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19-07-2009, 15:31
hi guys

i am planning on building some planetstrike terrain for a big ApocStrike game we are having. can anyone supply me with the measurements for the new bastions and wall sections so i can make loads of them for a hughe game.

cheers inadvance.


19-07-2009, 15:39
I can answer the wall sections - the small sections with the gun slits are 5cm x 4cm and the larger sections are 13cm x 4cm, with the middle wall being 2.3cm high.

19-07-2009, 21:15
My guestimate for the bastion is 150mm wide 180mm high.
Just started scratch building one here, botton of the page -> Apoc 40k terrain - Bastion link

Bugbait out

19-07-2009, 21:53
Bugbait mate i love your work, i have copied some of your stuff and taken so many ideas from your post thanks for the heads up on this one.