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lord marcus
19-07-2009, 19:56
hi all. i am usually a fantasy/40k player, but i am a HUGE tolkien fan. i was wondering if the game was fun, because not many people in my area play it, and if it isn't, i'd rather just paint gahladrim

20-07-2009, 04:29
SBG works well in smaller 400 to 800pt games. any bigger and it becomes boredom. So in smaller battles/skirmishes it is a lot of fun.
WOTR works well in huge games on the otherhand. More expensive but more dice to roll. both games are great fun to play especially if you do like LOTR. However, people do get annoyed that some bits and pieces don't really follow the book at all.

20-07-2009, 06:57
Like VeriNasti said. SBG for 800pts and under. WOTR for everything over. (Which will make the battle report fun for me as it's an SBG of 1000pts)
My advice is to start with SBg and work your way up to WOTR. I'm starting to ammas a Galadhrim WOTR force as other than my 500pts Gondor knights force it don't really have one.
For a Galadhrim force you will probbaly need.

1 Box of Galadhrim Warriors
1 Box of Galadhrim Knights
1 Blister of a hero(s) (I would recomend eaither a blister of 2 captains or Celeborn & Galadriel)

2 Boxes of Galadhrim Warriors
1 box of Galadhrim Knights
3 Blisters of heros

You can see why I suggest going with SBG first.

20-07-2009, 16:27
SBG is the far supperior system GW have done.... EVER!!
Its simple enough to be easy to play but with complexities and armourment choices to keep the veterens playing.
I played 40k as my core system for 13years now I play SBG as my core its just so much better.

Once 40k gamers get past the "it has NO guns?" and "there are no spacemarines" they tend to see the light in my experience.

WOTR is great if you just like rolling dice ;)

20-07-2009, 20:48
For starting out, SBG is faster-but for a WHB veteran, WoTR is a much better system. To be sure, there are rules that need a faq (although it's not that big a deal to agree on a ruling in friendly games), but the movement is much less fiddly, the magic, although important, doesn't include the "I win" style spells of WHB battle (such as VC spells, demonic gate from Tzeentch). Heros provide mainly leadership abilities. Both versions of the rules have the priority system each turn to see who goes first, so you have to plan contingencies in case priority switches (an I go/you go/you go/I go situation).

lord marcus
21-07-2009, 05:06
but what about those specialty movement trays, arent they a #@$# to purchase because they cost so much?

21-07-2009, 08:03
well i personally dont go crazy for sbg, ordinary heroes/captains far too weak, evil heroes too soft, trolls too hard etc etc.
Really lots of issues, i'd say so much indeed to spoil the fun of the game.
Wotr, on the other hand, is pretty close to perfection.
Lots of troops, fast gameplay and relatively balanced rules.
Overall a thumb up for gw.
Just my opinion, of course.
Also, while sbg gamers were pretty few, i've found that wotr has brought in some guys that steered away from the sbg, so it is a tad more popular, and it's easier to find opponents for it rather than the sbg (at least in my area).

21-07-2009, 10:10
but what about those specialty movement trays, arent they a #@$# to purchase because they cost so much?

Not really. I bought 10 of movement trys for a WOTR tornoment and it went around my whole arm,y of 500pts. (I came 2nd before you ask)

brain_dead_1st - I think I might have to marry you for saying that.

24-07-2009, 15:48
i too am thinking of starting as i'm a huge tolkein fan but wandering where i could play? I live in north west london, any club nights near there?


24-07-2009, 15:55
also where is the best place to get a cheap rulebook?

24-07-2009, 20:42
Cheap rulebook, no, probably not until they make some kind of starter kit for WotR like they did with SBG (mines of moria).

As for movement trays, you can build your own if you have the time. When I started I just cut out some card stock to the specifications in the book. It works fine to start out. I have friends who build some out of balsa wood.

26-07-2009, 23:50
WHAT!??! SBG Trolls are too hard??
erm... read the book.... TROLLS ARE HARD!!! and minor heroes to weak?? Obviously you havent met a king of men, heavy armour, armoured horse, shield, lance or hasharim, or rumil, or mahud king, or king on a chariot, I can keep going.
But you also have to remember they are just men who have shown excellence and should not be used to fight aragorn in close combat.

Evil heroes being soft? They come from nations with less armour generally so are soft yes... but Urak hai captain is the hardest minor hero there is! Its all about how you use them.

Evil super heroes, they are less pts generally, so you can take more heroes or more models. Hordes are not easy to control I find. But Kamul is solid, sulladen is solid, shadowlord awesome, gothmog is great, durburz is great, burdur is pretty nifty, etc etc

As for WOTR, well there are v.many ways to build power play armies as in SBG the only difference is... well there isnt any, its all about money to buy those metal elites n heroes.

CLubs - check out the pages of white dwarf for GNCs, also look on The last alliance & one ring website.