View Full Version : Wood Elf test scheme

18-07-2009, 23:15
Meh Im Impatient .

I thought with the fantasy painting thing about to start it might be an idea if I actually had a scheme worked out before I begin the challenge in August.

As well as returning to the hobby after 3 years out , Im also breaking in an unfamiliar camera, which doesnt seem to have a white balance. This means that all pictures will need daylight bulbs or....err.... well daylight. Since I have neither atm and I`m , as I said, impatient, this is all I have at the moment to go on.

Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow and better pictures can be taken , but this isnt too bad as it is.


This is only my second Fantasy army, the first being Vampire Counts. Im kinda used to seeing pretty bright looking armies across the table. Im a little concerned mine will look a bit drab. I may do a brighter version for comparison tomorrow.

19-07-2009, 05:39
Wow, they look good to me bro, very nice colouring, look like the wood elves i dream of :)

19-07-2009, 07:46
They look good, not bright like i have seen some wood elves, but they would blend into the background a lot better.