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Lord Kritsch
22-07-2009, 20:49
Greetings greetings, everyone. Now that I can finally start my own threads, I thought I'd run my 2000 point Skaven army by you all. I plan on using this list in the coming year's Tale of Fantasy Painters here on Warseer, and as such it's more geared towards looking cool and having character than just purely being strong on the tabletop. That said, it wouldn't hurt if it could win for me every now and then too...oops, I mean march to inevitable victory and crush-smash the enemies of the mighty Skaven...yes. Here's the list so far.

Grey Seer-
Screaming Bell
Eye of the Horned Rat
Warpstone Token
Warpstone Charm

Additional Hand Weapon
Heavy Armour
Warpstone Amulet
Bands of Power

Plague Priest-
Liber Bubonicus

Warlock Engineer-
Warp Blades
Storm Daemon
Dispel Scroll

24 Clanrats-
full cmd.

23 Clanrats-
full cmd.
Ratling Gun

3 Giant Rat Packs

20 Clanrat Slaves

20 Clanrat Slaves

3 Rat Ogre Packs

7 Gutter Runners-
Throwing Stars
Poisoned Hand Weapons and Throwing Stars

24 Plague Monks-
Additional Hand Weapons
full cmd.
Banner of Burning Hatred

7 Plague Censer Bearers


bert n ernie
24-07-2009, 21:06
Hi there.
Well, there seems to be some good points about this list that I don't often see. Each of your characters has a capacity to cast magic, which will help you get off your grey seer spells. Even if you loose a character you should still be able to get some magic off.
On the down side your characters cost 848 including the bell. For a horde army this is not good.

Good luck in the tale. I'll be joining the 40k one.

A few other tweaks to your units will help too. Your bell will be in a clanrat unit, so bumb one up to 30 or more. It will be shot at a lot. Bumb the other to 25, as you really do need to outnumber your foes.
Plague monks on the other hand do not need to outnumber to be as effective. You are obviously goign for hitting power. Plague monks are great agaisnt low toughness low armour units (only the priest and the censer bearers are worth sending against 3+ or better enemies). This unit will not run from casualties(frenzy), and if used correctly will be winning combat from kills, not pure combat res. This means the extra 5 guys are not useful. Bumb up other units instead.

The slaves could use a musician, as since they are bait and flee, if they run when near the general you'll be rallying on a 7. Well worth it in my opinion, but really a playing style choice.

I'm wondering what your plan is with your characters, as I think this would influence a lot what you decide to do with some of the units. Will the warlock risk joining the seer, or what?
The only other thing in your list I would question is your gutter runner unit? What is it's purpose? If there are a lot of high toughness, low armour save units where you play they unit makes sense, otherwise why don't you take a tunneling team with hand weapons, or some nightrunners for march blocking?