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21-07-2009, 13:34
I've always loved slaanesh, I converted a lot of my 6th DE's into CoP... unfortunately that list is never allowed anywhere (and rightfully so).

Everyone, myself included, cries about how cheese daemons can be. So I figured I could make a Daemon list, however mono god... I dont want to play an over powered army, so if I nerf it a bit it should be mid mid tier. Lastly, I plan on playing 40k in the near future, so it can't hurt =)

My list thus far

Herald - Steed of Slaanesh, level 1 wizard, BSB - Great Icon of Despair
Herald - +2 attacks, level 1 wizard

15x Deamonettes, Champ/Banner
15x Deamonettes, Champ
11x Deamonettes, Champ

5x Seekers of Slaanesh, Champ/Siren Banner
5x Seekers of Slaanesh, Champ/Siren Banner

3x Fiends of Slaanesh
3x Fiends of Slaanesh

General strat... Move icon of despair into the heart of the enemy units, then use terror/fear/stupidity to win =)

Herald with +2 goes into daemonettes with banner, gives 6 str 4 AP attacks, 9 Str 3 AP attacks... 15 attacks when being charged should hopefully be enough to minimize attacks back from just the hero and hopefully kill the champion.

I ordered my fiends/daemonettes today (60 total), won some seekers off ebay, just need 5 more... then convert some heralds and a bsb on foot and mounted.

2245 points, 5 points to go to torment blade on bsb (if that is legit)

21-07-2009, 17:10
I would swap out the -2 to leadership bannor for the one that protects against magic for 2 reasons:

1) You dont have much in magic defence
2) Its too powerfull - the armies with high leadership (elf, dwarf) dont really care about it, and other races - like OK, Empire, will hurt too much from it.

Plus i belive its about 25 pts cheaper so you can buy 2 more daemoettes for the core units.
Plus its a great army - your not over powered in magic, so people can play that against you, your super-crazy fast but your only T3, S3, so armour will be ok against you, and the units are small enough that most forces can hold off the attacks.
Yet its still good as you can really take advantage of the movement phase to bring 'power to a point' as you can pull off amazing charge combos.
You'll have fun with it for sure - and people will play this list

21-07-2009, 23:49
--you need a Standard in every Daemonette unit.
--Keepers of Secrets have a ton of awesome Daemonic Gifts that youre not using. Siren Song, Temptator, etc.etc.
--your Keeper isnt a wizard!
--The Masque is worth running along with the Icon of Despair
--make the 11-(wo)man Daemonette unit into 15
--Spell Breaker doesnt hurt to take

22-07-2009, 03:58
yah but the OP did state that he just wants a beautifull slaaneshi army without all the BS the book can throw at him, hence naked keeper, no masque!