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23-07-2009, 01:05
i am a 40k player looking to start fantasy,i am looking for a competative army and relatively easy to start building and playing...any ideas

Nu Fenix
23-07-2009, 01:08
What style of play do you enjoy, and are you looking for a Fantasy army that follows that style or offers you a change of pace?

23-07-2009, 01:16
i like armys that have lots of "flavor" and are survivable

23-07-2009, 01:39
Warriors of Chaos will be fast to collect - Its an elite infantry and cavalry army with monsters chucked in for fun. Plus when your characters kill your opponents characters in challenges the Gods 'gift' them with mutations that increase the potency in combat.

23-07-2009, 02:21
An army that is easy to start playing? Play daemons. A silverback ape could make a competative daemon list. They are also the most competative army in fantasy. If you want to play an army that makes you think though, try anything else.

I suggest you focus less on how competative your first army is and more on how much you enjoy playing it. Your army will be as competative as you make it.

23-07-2009, 02:28
Warriors of Chaos have some flavor but they have little variation in play style as they by and large don't use the shooting phase. They tend to be space marines with no shooting.

If you like flavor, Orcs & Goblins and Lizardmen are two very colorful and fun armies. Lizardmen give you arguably the best mage in the game and some of the best infantry out there. They have fun monsters and unique Aztec/Mayan flavor. They are also beautiful figures and fun to paint.

Orcs & Goblins are a horde army so need a lot of troops, but they are survivable and tough. They are also easy to collect thanks to the numerous Battle for Skull Pass sets out there. As a 40k player, you should know something of the philosophy of this army. They aren't a killer army, but they also don't go away. Elite armies tend to get a draw unless they can run them off the board with psychology, as they can't kill enough in 6 turns.

23-07-2009, 05:18
I suggest Dark Elves, you can construct most types of lists and still have a very good chance of winning.

23-07-2009, 06:12
Lizardmen off course. Lot's of versatility, one of the best mages, tough as nails saurus warriors and lots of creatures/monsters ;)

Desert Rain
23-07-2009, 10:53
LIzardmen or dark elves as they are among the most versatile armies out there, and they have several good competetive lists.

Warriors of Chaos and Daemons are few in number and thus are easy to collect. Warriors have a lack of variation but they are very good at what they do. Daemons are considered to be the most powerful army in the game and are very viable if you want a competetive army.