View Full Version : 2000 points Ogre Kingdoms, First Attempt

Dirty Fingers
08-05-2005, 21:48
Alright here we go. There are some things that i really wanted that i couldn't squeeze in (Scraplauncher, and Maneaters), but i guess that's life....

1 Tyrant
Bull Gut
Wyrdstone Necklace
2 Sword Gnoblars
1 Luck Gnoblar
Heavy Armour & Iron Fist

320 points

1 Butcher
1 Dispel Scroll

155 Points

1 Butcher
155 points

5 Ogre Bulls
Light Armour, Iron Fists, Standard Bearer, Bellower
245 points (Tyrant goes in here)

5 Ogre Bulls
Light Armour, Iron Fists, Standard Bearer, Bellower
245 points (A Butcher goes in here)

5 Ironguts
Standard Bearer, Bellower
270 points (Other Butcher goes here)

30 Gnoblar Fighters
60 points

30 Gnoblar Fighters
60 points

10 Gnoblar Trappers
60 points

3 Leadbelchers
165 points

3 Yhetees
195 points

1 Gorger
75 points

Total: 2005 points (i only really play casual, so the five points don't matter, and if it did, i'd just axe a sword gnoblar)

So what do you guys think? Good? Bad? Decent? Too many gnoblars? I thought about taking a second dispel scroll, but the Bangstick just seemed too amusing.

Dirty Fingers
18-05-2005, 01:26
I know this may be construed as being a little spammy.....but sorry, i was really hoping i could get a response for this. so Bump.

20-05-2005, 16:58
i dont think you can have trappers unless you have a hunter

20-05-2005, 17:22
i dont think you can have trappers unless you have a hunter

if memory serves me correctly you can take one unit of trappers without a hunter being included

20-07-2005, 02:50
Yeah Venomizer is right, Trappers are 0-1 choice normally and a Hunter allows for a second unit to be taken.

I love Ogres:D

22-07-2005, 23:02
i think this list may be more effective if less points were spent on gnoblars and the tyrant guy. those points (as well as point removed from the gorger possibly) could be better spent on a unit of 2-4 maneaters with cathayan long swords or brace of handguns cause you got ironguts to take care of a lack of great weapons

Runt Nosher
22-07-2005, 23:25
K, for starters I'd totally change your Tyrant's setup. When will S8 and extra gate smashing help u? Do u play against Greater Daemons a lot? Otherwise I'd take a GW or Tenderiser, I'd take the Tenderiser anyway! Also 30 pts just to bolster a unit with 3 more Unit Strength and +1 save for ur Tyrant is a waste of points as well. You can't use the Ironfist over a magic weapon so paying the points for that is also redundant, and sword gnoblars do nothing anyway... I would at least change ur tyrant to this:

Tyrant : Tenderiser, Wyrdstone Necklace, Luck Gnoblar, Fistful of Laurels - Most opponents that can wound you will cut through Heavy Armour anyway so I'd rather save the 6 points. You could add whatever Bigname u want, like Mawseeker or Wallcrusher. I'm partial to the latter because I hate stupidity checks. The Fistful of Laurels really help with your Tyrant's unit because you can send him in for a round of combat and be comfortable they'll at least have a chance to reroll their first failed Break test.... This also keeps your Tyrant a bit less expensive than your version... 290 points...saving 30 points.

I like your butcher setup, against magic heavy friends I'd suggest a second scroll over the bangstick but it is a friendly environment and this helps keep it that way.

I would drop the Light Armour and Ironfist for just Additional Hand Weapons on your bulls. 4+ save is nice but I find that 16 S4 attacks (generally 8 S4 hits...) + bull charge impact hits breaks units a lot faster than using the fist as a shield. This helps save you another 40 points.

Then drop 10 gnoblars from both units and 1 or 2 Gnoblar Trappers to save another bunch of points, not only that but large units of scouts are hard to hide in scenery. Gnoblar Fighters are pretty much mostly around to block LoS in charges and the like, sometimes doing something helpful other than dying. This would give another 56 points.

Ok, now I would put the Tyrant in the unit of Ironguts and a Butcher per Bull unit. With a Butcher in the Ironguts you're losing vital high strength attacks, with the Tyant and Fistful of Laurels you can hurl this unit at anything and generally win.

You will notice with all of these changes there are 126 points... I would definitely get Look Out Gnoblars for each of your ogre units, at 5 models a piece only one dead ogre means they can target your characters right out of units. That makes for 111 points. I would pick up a 3rd unit of 20 Gnoblars and a Maneater with a GW or something like that. I think with these changes it will make for a better use of points and character position to make for ideal combat conditions.

01-11-2008, 01:34
okay not bad, Runt Nosher had some good points, but get three man-eaters give them heavy amour and a great weapon, 5+ amour save plus s+7 eat through anything, and stubborn can't beat it. Now put your Tyrant in that unit with ether tenderizer, or thunder mace, with ether spangle shard and greedy fist and two luck Gnoblars and tenderizer or the thundermace with spangleshard, and thats one smash unit. then get 4 yetis, and a unit of three ordinary Rhinox cavalry with heavy armour for 318 points, best two units there. trappers a must have, leadbelchers i usually take 4, good for taking out birdies and the like.