View Full Version : 2250 lizards 2.0

21-07-2009, 12:20
look, a second lizard list, my first i can win with, but evidently my opponents don't think it's as awesome as i do.

here's list number two.

Space Frog, bsb, warbanner, +1 to cast, reroll miscasts, all spells, dispell scroll, (undecided magic item)
priest, lvl2 on engine, amulet of 2+, plaque of +1 spell

10 skink skirmishers x 2
18 saurus warriors, fc, spears x 2
3 terradons x 2
1 stegadon
14 temple gaurd,fc, champ has the sword of burny-hurty

what's the prevailing opinion, too cheezy? just right? what?

21-07-2009, 18:28
seem like a good list. if you are going for a friendly list that this is it