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21-07-2009, 22:38

Just getting into this game, and a question popped up I cant find the answer to.

What happens if a physical or mental stat drops to 0, e.g. through use of stims?

Many thanks.

21-07-2009, 22:48
you would have little to NO chance of preforming an action that is based on that stat
to start so you would probably drop and need a system shock check
( this was written with out a rule book at hand)

21-07-2009, 22:49
Its been years since I read the rule book - but im pretty certain the rule book covers it - some of them kill you, some of them leave you incapable of action.

sorry i cant be more help.

21-07-2009, 23:03
This was covered in the 2002 Annual (and consquently, one of the old WD issues), and it varies depending on the stat.
Unfortunately, I don't know where my copy is at the moment...

I'll try and find it at some point for you.

21-07-2009, 23:19
Thanks Marcoskoll, that would be much appreciated.

22-07-2009, 17:06
As mentioned above, the rules in the Annual are for use in campaigns - I've just summarised the in-game effects below;

WS / BS - character only hits/parries on 01-05.
S / T - character falls into a coma.
I - character counts as Speed 1.
Wp - character must be given orders in order to perform actions.
Sg - character is insane - see the Madness table below.
Nv - all enemy characters count as Terrifying.
Ld - the character is easily disorientated - after each action performed by character, roll a D6 - if the result is 1 the character performs no more actions for the rest of the turn.

Madness table - Roll a D10 to see how the insanity manifests;
1 - Phobia - character treats person who reduced his Sg below zero as Terrifying.
2 - Frenzied - character gains Frenzy ability.
3 - Paranoia - roll D6 at start of each turn;
- 1 - character must use all actons to shoot/charge closest friendly character.
- 2 - character may act normally, unless in cover in which case spends turn hiding.
- 3+ - no effect.
4 - Invincibility Complex - character is never pinned and may not Evade or use skills such as Dodge or Deflect Shot.
5 - Fearful - all enemy characters count as Fearsome and character will only pass pinning tests on 01-05.
6 - Panic Attacks - character must take pinning test at start of every turn.
7 - Catatonia - 10% chance character will count as stunned (not prone) each turn.
8 - Hallucinations - 10% chance each turn will act as if affected by Hallucinogen grenade.
9 - Wild Hallucinations - 50% chance each turn will act as if affected by Hallucinogen grenade.
10 - Total Headcase - roll on this table at start of every turn and apply the appropriate effects.

22-07-2009, 19:16
Thanks kaled, now to try out our first game this weekend :)

22-07-2009, 19:32
I'm actually glad you asked this as I was wondering about it myself and couldn't remember where I'd read it - I'd forgotten it was in the Annual.

Certain stimms can quickly reduce a characters stats below zero so I'd only worry about applying the above effects once the stimms wear off. E.g. an arco-flagellant whose stimms had reduced his Ld below zero wouldn't be suffer from being easily disorientated until they were switched off.