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22-07-2009, 06:01
Saw one of Robey's posts in another thread discussing characters for Inq2, and I've been trying to come up with background for another abhuman to add to Trucido's merry band.

I never got whatever White Dwarf had the rules for Homo Sapien Variatus, but I had reference points from Dark Heresy background, available here: http://www.darkreign40k.com/new-homeworlds/beastmen.html

Unfortunately, I'm not old school enough to have more background on 40k beastmen, and more references would be greatly appreciated.

However, trying to decipher what I have, I figured they'd make an excellent character class for Inquisitor - pressed into service for penal colonies, possibly underhive scum, perhaps a member of a cult; all are viable uses for a beastman.

Blame this here model for wanting to have a beastman character: http://www.ecomodelismo.com/ahnamoth-el-minotauro-Ref-ENIG-5406.html

Anyway, for stats, I'm thinking of a cross between mutants and average humans, with increased strength and toughness. These apply only to the Fantasy equivalent of Gors, so they could be lowered for lesser creatures and increased for others based on animal types, planetary location, diet, so on and so forth.

WS - 65
BS - 30
S - 75
T - 75
I - 45
Wp - 50
Sg - 45
Nv - 55
Ld - 45

This particular approach has incorporated feral, cannibalistic, low-tech style beastmen.

My current character, due to the limits of my knowledge of beastmen language (and the fact I've no looked up any great starting points of other languages) has no name. He is, however, based on the previously referenced model.

WS - 62
BS - 28
S - 84
T - 82
I - 47
Wp - 51
Sg - 50
Nv - 54
Ld - 45

Weapons - Great Axe, Shortsword, Dagger

Armor - Leather skirt and animal hides - +2 armor to groin and legs
- Head wrappings - +1 armor to head
- Scavenged armor - +2 armor to arms

Equipment - Brand scars (count as pentagrammic and hexagrammic wards)

Skills - Furious Assault, Cannibal (don't Kroot have a similar rule?), Nightsight*

Mutations - Cloven Hooves - Can move one extra yard per movement action as long as upright (walking, running, charging, sprinting)
- Horns - May make one combat attack, at -20% to hit, which acts as a spear (to represent goring); this can be reworked, I'm thinking out loud

Originally conscripted from the fens of Ganeron by the southern hemispheres penal forces. Survived gladiatorial fights, emerging as something of a mascot for the legionnaires. Viewed by some (though not offically) as a good luck charm of sorts. When Ganeron was plunged into eco-warfare, the penal legionnaires who managed to escape kept their hardy associate close by. His muscle is viewed by many as an asset; his temperament on the other hand... He has since been received, along with the few remaining legionnaires, into the service of one Inquisitor Johan Trucido. There remains a riff, however, between the beastman and the Corranthaiin mutants.

It is a start. Something to work from. Nothing more.


22-07-2009, 10:47
Like it. Stats wise, I would just have said that maybe strength, but certainly toughness are a little high.

Fluffwise, the Imperium used to employ entire regiments of Beastmen as assault troops, and this guy could be a hangover from those days. Maybe in the past, the Ordo Hereticus decreed that the Beastmen, however loyal, were tainted and they were hunted down and exterminated. Some escaped and turned to Chaos, many were killed, but some found backwater planets where they could disappear, and they remained loyal to the Imperium.

Commissar Molotov
22-07-2009, 11:47
Well, White Dwarf #303 featured the latest Beastmen rules, for the fourth edition Guard Codex. Under the title "Homo Sapiens Variatus", it noted that not all types of beasts necessarily look alike, and that different traits can manifest themselves, but that they are genetically stable and are considered to be Abhuman (like Ratlings or Ogryn) rather than mutants.

It noted that they have a reputation for aggression and indiscipline, often gathered into "herds" and used for suicidial assaults (though of course that's partly due to the prejudices of the Imperial Guard's commanders). So perhaps you might create a rule where if the character in question fails a nerve test, they become frenzied?

The other interesting thing was this quote: "Many Beasts serving in the ImperialGuard are forced to proclaim their loyalties through the conspicuous wearing of purity seals and devotional scripts to avoid being taken as servants of the Ruinous Powers."

EDIT: The article does mention that Beastmen who are extreme enough to display horns, cloven feet and the like are typically considered unacceptable and destroyed on sight - Andy Hoare's commentary alongside states "the guys with the horns and cloven feet fight for Chaos, and the Imperium tends not to be too tolerant of that sort of thing in its armies." Obviously a particular Inquisitor might see the shades of grey and tolerate an incredibly mutated Beastman, but I just figured you should know that the model you have in mind is stretching the tolerances of even the most kind-hearted Imperial citizen! :)

22-07-2009, 13:54
Naturally, Beastmen are immensely varied. I use a conversion of Andrea's Faun model (from the Narnia range) as a beastman much smaller than that Minotaur and, to strike a bit of a contrast, he comes from a noble, idealistic (if primitive) background and, after becoming the occasional companion of Inquisitor Enobarbus, is horrified at the inhumanity and corruption of the "pure" humanity he has been raised to idolize.


22-07-2009, 17:36
Have you looked at the alien generator article - I believe that has a few things that you may find useful, such as rules for horns.

22-07-2009, 19:45
Nothing much to say about the stats, but... what price cow-man? :wtf:

Inquisitor Cade
29-07-2009, 09:36
If I were to be brutally honest I'd say that you've transposed a warhammer fantasy beastman onto an inquisitor character sheet. He wouldn't be at all out of place in which hunter (I think it's called that) the fantasy version of Inq. For a 40k beastman abhuman in a military unit I would suggest a base stat line of.

Ws 60
Bs 50
S 65
T 65
I 55
Wp 55
Sg 40
Nv 60
Ld 55

I'd probably keep the great axe (he is a beastman) and a lasgun. I'd probably give him flack armour primarily, perhaps with some scavenged AV 4 plates. I don't know how brand scars would work as wards, unless he was branded by a sorcerer or other occult expert in order to protect him from the warp.

02-08-2009, 21:01
Well, bits of parchment written on by a sweaty small-minded hunchbacked scribe can help fend of daemons - why not Brand Scars? Like the Litany of Hate tattoos...

05-08-2009, 09:05
Imperial Beastmen (IB) are, by and large, a stable mutation more reminiscent of Ungor than of Gor, at least by the turn of the 41st Millenium. Earlier in the Imperium's history, during the glory days of the Crusade and for some thousands of years thereafter other, more brutish and bestial beastmen were used. Their main battlefield role was as expendable shock troops, who would be driven into battle by Commissars to expunge their sins by dying for Him on Terra.

Typically, IB are either inbred or the result of malfunctioning Dark Age of Technology gene-sequencing that once enabled colonists to survive on harsh worlds, or gave them better agility and so on and so forth. Under the Imperium of Humanity, IB are usually little more than slaves, found in mines, on farms, and in plantations. They are, like Ratlings, Ogryns and Squats, a seperate subspecies of Homo Sapiens, and as such are different to those mutated beastmen that boil forth from the Eye of Terror, Maelstrom, and other such rifts in reality. The IB can reproduce another just like him- or her-self through sexual intercourse with another IB, although it is unlikely that much good would come of a coupling between a pure Homo Sapiens and a Homo Inferior, be they Ratling or IB.

In terms of Inquisitor, yes, IB would be an excellent new group of character, often found with Rogue Traders, Radicals, cults, or on farms and in mines as slaves. Beastmen can also be curios, pets, or even sacrifical goats - excuse the pun - when a governor begins to lose their grip on a planet.

It's important to note that for a very long period of time - from about the 34th Millenium to the middle of the 41st - IB were, officially at least, either exterminated or shipped to penal colonies en masse as too tainted to be useful. Nowadays, however, they have come back 'in vogue' as the Imperium begins to face no less than four major threats (the Cadian Front, Hive Fleet Behemoth, the Necron resurgence and the ever-present Ork Waaghs), and can be found on many battlelines clearing minefields and generally being even more expendable than the Savlar Chem-Dogs.