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17-07-2009, 23:56
My very first game was a mirror game, Dark elves vs. Dark Elves. A 2k game, and I played a cavalry heavy game, since that's how I managed to get the points I needed. My opponent ran a more conventional 7th ed. Dark Elves army from what I can see on the forums.

Roughly, I had a level 4 supreme sorceress and a level 1 sorceress in a unit of spearmen with the sacrificial dagger, a cauldron of blood, 2 units of cold one knights, 1 with ASF banner, 2 units of Dark Riders with rxbs, a unit of corsairs /w the frenzy banner, 5 scouts and a Hydra.

My opponent had 1 large block of spearmen, 10 crossbow men, 20 corsairs, 1 unit of dark riders, 1 unit of cold ones with a dreadlord in it, 1 unit of black guards, 10 shades with an assassin, , 2 reaper bolt throwers, a Hydra, and a level 1 sorceress.

The Deployment was 1 forest in the middle of the battle field; one on the right, and one on each side of the deployment zones, and a with building on the left. Each deployment zone had two hills, set up between the center-woods/left-woods and center-woods/building zones. It was a fairly basic set up.

I really screwed up on the deployment. Half my troops were blocking themselves, I left the right lane open except for dark riders, which were face to face with his cold one unit. My Hydra was on the far left, which is where his shades were hiding. Next to it I had some dark riders, partially covered with my spear men unit that had my 2 sorceresses. This was the left side deployment. On the right side I had my corsairs ready to meet up with his corsairs (there was 12 of mine, wide), and cold one Knights across from his spearmen unit. My Cauldron was behind my Corsairs and Cold One Knights. My Shades appeared in the woods on the right side. My side looked really cluttered and half my units were covering the other half for no reason. My opponent also had a Hydra in front of the Sorceress on the left, and the unit of Dark Riders to the far left.

I got first turn, and tried to position my Hydra to flame his shades on the left of the building, and didn't know I was aloud to march and shoot so only moved 6 inches worth. My Dark Riders on the left marched forward to try and shoot out the Reaper Bolt Throwers, and ended up right next to the end of the building. My Spear Men moved 5 inches, I was originally planning to use the lifetaker I had on my supreme sorceress, but I completely forgot about it after I moved, and only remembered it on my last turn. The Dark Riders on the left moved within charging range of the Cold Ones. The shades moved out of the woods on the left at half speed, since I didn't remember that they didn't suffer half movement in the woods with skirmish, and only 2 or 3 got within eye-sight of anything. Everything else marched forward to meet my opponent's troops. Next was magic phase. On my first spell, I rolled a miscast with my Supreme Sorceress, and rolled a 7, which ended my magic phase. During the shooting part, both Dark Riders and Shades shot at both the left and right Reaper Bolt Throwers, and I managed to kill 1 attendant. That ended my first turn in a few years.

My Opponent then decided to charge my Dark Riders, and I declared a fire and flee charge reaction. He wasn't familiar and had never heard about it, so we checked the new rule book, and I couldn't find it, so I decided to stand and shoot (doh >.<) instead, and dealt no wounds. He charged my Hydra with his shades, and revealed an assassin. His Dark Riders moved up between the building and the woods on the left side to get shots in. His other troops just marched on forward. During the Magic Phase, he had 3 power dice and I had 5 dispel dice, so he didnt cast anything. The Bolt Throwers shot at both my Cold One Knight units, left and right, but all wounds were saved. His crossbow men then shot my right Cold One Unit and killed 2 Knights. In Close Combat, the knights killed my entire Dark Riders unit, and over ran almost off the table. The Assassin and the shades managed to deal 2 wounds on the hydra, but the Hydra killed on all 7 hits, won the combat, and caught the shades unit.

My second turn, My Cold One Knights on the right charged his Spear men, and they fled, 3 inches, which meant that my Cold Ones would catch them. Then we forgot the stupidity test, and they failed it, but my Cold Ones on the right passed. My frenzied Corsairs charged his Corsairs, who stood. My ASF Cold One Knights on the right charged his ASF Black Guards, and also had an extra attack thanks to the Cauldron of Blood. During Magic, I cast 2 spells on the Black Guards, including Black Horror, and removed a rank and a half off his black guards. During shooting, my Hydra killed 3 Dark Riders, and my Shades manage to take out 2 or 3 Crossbow men. My knights then knocked off another big wad of Black Guards during close combat, and then there was only 3 left. They failed their panic test and fled, but out ran my Cold Ones. The Corsairs hacked up 4 of his Corsairs, and he didnt manage to return the fire. His Corsairs failed their panic test, and fled, but I didnt manage to catch them.

During his second turn his corsairs rallied, and so did his Black Guards. His Hydra flanked my Cold One Knights on th right. His Spearmen moved in past my Cold One Knights on the left, towards my Spearmen and Cauldron of blood, as did his Cold One Knights that just emerged on my side of the field. He gave up magic again because of my magic superiority. He shoot off on the left at my left Cold One Knights with his left Reaper Bolt Throwers and Crossbow men and killed everything but the champion. His Reaper Bolt thrower on the right also nipped off a few of my soldiers. In the Close Combat phase, the Hydra wiped out a few knights, won the combat, and chased them down. They didnt get away, and that was that.

From turn 3 it went pretty downhill. My characters in their Spearmen bunker got surrounded by Cold One Knights, Spearmen, and a Hydra, lost combat, and fled into his other units. I had terrible luck with Magic and didnt manage to do anything else with my spells. Once My characters were done, his Sorceress with the lore of fire took care of my Hydra. On the top right side of the game I charged and ran down his corsairs with my corsairs, and my 5 shades ended up killing the unit of Crossbowmen by panicking them off the table, and finished off the right Reaper Bolt Thrower in close combat. Both units then got destroyed by the top left Reaper Bolt Thrower, and by the end of turn 4 I didn't have an army anymore.

I learned a lot from that experience, mainly the proper rules, and the importance of deploying correctly, as well as estimating distances correctly. It was a very fun game, even if I got massacred.

I'll write up a report about my second game soon, which I played yesterday against the Tomb Kings who I face for the first time. Care to guess who won in that batte? :D

18-07-2009, 08:45
Heya thanks for the report. Blocking in your own troops is a fairly common starter mistake so don't feel too bad for that. Fire and flee went out an edition or 2 ago althoguh now you can do feigned flight with fast cav. That is if you flee and rally they can act normally which is justa s good as before :)
You don't take panic tests in combat, you take break tests :)

Glad to see you're learning though, we were all at that stage once :D

18-07-2009, 11:39
And some of us never get past the 'forgetting' step unfortunately... :(

Nice rep, fun to see a DE vs DE battle.
If you played a seasoned player I'd say the Tomb kings won, if you had a more even matchup experience wise I'd say you won :)

vinny t
18-07-2009, 16:30
Your list is actually rather frightening, the 2 CoK + Cauldron is a really good combo (2 S6 attcks with hatred anyone??). You could get rid of RxB on the dark Riders, the ASF banner, and slim down the Corsair unit to add a couple more Shades + Assasin with Rending stars, Manbane combo.

And, deployment can be a bugger for a new player but after a few games you'll get the hang of it!

Nice report!