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17-07-2009, 21:38
Treeman Ancient with Annoyance of Nettlings and Cluster of Radiants - 375
BSB with Asyendi's Bane and Hail of Doom Arrow - 130
Lvl 2 Spellweaver with Calignor's Staff and Scroll - 175
Lvl 1 Spellweaver with 2 Scrolls - 140

5 Glade Riders + Musician - 129
8 Dryads - 96
8 Dryads - 96

7 Wardancers + Musician - 133
7 Wardancers + Musician - 133
5 Wild Riders + Standard - 148
4 Warhawk Riders - 160

Treeman - 285
Total: 2000

I'm going to be getting back into WE after a friend is giving me his 5th edition army. I've been hearing about all the monsters out there in 7th and have heard that Dual Treeman lists are pretty effective. I've decided to build a list around them. The idea is that each Treeman will have a unit of Wardancers to hold and flank with. The Dryads will flank together against other core units. The Wild Riders will be mobile linebackers and add their punch anywhere. Warhawks and Glade Riders do the flanking, baiting, and warmachine hunting. I love being able to squeeze musicians in all my units that can take them in case of bad luck, tied combats, or times I have to charge a unit singularly. I usually play with Gladeguard so this type of list is strange to me. I'm hoping I won't miss the shooting.

17-07-2009, 23:06
Looks good. I like the BSB's set-up, it's underrated IMO. Asyendi's bane enables and improves the usage of a HoDA.

My only comment: 3 warhawk riders are enough and more mobile, so I'd ditch 1.

With those points, buy another wild rider and a war banner or upgrade your spellsinger to level 2 (they're not spellweavers).

18-07-2009, 20:15
I went with 4 Warhawk Riders to make sure I can take out Warmachines that threaten my Treeman. I don't want them to flub a roll.