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20-07-2009, 06:09
Whats the most fun battle you ever had.
My most favorite battle was played at a gamesworkshop using the stores model collection.
On a desert field with all canyons, rocky cliffs and such like a maze.
We played with an Eldar and Space Marine Army.
A Fully painted all jetbike themed army of Saim Hann.
A White Scar Fully Bike themed army headed by Khan.
The white scars had the advantage of using Khan and the eldar had the manouverability advantage being able to fly.
I was the White Scars, the red shirt was Saim Hann.
Very Enjoyable and tense.
1st Turn: Eldar zoom around the white scars in hit and run strikes, the white scars unleash a devestating amount of casualties on one of the jetbike squads.
The Khan loses his entire retinue and suffers a wound due to an Eldritch storm and jetbike fire.
2nd turn. The Khan manages to catch the enemy farseer and slays him with his new squad.
3rd turn: Alot less bikes and jetbikes zooming around now with firing and assaults on both sides.
4th turn: Last of the white scars pushed back to the corner of the board and the Khan makes his final stand.
5th turn: The Eldar wipe out the last of the white scars in a hailstorm of shurikens, the Khan is slain.
Most fun I ever had in a game.
Whats yours.

20-07-2009, 06:22
Playing a game with Orks in my local GW against Eldar. Its alot less stressful than playing Grey Knights. "Oh! Whats that? You killed an orc? No matter. Its only 6 points" :D

Then a trukk filled to the brim with slugga boys rips into an unsuspecting squad of pathfinders. Its fun rolling nearly 50 dice in one assault phase.


20-07-2009, 08:26
Come on guys Im sure more people have favorite battles.:)

20-07-2009, 08:27
Naval Base Attack: 2nd Edition

We used a large blue blanket to represent the ocean, with one end folded over to represent the coast. We had a 4-island naval installation built from lego bricks and then used hills to represent smaller islands. The attacker got several boats to attack with. Chaos/Nids alliance attack, Dark Angels/Eldar defence

In the end it proved to be a massacre, as my eldar d-cannons ended up up-turning the attackers boats so his terminators began a long slog UNDER THE WATER! The attacker eventually got to the base but we repelled him, stole his boat and then brought the attack to his shorelines! Ever see an Avatar, several deathwing and Azrael in a boat together?

In the end the chaos attack fell because he had no way of reaching us, and we sent more deathwing to fight under the water with the chaos terminators.

I might have to replay this with planetstrike.....

20-07-2009, 09:04
Mine was against a chap called Michael Bolton at Carnage (2009), 1750 points, the Ravenwing vs the Blood Brothers (Codex Marines)

I had
Sammy in Landspeeder
I had 3 full Ravenwing attack squads (6 bikes AB speeder - lots of melta)
a further attack squad (Sans speeder)

He had 2 dreadnoughts (might both have been ironclad) land raider, vulkan hestan lookalike, 3-4 terminators, 2 attack bikes, 1 landspeeder (multimelta/heavyflamer) 2 or 3 troops w/rhino's.

I got my ass absolutely handed to me in quite spectacular fashion, but the game was fun, He played very tight all game, with his big armour protecting his rhinos until his ironclad burst through the vegetation and started butchering things. some of his marines ran away, came back, ran away again (came back again) it was one of those games!
he was two bikers away from tabling me at the end and I have never had so much fun losing. (I think it's my most enjoyable game because I can pinpoint that as the moment I stopped getting really stressed and feeling like i 'HAD' to win)
Sometimes you just won't, and whatever the result, fun is what counts!

20-07-2009, 09:38
My Brother wanted me to post his.
2 vs 2.

He played as Witch Hunters and his ally was a Dark Angel Player.
The enemy was Black Legion and Emperors Children.
His Cannoness managed to kill both the Black Legions Sorceror and the Emperors Children Daemon Prince.
His ally wasnt very useful though.
The board wasnt very large but the guy had alot of plasma weapons.
When just about all of them gets too hot and kills not only a number of his models and his models it made for a hilarious game.

20-07-2009, 10:34
I remember a game I saw that was great fun to watch.
Also at the same GW shop.
A group of players who used different armies agreed to play a special game where they each used a character from their specific race.
Pedro Kantor
Necron Lord with agreed increased stats and special rules.
Lelith Hesperax
THe Inquisitor on the walking chair
Captain Stern
Commissar Yarrik

Player 1 controlled:

Player 2 controlled:
Necron Lord

Player 3 controlled:
Inquisitor models.
As the models became fewer the models were put into smaller teams till one was left.
If I remember how it went this is what happened.
It went like this.
First turn:
Badrukk wounded.
Farsight wounded.

Turn 2.
Badrukk killed.
Kharn Killed.
Necron Killed.
Yarrik wounded, Stern wounded, Pedro wounded.

Turn 3:
Lelith killed spectacuarly by Eldrad with psychic power, i think mind war.
Kharn Killed by Yarrik, with Yarrik killed in turn by Pedro.

Turn 4: Inquisitor killed.
Stern Killed.

Turn 5: Farsight Killed by Pedro and Eldrad.
Turn 6: Eldrad crushed Farsight easily.
Very FUN to watch.

20-07-2009, 11:39
Mine was in 4th ed. Against my mates chaos army with loads of plague marines against my ravenwing list. We were playing one of the weird missions, can't remember its name, but I was the attacker and whenever I lost a full squad of troops it got to come back on the table from my deployment zone. In return, I could only win if I killed every single model of his. The game was mental, I kept zooming forward, killing some stuff, dying in return and then turbo boosting back on from the back edge the next turn. He was set up in cover and his plague marines just wouldn't die. In the end it came down to the very last roll of the game, when he failed his saves on the last of his plague marines.
Pure class, perfect combination of mission and armies.

20-07-2009, 11:53
Mine was a 750pt game vs a friends necrons back in 3rd edition, game came down to my Rune Priest and his Lord, my priest kept slaughtering his lord but it kept coming back, think it took 6 1v1 deaths for him to fail the roll.

20-07-2009, 12:14
mine was a 2 table linked game:

1500pts of CSMs vs 2000pts of imperial guard (old codex) on a cityfight board, large sections of the board were walled off with forcefield generators that blocked off streets and couldnt be shot through (although we made it so ordinance could shot over them) so that table was just the CSMs and guard trading shells with each other while hiding in the ruins waiting for the shields to come down.......

.......meanwhile on the second table (a bunker complex, lots of little tunnels and rooms) a kill team made up of alpha legion vetrans vs imperiall guard brutes with sustained assault, the alphas had to get to the power generators and destroy them (AV 10 10 10, immobile, no weapons)

20-07-2009, 12:20
This is my favourite game > http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=210807

Very tense game, Orks vs Imperial Guard, Orks nearly had it all the way through the game until the tables turned at the end.

20-07-2009, 13:54
The most fun i ever had in 40k was in an ORK On Ork battle

we started out with over 170 figs on the table ( 1500 points) and ended with 11 7 of my Orks and 4 of his. i managed a win.

a few weeks later we tied for 2nd in the local Ard boyz prelims. hopefully we will get matched up in the finals at the ard boyz semis.

20-07-2009, 14:24
My Death Guard Kill-Team (Squad Moribundus) versus Space Marines.

20-07-2009, 14:30
I would have to say that for me one of the most memorable and favourite was this one -

Truely immense game so much fun to play and really tight down to the last turn.

20-07-2009, 14:37
My favorite game was my chaos marines allied with my friend's chaos daemons vs. a witch hunters army and an army of Black Templars. Our opponents were big shots of the gaming club and never lost. We played a capture and control mission. We finally got to play them and ended up winning the game by denying them our objective, and contested their objective last turn by ramming THROUGH a Black Tempars rhino with a land raider and onto the objective.

20-07-2009, 15:15
It has been awhile but a 4 person battle at a store that is now closed. I was starting back into 40k and did not have many models so I only had 500 points with me. Three others were getting ready to start a battle with 2000 points of marines and IG vs 2000 points of chaos on a city board. Both sides objectives were storage containers from a crashed ship.

The guy that owned the store asked the players if they wanted to do something different and fun and they agreed so he pulled me aside and told me I was going to run some of my stealers. After each reached their objective between their turns he placed 8 of my stealers down around each container and said the ship crashed because it had come in contact with an infected space hulk. I had a lot of fun the 3 turns my stealers lived and the 3 other guys playing thought it was hilarious and had a blast with the surprise.

This one sticks out for me because of all the laughter and everyone having such a good time with it. It was fun and memorable for all of us.

20-07-2009, 15:41
I dunno, I've had quite a few great battles and it's hard to pick out the favourites.

Nevertheless, a few off the top of my head:

- My first real huge battle several years which had about 10,000 points of orks vs Guard back in 2nd Edition. We managed about 2 turns before the day was out, but it was great fun.

- A game involving a tau raid on an Imperial starship to recapture an ethereal. We just made up the rules as we went. We had a lone ship man spray half the boarding party with a grease gun which results in half of the tau slipping over. The security team spent the entire time partying until after the ethereal had been rescued and returned to dock, at which point there was nothing they could do and other great moments.

- A large game at the advent of apocalypse with specials rules for killing the enemy commanders. My friend and opponent has a long running hatred of my army commander Horima who has caused all sorts of trouble for him and as this was a special event, he did someting special. In advance, he went out and bought 22 assassins either from stores or ebay just so he could field them all to kill him. The slow reveal as they kept coming out fo the box was brilliantly done and left me laughing for the entire game. Especially when he revealed how many he had given vortex grenades.

- One game I had due to these boards against IJW where I brought marines and he brought Eldar. Was very enjoyable to play against someone who thought very tactically and in a different mindset than most of my usual opponents. Though damn those Harlequins ;)

- Also, some of the recent new Edition games have been really enjoyable. None that I can single out in particular, but a really enjoy the current ruleset.

Creeping Dementia
20-07-2009, 15:45
I've got a couple. First one was against an Eldar player, 2nd game in a tourney, 2000pts, I was playing Tau.

We both had Hybrid lists, and we were just trading punches the entire game. I'd melt his Autarchs face off, then his DAs would crash some Piranha. Neither of us could kill a signifigant unit without losing one ourselves. I ended up forming a weird sideways gunline behind a building and he had a similar setup behind another building. Ended up with a draw slightly in my favor, but man it was mentally tiring.

Second good game was a Tau/Tau v.s Tau/Tau game. It was a build-up to an Apoc game that was the climax of a store campaign, and the winning side got a Barracuda squadron to use in the game (my side of Tau were 'evil', being influenced by Slannesh or something). My opponents got first turn and took out most of our anti-tank in an exceptional first round of shooting (as often happens in Tau v Tau games). So we were pretty screwed, but we'd try anyway. After not much happened on our first couple turns, I decided to go on a Tau style berserk rampage. A Squad of D-fish tank shocked the hell out of a unit of kroot and a couple units of Firewarriors and ran them off the board, clearing an objective and claiming it for us. Then a Hammerhead with a single burst cannon left Rammed the back of a Devilfish that was racing toward the center objective and Immobilized it.

We did end up losing by one objective, but what looked like an easy victory for our opponents turned into an annoying and frustrating struggle to prevent a draw. When every tank, with or without weapons, becomes a threat to your victory it really changes the outlook on the game. Now I'm the Tank Shock king and I use it as much as possible, it drives my opponents nuts.

I didn't play in the Apoc game anyway, I can't stand most GW supplements and Apoc is the worst IMO, but that build-up was a good time.

20-07-2009, 16:14
3rd edition tournament game, going up against Chaos (3.5, their new codex had been released only a month or two before the tournament) with my orks. The entire battle was close, to the very end. Not one side got the upper hand, and we spent most of the battle trying our very best to get that vital charge in without getting counter charged, trying to beat of the enemy from the objectives.... it was intense. In the end, I lost by 12 victory points (out of 1850 (yes, odd point limit)), which makes it my 2nd closest game ever, as far as VPs goes (closest was a 1500p game where I won by 3VPs). This game was my 3rd in the tournament, and in both my previous games my opponents had surendered before turn 6 (first against a gunline SM army my opponent gave up at turn 4, and against a BA army my opponent gave up at turn 3).

20-07-2009, 16:37
A game I played against a friend last year, Pith Helmets(tm) v Tyranids. It was a capture and control pitched battle, 5 objectives. My list was the standard fare... guardsmen and guns with sharpshooters, rats, vets with meltas, a russ and a hellhounds. My friend had a brood of basic scuttling stealers and another led by a broodlord, a dakkafex, a fex with a bunch of talons, some warriors, and a bunch of gaunts. I deployed my big guns in copses of trees with big fire lanes and picket lines of infantry between the trees. I was pretty proud of myself because I managed to keep everyone out of each other's way for once, hehe. My friend deployed, well, like Tyranids do – little guys in front, bigguns in back. Vets and stealers stayed in reserve to outflank, ratlings infiltrated to the top of a building in the center to pick off synapse creatures and MCs.

Turn 1:
Hellhound moved forward to shoot the inferno cannon, but it was still out of range because my friend had deployed just a tad off his boundary instead as close as possible, so his nids were 25” away. Bastard.
But I got him back. Oh, did I ever. The 9 ratlings fired at the CC fex – 7 hit. Not bad. Rolled to wound – 2 twos, a three, and 4 sixes. Dead Carnifex. Yay rending! The mortars also proved to be a great 80 points, as they took out half a brood of gaunts (the crappy ones with pistol-like weapons, whatever they're called).

My friend moved forward and poured lots of weird gribbliness into my buck infantry for light casualties.

The game basically continued like this for a couple turns before getting real strange again. I'd wiped out a fair bit of my friend's infantry, so it was time for the advance! Objectives don't take themselves, y'know. It's always fun marching lines of guardsmen forward and pouring lasfire into xenos bastards. I also wanted to make sure I was way the **** away from the board edges when the Broodlord and friends showed up.

(Here I will note that for some reason we were under the impression that units under half strength couldn't score. my friend seemed fairly convinced of this, and I was pretty sure this was so even though I couldn't find where the rulebook said so. It certainly made the game interesting)

Anyway, now my friend was on the defensive as termagaunts and warriors dug in to defend their gains from the charging Imperial Guard (!), scrambling to take my squads down to half strength. After various assaults and firefights, first platoon found itself in the middle of the board less than half strength (one casualty for the lieutenant's squad, the three infantry squads were down to three, four, and six men each) with the wounded dakka fex, a warrior, and some devourer gaunts between them and the central objective.

The Hellhound and mortars took care of the warrior and most of the Gaunts, but that didn't help first platoon with the dakkafex. They were utterly alone as by this point as both stealers broods had come on my right corner, threatening that entire flank. My heavy bolters and autocannons needed to attend to that threat – no help from them for first platoon (not that they'd help much against a MC). The ratlings had been taken down to half strength and pinned, so they were of no use at that moment. The only thing left to shoot at the fex was my lascannons, who took the Carnifex down to a wound instead of shooting the resurgent gaunts that were bearing down on them (I kinda forgot about that brood...). Most of the platoons lasguns shot up the fex – for nothing of course, nor did the grenade launchers do anything.

So, what do you suppose I did?

If you guessed “charge the carnifex with an Imperial Guard sergeant and two guardsman”, you'd be correct. The fex only had a couple attacks and a marginal weapon skill, so my hope was that the three a guardsmen would tie him up during my friend's turn to save the rest of the platoon from its fire and allow them to continue towards the objective. Instead, I killed it.

That's right – the guardsman fixed bayonets, charged a twenty foot Carnifex, and stabbed it to death with strength 3 bayonet jabs. First platoon continued their march (okay, sprint – it was turn 4) towards the central objective – despite there being only one scoring unit in the lot.

Meanwhile on the right flank, the remnants of second platoon on (one squad and the lieutenant's squad) had raced a brood of stealers to an objective on that flank (not the broodlord's brood – they spent two and a half rounds trying to pierce the armor 10 rear of the Leman Russ!). They lost the race. Luckily, the Ratlings decided to show up and blew away a few stealers, taking them down to three. The platoon rapid fired into the stealers and killed no one – except the plasma gunnner. At this point, my friend had nothing left but the stealers sitting these woods and the Broodlord that had finally destroyed the Russ and was rolling up my heavy weapons. On my next turn, I knew I needed to at least contest the objective, so I charged. Then the broodlord charged them. In the ensuing combat, I managed to kill the troops unit of stealers with second platoon, who were then wiped out by the Broodlord.

That's when the game ended – with a contested objective each. A draw. There was nothing left on the board but my HQ command squad, 3 mortar men and a handful of stealers.

20-07-2009, 17:21
Mine was back at the start of 4th ed. I was gaming with my Space Wolves and I had the worst start possible against a fairly balanced Eldar army. By turn two I'd lost everything bar my Land Raider and a squad of Wolf Guard Terminators. These two units then went on a rampage of destruction I've never seen before or since on a gaming table. By the end of the game I'd managed to pull it back to a draw in my favour. I always use it as a good example of not giving up even if you've had a bad turn or two.


20-07-2009, 18:42
ooooh. I also played a classic series of games using the experimental harlequin codex from citadel journal against my mates 4th ed nid list. Pure slaughter fests. There was no way I ccould win the games, it was just so funny watching 18 little superheroes plough into the hoard, slaughtering and slaughtering and gradually being ground down until the last man (normally the solitaire) got eaten (normally by a carnifex). We played it four or five times because it was so much fun.

20-07-2009, 20:30
Having tyranids ambush a blood angels armoured convoy. Tyranids slaughtered all apart from the Terminators and Terminator Librarian. Fantastically nail bitting and tense for both players.

Had a proper heroic last stand!! Certainly the best battle i've played!!

20-07-2009, 20:32
All my most memoreable battles are 4 player free-for-all. Corner delpoyment with 1 centeral objective.