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The Custodian
20-07-2009, 01:40
Well I joined yesterday and so far ive been enjoying the community... Anyway Im a collector of both eldar and nids (have vampire counts also and they may make an appearance in this thread...) and have been playing for two years now... Lately ive begun a titan project in the aims of making a small titan legio... So far im working on a Reaver class scratchbuild, ill let you guys guess what kind of pattern she is :p (got the plans on the Yahoo group)...


Fex and Gaunt for Size comparison.

Progress is a tad stalled on the titan sine im waiting for my store to get more 1mm Card...

Now for some eldar pics... THe army is going to be an Altansar Army, so ill be having Maugan Ra and Dark reapers running about...

Farseer on 'Jet Bike', I decided that at least some of the eldar would have minor mutations seeing as they were in the eye... The Farseer fluff wise escaped from the craftworld before it was swallowed and returned too it after Maugan took it out during the 13th black crusade. THe wings will be actual wings not the hawk wings other eldar use... A mutation lets say... Fluff wise it will make sense :p He can be romoved from the base for games, I think the large base is not game legal...


Farseer on foot, this is going to be the same farseer but before his mutations took hold... Mostly his look during the 10k years he was wandering around the galaxy...


Heres the two together...

The Custodian
20-07-2009, 01:56
Alright, now for some nids!


Army Pic, overseered by the Dominatrix... The pics a bit old but meh...

They are beeing repainted in this color...


The Custodian
20-07-2009, 07:10
Placer for army pics

22-07-2009, 19:10
I'm guessing Lucius Reaver.
Is it Lucius?

22-07-2009, 21:14
These Nids look nice. Is that badabblack wash?

22-07-2009, 21:27
cool nids!