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20-07-2009, 17:36
My friend use a lizardman army tha´s very hard to beat.

Last battle was a Draw, and i defeat his slan on first turn using pit of shades, but the stegadon strikes back and he is be able to Draw. I alreald play with him 4 times and he win 2 and we draw 2.

My dificult is how to kill stegadon without loosing a lot of my troops heros.

My army is


2 repeater bolt trowers

15X white lions, full comand, banner with protection from fear and terror
14X swordmasters of hoeth, full comand
5X phoenix guard with banner of sorcery
5X Dragon princes

15 X spearman, banner and musician
15 X spearman, banner and musician.

He uses Slan with a troop of 15 X temple guard

skink priest with stegadon and engine of goods
skink priest with stegadon and engine of goods

10 - sauros

a lot skinks !!!!dont remember what.

I need sugestion, small modification on army, tatics, everything that can help

The repeaters seens not enought to kill the stegadon, and i cant see any spell that is really effetive against them.

Thank you

20-07-2009, 20:17
5 phoenix guards is senseless IMO and with a banner is free 100 VP for your enemy.

Phoenix Guards need combat resolution so 15 is a good size with the banner of sorcery.

Swordmasters can go in units of 6 or 7, u can take them nake or with muso/champ but no banner.

I'm also missing the banner of ellyrion in the DP unit and at least 1 eagle for diverting.

You could also drop Caradryan for a lvl 2 mage with the seerstaff and a scroll, choose beast cowers for that stegs!


20-07-2009, 20:29
Shoot or magic the stegs. If you get rid of the Slann turn 1 Teclis should be able to cast some nasty spells. Lore of metal would probably be good since the steg gives all crew and characters a high AS. Also cant HE take 4 boltthrowers?

If you can shut down the engines it might be possible to redirect and flankcharge the stegs.

Death Disco
20-07-2009, 20:31
Swordmasters are built to be massacred by Skinks. Not a great option vs Lizards. Consider Lion Chariots-they can charge further than any Lizard unit save Terradons can move, and further than anything save magic can fire.