View Full Version : 800pts?

18-07-2009, 16:32
I was just wondering why so many of you paly 800pts.
Surely 700pts is a more logical number to play as singles tournies are 700pts (doubles are 350 per side, so 700pts over all aswell)

I know more pts = more models but i just wondered if you had any logic to it.

19-07-2009, 09:24
That is the largest army that SBG still works very well. When it starts to get larger it starts to lag. Thats why we play at 800 pts as it give the best SBG game possbile.
Oh and if your talking about WOTR then I have no idea why

22-07-2009, 10:25
Also, 800pts is the value of the New Zealand Grand Tournament.:)

23-07-2009, 16:58
ahhh elf lord, makes sense then.
To respond to Jaws, 1000pts games work fine as long as you dont play with... *thinks of a polite way to say retard*... slow people.