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20-07-2009, 21:37
Hi, I am looking to expand from my ogres and have decided that Tomb Kings are the way to go. They are drastically different from the MSU army that I currently play and really enjoy the mummy theme to them. That being said I have worked out a list that I'm toying with and would love any imput at all.
Tomb King (Light Armor, Collar of Shapesh, Destroyer of Eternities )

Icon Bearer (Light Armor, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Protection, Sword of Might)

Liche Priest (Golden Ankhra)

Liche Priest (Cloak of the Dunes, Hieratic Jar)

Chariot Squad (3 Chariots, Musician, Standard Bearer, Mirage Standard, Champion)

Skeletal Warriors (25 Warriors, Light Armor, Shield, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of The Undying Legion, Champion)

Skelatal Warriors ( 10 Warriors, Light Armor, Bows, Musician, Standard Bearer, Champion)

Tomb Guard (20 Tomb Guard, Musician, Standard Bearer, Icon of Rakaph, Champion)

Tomb Scorpion

Tomb Scorpion
Bone Giant

The idea I have is have the core of tomb guard with the tomb king and icon bearer be the middle of my force. They would have the skeletons help out with a bit of shooting for the ten block and a massive road block for the 25 group. The chariots would be a flanking force, instead of cav due to TK cav being kinda terrible. The bone giant would flank the other side, while the scorpions would pop up to deal with artillery and such. My Hierophant is the liche priest with the 4+ ward save to keep him alive, while the other jumps around as need be with the cloak. I guess thats kinda what I'm thinking and would appreciate any and all feed back on either the equipment load out for my heroes or my army list in general. Thanks

20-07-2009, 22:14
Please please please change the format that you posted this list in. For example, you could try this:

Tomb King w/ light armour, collar of shap, destroyer of eternities (total pts cost)

Tom prince w/misc. (pts cost)

Liche Priest w/misc. (pts cost)

25 skellies w/misc. (Pts cost)

So on and so forth. It will not immediately put off readers from reviewing your list. Also, could you post what weapons your skeleton units are equipped with? :)

That said, I love TK as well so I'll put my 2 cents in. Feel free to totally ignore me, since I don't actually play TK :wtf:

I think that you need a dispel scroll or two in your army, and that a talisman of protection won't go over well with your icon bearer. In fact, he's pretty much doomed against anything better than S4, and a 6+ ward isn't going to change that. I'd swap the talisman and the sword for armour of the ages; now he's sitting at a 3+ save and can likely survive a round of combat. All in all, I doubt the usefulness of a BSB in any undead army unless it's carrying an amazing magical banner like Drakenhof or some such. Maybe another liche priest would serve you better?

The bone giant has always looked like a waste of points to me; even w/"unstoppable" assault I think you can do just as well with an additional unit of chariots and more troops.

20-07-2009, 22:21
Generally speaking, TK are best served by having a whole posse of priests. If you're insistent on only running two of them, consider a Prince instead of the Icon bearer.

Also, second lcfr's request for better formatting. This list is nearly unreadable.

20-07-2009, 22:33
Sadly the Icon Bearer is currently a bit pony (to say the least). I'd be interested to see how you get on with large skeleton blocks, as i've been put off by the fact that you can get a Tomb Guard for 3pts more, and the TG are substantially better.

Overall though im not entirely sure how you're wanting the army to work as such. Personally i've always treated my TK army like a skalpel - the sharp end of which is generally the King (in my case in a chariot unit), but occasionally something like the bone giant if in a favourable position. One thing i've found can be tricky is that it's all about the magic phase, and given the short range of the incants, the key is positioning of liche priests and of course the king himself. If a liche is out of range of what needs to be magically charged, it can be ignored, which means the opponent is much more likely to stop the incants that actually matter - especially as theres no irresistables for them to worry about.

As for the priests - personally id make the heirophant the liche with the cloak, and drop the ankara for some scrolls on the other one. If a liche gets into combat, its toast, 4+ ward save or no. Best way to keep it alive is for it to be able to get out of the way of things, and theres nothing better than the cloak of dunes for that. The reason to give the heiro the jar as well is due to heiratic order - the jar is there to be cracked open for that all important charge which otherwise you just can't get off, and if another priest has it, its harder to know just when to use it (as if they fail a dispel attempt you can then keep it for later in the game where it could come in really handy)

I'd really reccommend trying to fit in some carrion, as a unit of 5 are superb at not only warmachine hunting (remember, scorps come up turn 2 at the very earliest, and sometimes not at all!), but also marchblocking and screening behind enemy lines to discourage the enemy from trying to flee.

I rather like the bone giant, but i'd say you need a faster force if you're going to use it effectively. Remember, TK can't march - and you'd be surprised at just how few spells you actually get off in a turn given how many DD most people have these days.

Personally, id drop the icon bearer for another liche, or if you don't want to go excessively magic heavy, i'd suggest a prince (perhaps in with the chariots if you want your king on foot). I wouldnt bother with R&F standard skeletons, as they're expensive and extremely poor. Plus, TK just can't raise stuff back like VC can. Ideally you need to be able to hit key units extremely hard, break them, and overrun out of harms way. Protracted combats rarely go well for TK, even for the likes of the Tomb Guard.

Oh, and never rely of the bone giant to actually do well. Sometimes he excels, but normally his charge could be described as a 'stoppable assault' ;)

21-07-2009, 03:20
Hey thanks for all the response, a few quick questions. First is taking the ward save off the Hierophant a good idea. Since both liche priests are not going to be sitting in units to help them with their line of sight they will be sitting exposed to magic missiles. Also, does nobody use the icon bearer? I mean isn't the -1 wound from combat res worth it alone. I guess i'm just having problems building a list that uses the strengths of this army since I have never seen one fielded, only vc. I appreciate all the input people have been giving me.

21-07-2009, 03:34
Firstly, the Icon Bearer should be traded out for another Liche Priest, or a Tomb Prince.

And Ward saves aren't that important on your Priests so long as you memorize where the good places for them to be are. Such as never in a unit that you know is going to get into combat, and never in range of anyone's charge.

Skeletons and Tomb Guard are for charging enemies and being an anvil. Chariots are the hammer which should always attack the flank, as they just aren't strong enough on a frontal charge all on their own.

A bone Giant is like a slow chariot with a shorter charge range. You want him to walk alongside a unit of Skeletons towards the enemy, and then when the Skeletons charge, give him an incantation of Urgency so he can charge the flank.

A rule of thumb is that on their own, Tomb King units won't survive as well as Vampire Counts. Tomb Kings, due to their older book, and lack of power-creep, need to learn how to maximize using their magic to get multiple charges off, but beware armies with tons of Dispell Dice, as they will leave you with a lot of slow bones marching towards their own destruction.

21-07-2009, 08:44
The idea as far as liche priests go is to keep them in units for the first couple of turns while your scorps, carrion etc take care of enemy missile troops and warmachines. Even then i'd generally keep any slower ones in something like an archer unit unless theres something risking the unit, just to avoid a stray magic missile taking one out.

22-07-2009, 02:01
Well I have taken some of the advice you guys have given and come up with a modified list.

Tomb King (Light Armor, Collar of Shapesh, Destroyer of Eternities)

Tomb Prince (Chariot, Chariot of Fire, Golden Eye of Rah-Nutt, Light Armor, Shield, Spear)

Liche Priest (Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll)

Liche Priest (Cloak of Dunes, Hieratic Jar)

Chariot Squad (3 Chariots, Musician, Standard Bearer, Icon of the Sacred Eye, Champion)

Chariot Squad (3 Chariots, Musician, Standard Bearer, Champion)

Skelatal Warriors (10 Warriors, Bows, Light Armor, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer)

Tomb Guard (20 Tomb Guards, Musician, Standard Bearer, Icon of Rakaph, Champion)

Tomb Scorpion

Tomb Scorpion

Bone Giant

Does this seem like a more solid concept for a TK list?