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19-07-2009, 20:28
Chaos lord of slaanesh /w glaive of putrefication, shield, daemonic mount favour of the gods, armour of damnation, blasphemoujs amulet, diabolic splendor, acid ichor
Sorcerer of slaanesh /w lvl 2, barded chaos steed, power familiar, dispel scroll, conjoined haemonculus
2x5 warhounds
12 chaos warriors of slaanesh /w shields, full command: 232
5 marauder horsemen of slaanesh /w spears, shields, throwing spears, musician
10 marauders of slaanesh /w flails, light armour, musician, standard bearer
8 forsaken
5 knights of slaanesh /w full command, war banner
Chariot /w mark of slaanesh
2 chaos spawn of slaanesh
total 2000 pts
I don't intend this army to be for hardcore tournament play, but I would like at least some victories.
Anyway, tell me what you think.

20-07-2009, 13:56
I actually like it. Of course I am being alittle too kind seeing I'm a sucker for a Slaanesh army ;) Not to many things I would change, I would swap out one items on your lord for the helm of many eyes due to the fact it rocks with the glaive. I'd say drop the forsaken and the hellcannon but once again I love that kinda stuff in WoC. Either way I would like to know how a game turns up if you wouldnt't mind posting.

20-07-2009, 16:48
mmm, I would drop the command on the knights - they are not needed and eat up too many points.
Marauder horseman - their biggest advantage is that they are fast cav, but you take that away by giving them shields, so now they are a measly 4+ armour save medium cav unit. They are actually best with just throwing axes and a musician. You now have great shooting as they always hit on 4's, can flee a charge, rally, and then trot back and throw their axes once more!
Never give maradurs on foot a command (apart from musician) unless you take big beefy units! that unit of 10 with a standard? Thats an extra 100 pts you threw away as they will be easy-peesy to wipe out in combat. Stick to the unit of 10 with no command.
Were are the warhounds? You need a unit of 1 or 2 to throw away, flank charge, redirect charges, hunt out warmachines or skirmishing units!
To make the army more effective (and not cheese it out) would be to drop the commands on knights/mara horse, drop the options for the mara horse, and pick up some warhounds.
Dropping a spawn will also allow you to field more chaos warriors!
Now you have pretty much the same army but way faster, more units so more options, and you wont be throwing away victory points incase they wipe out the knights or mara horse!
Otherwise it's a nice list, nice to see the forsaken! What are you doing for the models by the way?

20-07-2009, 17:16
I thought marauder horsemen were only fast cav if you gave them both shields and light armour.
About the forsaken, I don't know yet. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
Also, I put the part about the warhounds right under the part about the sorcerer. You must've accidentally looked over it.

20-07-2009, 17:32
opps - theres the dogs!!!
and my bad - ive got my wrong army hat on today (I been over playing my empire) and assumed they came with LA!
But i still stick with the above, drop commands on knights, maybe even a spawn, and bulk out the chaos warriors - id hate to go against this with my O & G - hell cannon is deadly!
About the forsaken - theres a good GW bitz sprue for chaos mutations, you could cut & paste them onto regular warriors (tentacle arms, extended necks with heads, not a bad sprue for chaos)

20-07-2009, 18:38
Very true, I actually could not find said GW sprue set so I just paid a enormous amount for the 40k Chaos Spawn set. Not that bad of deal now that I look back on it, you get ten spawns and 10 marines but the major upside is you get tons and tons of extra sprues which is great for conversions.