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22-07-2009, 03:03
How does this look for TK's? I know they aren't viable in WAAC tournaments, but do you guys think this can compete?

Tomb King @260
-Golden Ankhra, Flail of Skulls
Liche Priest @160
-Staff of Ravening
Liche Priest @165
-Hiratic Jar, Scroll
Liche Priest @320
-Casket, Scroll Enkil's Kanopi

20x Warriors @205
-Shields, FC
20x Warriors @205
-Shields, FC
3x Chariots @120
3x Chariots @120
1x Tomb Swarm @45

20x Tomb Guard @295
-FC, Banner of Undying Legion
3x Carrion @72
1x Tomb Scorpion @85
1x Tomb Scorpion @85

Catapult @110
-Skulls of the Foe

Total: 2247


22-07-2009, 13:38
3 carrions are not enought. I've fielded a similar list last week-end. I had 4 ushabti instead of the tomb guard. And the king was monted in a chariot with a unit of 3 chariot, and the banner of +1 to hit.

Also if you field the casket, to take full advantage of the light of the day, you should field a more defensive army, with archers. If you advance with your army, you will block the LoS of the casket if it's not on a hill. With the archers, the casket and the SSC, you can soften your opponent before he comes to your line. Then counter charge with the chariots and tomb guards.

22-07-2009, 20:29
What do you plan on doing with one tomb swarm? I would use those points elsewhere, maybe to beef up your carrion swarm or mount the Tomb King in a chariot.