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Time of Madness
18-07-2009, 14:51
GOAL: To create a fun yet still competitive saphery based list.

Saphery Warhost


Archmage (general)
- level 4
- Book of Hoeth
= 360pts

- Level 2
- 2 Dispel Scrolls
- Silver Wand
= 185pts

Noble (BSB)
- The White Sword
- Gem of Courage
= 160pts


10 Archers
= 110pts

10 Archers
= 110pts


17 Swordmasters
*BSB here*
- Full command with amulet of light
- Banner of Sorcery
= 350pts

12 Swordmasters
- Bladelord
= 192pts

5 Silver Helms
- shields
= 115pts

5 Silver Helms
- shields
= 115pts


2 Eagles
= 100pts

2 Bolt Throwers
= 200pts

TOTAL POINTS = 1997pts

Casting Dice = 8 + D3
Dispel Dice = 5 + 2 scrolls

Well there you have it. This list has served me well in the past. I find the toughest part about playing the army is protecting my vulnerable casters. They tend to float around the archer units and sometimes the swordmasters.

I wanted to get some protection on my bsb, however I think the white sword is a little more fun and fluffy...ASF tends to protect him a little anyways.

Anyone like it?
Time of Madness

Time of Madness
19-07-2009, 12:22
I've thought about dropping the bsb and instead picking up a noble with ring of fury or gem of hoeth. This would then allow me to use the noble as my general instead of the archmage. Anyone like that idea?
Time of Madness

Nu Fenix
19-07-2009, 12:51
Since 5/6 Spells from High Magic don't require LOS, it is one of the lores that you could safely use whilst hiding your Archmage. However, you would still need to keep them in range of the enemy, and so if they aren't in any unit, you would need to make sure you stop the enemy getting LOS to them and charging or shooting them. As whilst you can cause IF on a double, you are still a T3 W3 model with no armour save.

Also, how come yours BSB has no armour of any kind? Is it because you lacked the points, or that you felt that an at best 5+ save wasn't worth while? If the latter, changing Gem of Courage for Mask of the Merlord, as with Heavy/Dragon Armour you would have a 4+ save.
In regards to the White Sword, you are paying 32 points for Killing Blow, with the remaining 8 points being a normal Great Weapon. Since the Swordmasters have Amulet of Light to make their attacks magical, those points and magic item allowance could be used elsewhere, including Armour of Caledor [and if you dropped Gem of Courage, also Guardian Phoenix] to help keep him alive, or Temakador's Gauntlets, so that with normal armour you would have a 4+ save and most of the time also have a 5+ ward.

Having only two infantry combat blocks moving towards the enemy would make me worried that I will be overwhelmed or flanked, as although you have Silver Helms to go in for the charge, they will end up ahead of the enemy, which can expose your flanks. Since you have the Eagles for Marchblocking and harrassing enemy warmachines/mages, what about having a block of Spearmen to support the Swordmasters?

For a Sapphery warhost, I don't feel there is enough magic, both offensively and defensively. Having a third caster, ideally a Mage instead of a Noble with Radiant Gem, as they may not be too useful offensively. The Annulian Crystal may be a strong choice, as it would give you 2 extra DD.

I am new to High Elves myself, and have also gone for a Sapphery/Hoeth list, although it has several differences to you, and as such I may not be the best person for advice, but I can give you the advice of someone who is also new to the army.