark of undivided in there on the minotuars and give your bestigor either khorne or slaanesh (khorne is my prefered mark). Id also try an get a giant in here to help in this department too.

The beauty of this list in my opinion though is that it can quite happily take to the field with morghur as its only character, as chariots and the bestigor can generate your dispel dice rather than your wizards, so two chariots and the gor quite happily bring you up to 7 dd, which is more than enough to shut down most magic phases.