View Full Version : Redux II: 2250 CoB hit'em high

19-07-2009, 17:40
Druchii 2250pts.

1 Dreadlord: Soulrender, Armor of Darkness, Pendant of Kaeleth

1 Sorceress: 2xDispel Scroll.

1 Death Hag: 2xHW, Cauldron of Blood, BSB.

Assassin: Rune of Khaine, Touch of Death, Dark Venom, 2xHW.

3x5 Dark Riders: HW, Spear, LA, Musician.

2x5 Harpies: 2xHW.

14 Witch Elves: FC, Banner of Murder.

14 Witch Elves: FC.

16 Black Guard: HA, HW, Halberd, Banner of Har Ganeth, Champion with Ring of Hotek, FC.

6 Shades: RxB, Great Weapon.

2xWar Hydra.

Total: 2250pts.

After playing a few games with a similar list to this one (only with spearelves and RBT's in place of the other hydra and witch elves regiment), I figured I might as well go with a full head on combat "KHAINE sMash haHa!" army.

I felt the warriors were not doing anything really useful save being a bunker for my puny lvl.1 sorceress, and I really wasn't doing enough damage in the shooting phase to cause panic tests or thin out my enemy's lines enough. I figure if I already have two cc units that are ITP/Stubborn I might as well add a third and thus get the most out of my cauldron. Similar thought goes with the second hydra, it is almost always target priority numero uno and having an extra one doesn't hurt.

Oh and one last thing, dark venom or black lotus poison?

Please tear it up, I'll be going to a tourney (hopefully) in a few weeks so any thoughts or criticisms would be greatly appreciated.

19-07-2009, 20:03
nice to see someone using witch elves.

however--for fluff purposes, you should use Executioners instead of black guard. Also, with the cauldron they are much, much better (they can get 2a from the cauldron and become stubborn if it's within 12, but still have KB and s6) and can really outdo black guard if played correctly. i'd try to find points to get a death hag bsb with SHG in them (shouldn't be too hard, drop BSB from the cauldron hag and the banner from the BGs, as well as points reduction from them you should only need to drop like 70ish points or so)

The build on your assassin worries me somewhat, he seems to be a character killer. I usually run mine to add as much combat rez as they can and so run RoK with manbane to cap lots and lots of ordinary units, but if you'd rather have yours eat up chaos heroes then go for it, i just worry that you're spending points on something you shouldn't (your lord will eat almost any top tier character for breakfast, it'll just take him a long time)

19-07-2009, 21:55
Thanks for the reply Cutmasta114.

Yeah Executioners did cross my mind at one point, but for this tournament list fluff is a secondary goal (I know I know, "but you have two units of witch elves...!"). I am already cutting it tight points wise with what I want in overall composition, thus I need effective but points efficient units. Black Guard fulfill the role perfectly, whereas with Executioners I would have to invest many more precious points into making them equal to the BG.

I will however give manbane a try and see how that goes. I admit that when I face dwarfs/chaos or other high toughness troops with a high armor save, its frustrating not being able to wound well or to cut through full plate like butter.

23-07-2009, 08:19
on their own, dark venom is usually better,

but when your assassin has touch of death, definitely go for black lotus. more chances to killing blow!!