View Full Version : Yet another 2k Empire list

22-07-2009, 13:47
armour of meteoric iron, holy relic, van horstman speculum, great weapon

bsb, sword of might, doomfire ring, full plate

level 2, rod of power, ring of voland

pigeon bombs

25 Swordsmen
full command, 8 swordsmen detachment

25 Spearmen
full command, 8 free company detach, 12 handgunners detachment

12 Crossbowmen

25 Greatswords
full command, 8 swordsmen detach, 8 halberdiers detachment

8 Outriders

Great Cannon


Hellstorm Rocket Battery

Just a fun list really not made for tourny use, a few things I do want to change is well of course find room for a battle priest, add the sheild of Gorgon to the Arch-Lector seeing it roxors with VHS and I also wouldnt mind find the points to put my captain on a barded warhorse for the added AS. Feel free to tear the list apart ;)

22-07-2009, 22:06
aside from the AS...why mount your BSB? ring of Volans not worth it....go for the Horn (the rallying one....)

Maybe trade outriders for pistoliers? Switch Mortar for something else...you have the rocket battery which is superior

23-07-2009, 02:40
I would agree on mounting your BSB. I would surely target your BSB with just a mere 4+ armor save.

An engineer with pigeon bomb? haha... that's a rare character to use. I'm sure this guy is to add the fun part of the list.

On your handgunner and crossbowmen unit, I think 12 is a little too much. Just keep it at 10. You could use points to mount your characters and make better use of them.

8 outriders is a little too much. Why not just keep it at 5 or 6. Add in a champion with Hochland Long Rifle, it could be a character killer or as I prefer a wiz killer with his BS5. Cast the lector's Hammer of Sigmar on him and you'll have a good chance of wounding characters.