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20-07-2009, 17:44
Just like the title says, I'm deciding on an army list for wood elves and I'd like some advice, this list is kindof unusual (I'd venture a guess)

Wood elf Noble w/ Wild Rider Kindred, Light Armor, Shield, Spear, Murder of Sprites 141pts

10 Glade Guard 120pts
10 Glade Guard 120pts

8 Wild Riders 208pts

5 Warhawk Riders 200pts

3 Treekin 195pts

Strategy Wise GG take up rear positions and fire where possible, warhawk riders go mage/war machine hunting and then flank, while the wild riders and noble try to flank, the treekin stay behind with the archers and charge anything coming near

I'd like to at least run a list similar to this so I'd prefer comments talking about how to improve this one since I'd imagine it would be fun to play, the only thing that concerns me is that I might have to many points tied up with the warhawk riders, but I want enough to be able to effectively charge and not just tie up the enemy but w/e

20-07-2009, 18:12
First off, clean up that Noble's entry. Instead of listing points values for each individual thing, package it all together, so it looks something like this:

Wood Elf Noble w/ Wild Rider Kindred, light armor, shield, spear, Murder of Sprites: 141 pts

Thought I'd let you know in a friendly manner before the Warseer Inquisition steps in and spews fire and brimstone all over the thread...

As for the actual list, it looks fairly solid. I don't have a ton of experience with Wood Elves, but I do know how fragile the Wild Riders and Warhawk Riders can be. You've got 400 points tied up between those two units, so make sure they don't get stuck in or protracted combat, and keep them out of the line of fire of handguns, crossbows, etc.

20-07-2009, 18:25
You've got too many points tied up in a few units. I normally advocate Treekin in 2000 pts or more, but at 1000, they're just soaking up your tactical flexibility.

Even if you want to keep them, they are certainly strong enough, you're gonna want to trim the rest of the list to bring in some more flexibility.

I'd loose 2 WHRs and 2 WRs for a unit of Dryads. Your special choices are solid, but they might not get a chance to support each other since the WRs are so much faster than the Tkin. Having that one unit of Dryads makes it more likely that whatever charges will get the support needed to win.

You should have enough left over to give the WRs a command. Keep the unit 6 strong with a Champ and you'll still be safe from at least one round of shooting, but since your hero isn't kitted for fighting other characters it would be best to have a champ to buffer challenges and keep your hero out of danger. The standard is always nice on WRs too, especially since the character disqualifies this unit from any sort of sacrificial role.

I really would consider trading the Tkin for a mage scroll caddy and an Eagle. Eagles are always superb and this list will get hurt by magic, even at this level.