View Full Version : 2250 Worth of Lizards, Want opinions for comp score

21-07-2009, 01:19
So, here is my 2250 list.

So far, it is 5-0, so it is doing really well. I was wondering if anyone wanted to give me any either suggestions or comments as to if you would dock this list for composition in a tournament.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Slann -435
Focus of Mystery, Focused Rumination, Scroll, Army Standard, Cupped Hands of the Old Ones, Bane Head

Skink Priest - 430
Level 2, Scroll, Plaque of Tepoc
Engine of the Gods

Skink Chief - 380
Stegadon War Spear
Ancient Stegadon

10 Skirmishing Skinks – 70
10 Skirmishing Skinks – 70
10 Skirmishing Skinks – 70

17 Saurus Warriors
Spears, Standard, Musician

16 Temple Guard
Standard, Musician, Warbanner
6 Cold One Cavalry
Standard, Music, Haunchis Blessed Totem

What the Magic Items do
Bane Head – Double wounds against one character
Focus of Mystery - Knows all spells in a Lore
Focused Rumination – Bonus Dice
Cupped Hands of the Old Ones – Transfer One Miscast, Once use
Stegadon War spear – Stegadon does 2d6+1 impact Hits
Haunchi’s Blssed Totem – Once use, bonus D6 Charge

21-07-2009, 03:51
As a heads up, you really arent' supposed to post complete rules on the board.


You are going to get dinged for the 2 stegs and likely for cupped hands.


Slann: drop the scroll, give him 2 powerstones & warbanner. See if you can give him Cogitation

Engine: drop the plaque, take 2 scrolls total. The heavens spells really arent' that good and he'll be more useful popping re-rolls for units that will do the actual killing ie> slann

Chief: seems pretty standard

Saurus seem pretty standard, more numbers are always good

Temple Guard: since Slann is going to take the warbanner, give them Plaque of Dominion

Cavalry: lose Huanchi's blessed totem and take a champ instead

If you can squeeze them in, a unit of 2 salamanders are a blessing - especially with portent of far cast on them.

W A L 5 H Y
21-07-2009, 21:47
Id say ditch the cavalry, i dont see how they will work with the army. Use the points to get another block of saurus maybe? Give you a more solid centre. I like to see some razerdons now a days after seeing wat they can do.

Not a huge lizard player just making some ideas.