View Full Version : 1000 Point VC - Looking for critique

22-07-2009, 15:07
As title suggests this is a 1k list of Vc's *duh*

A few die hard Necromunda players have taken the plunge from the hive into the world of fantasy :cool:
We are all starting out at 1000pts and will work our way up to around 2250.

The others players have chosen WoC, Lizardmen, HE and O&G

Decided to have a crack at Vc, Let me know what sucks with my list!

Vampire - 185pts
Dark Acolyte, Lord of the dead
The Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Battle/Might

Necromancer - 155pts
CorpseCart - Balefire

14 Skellies - 146pts
Full command, Spears

15 Skellies - 140pts
Full command

5 Dire Wolves - 40pts

5 Black Knights - 156pts
Standard, Barding

Varghulf - 175pts


Thanks for any feeback, as i said we are all new[ish] to whfb so please be meen to this list if it sucks :)

22-07-2009, 16:24
its a minor change but I'd suggest dropping the muscian from both skele units and adding another skeleton to the 14 man unit.