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Commissar Molotov
22-07-2009, 12:14
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22-07-2009, 13:18
Normally, if modelling rules based on obsession or addiction, my preferred method is to force the character to take a Wp test each turn if they're aware of an item of their obsession, and if they're not attending to that obsession.
So, say if he's aware of a "practitioner of the malefic arts" within his vinicity, but his actions aren't related to destroying said practitioner, he has to take a Wp test.

Failure results in a -20% penalty to all stats except S&T as they're distracted and ill-focused on their alternate task.

It might not be exactly how you want to do this, but I find it's a good way of modelling addiction or obsession, because it encourages the player to do what the character wants to.
Variations on these rules work well for phobias as well, except you do those against Nv, not Wp.


Stats generally look pretty fair to me. Adorno's initiative is a little high, but not unjustifiably so.

I'd say that Mourn's Nv might be a little on the low side, but then again, not all warriors are brave idiots that will stand in the way of flying bullets.

22-07-2009, 17:45
What I'd like to do is incorporate some rule representing Adorno's driven nature, his obsession - ideas for that are welcomed. I'd also like to incorporate a rule showing Seraphael's hatred for Adorno, but I'm not sure as to the practicality of that.Do you need rules for these things? A lot can be simply roleplayed without adding more special rules. For example, if Adorno is being beaten in combat then Seraphael might not rush to help him. Or play Adorno so that he always concentrates on his objective over everything else.

Inquisitor Cade
29-07-2009, 11:24
Nice characters, but a few minor niggles:

What sort of pistol is it that Adorno has, you havn't specified, I'd assume laspistol as standard.
His armour does not look like mesh to me. I'd say it was light carapace (AV5) when it isn't full carapace.
His Sg is really high for a youngish guy, There should be plenty more room for it to improve with experiance, I'd put it in the low 80's. As an Inquisitor the very high Wp and Ld need no justification, but I'm not sure that his Nv should be so high. Around 70 would make him braver than most soldiers.
I heard of rules for sorcery where you can't concentrate, but can spend multiple actions (not nessessarily consecutive) on a spell (drawing sigils and runes and what have you) and divide the difficulty by the number of actions spent on it..
His Ws, S and to a greater extent his T are too high in my opinion for a character who is dedicated to mental achievement (sorcery) in favour of physical improvement.

I like the blood freeze power.

I like Morn too though I think you've overdone his low Sg, I'd say 35-40 was low enough.