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23-07-2009, 04:16
My second game of Warhammer was against the Tomb Kings. My opponent was actually an empire player, who only started playing Tomb Kings a few months back. I had no idea what the Tomb King army was like, since their was only “the Undead” when I had stoped playing Warhammer, so my opponent explained a little about his army before we got started.

The set up was pretty open. There was a small hill on the left lower corner and the top right corner, as well as a forest on the top left just out of the deployment zone and a building that sretched out from deployment zone to deployment zone on the right side, creating a small alley. I had just bought two boxes of witch elves and decided I would field them. My army list was this one.


My opponent on the other hand was running two chariot regiments of 3, 5 Skeleton Horsemen, a small line of archers, a big block of skeleton warriors, and a big block of Tomb Guards, a regiment of 3 Carrions, a Scorpion and two Tomb Swarms, and a Skull Catapult. He had a Tomb King and a Lich in his block of Skeletons, as well as a Tomb Prince and a Lich in his block of Tomb Guards. As for magical items, as far as I can remember, he had two dispel scrolls, the King had Destroyer of Eternities, the Tomb Guard Lich had the Hieratic Jar, and the Tomb Guards had the Banner of the Undying Legion. Both his Liches could fly with their set-up.

I deployed at the bottom , and my opponent was on top. On the far right I had a unit of Dark Riders, ready to go around the woods and get the unit from the side. Next to them I had my unit of Witch Elves , using the War Hydra in front of them as missle cover and a frenzy shield, in front of his archers and a unit of chariots on the far right, just after the woods area. Then I had my Supreme Sorceress in the middle, across from his Tomb Guards on the right of his chariots, the Catapult in the dead center with his Carrions in front, and his unit of Skeleton Warriors right next to them. Then, just before the building on the right I had my frenzied corsairs and a Cauldron of Blood behind them. My last two units were a unit of Dark Riders in the far right ready to go through the alley the building made on the right side, backed up by Cold One Knights, mostly because I grossly over-estimated his Skeleton Horseman accross my Dark Riders on the far right corner. My Shades appeared in the woods on the top left, and his Scorpion and Tomb Swarms were burrowed around my Cauldron. Overall, deployment was a lot beter than it had been the first time I played, less clutter and more synchronized.

I won first turn. I marched my troops forward. The shades walked out of the woods in front of the archers and chariot, at what felt like a safe distance to avoid getting charged. My Dark Riders on the right moved towards his Horseman, closely followed by my Cold One Knights. The Dark Riders on the left trecked on the left flank, hoping to outmanouver my opponent. Everything else just went straight. Hydra towards the archers and chariot, closely followed by my Witch Elves. The Corsairs went forward, ready to face the Chariot unit on the right, and the Cauldron moved forward a little bit. My sorceress got in the center on a hill just in front of my deployment zone. My unit of Spearmen head off towards his Skeleton unit. During Magic, my Sorceress killed 2 skeleton archers with chillwind, shutting off their shooting next turn, and everything else was dispelled. As for shooting, the Shades decided to try and see how tough the chariot unit really was, and ended up taking 2 wounds out that unit.

My opponent's second turn then started. He declared a charge on my Sorceress with his Carrion unit that was surprisingly in range (to me anyways :D ). He then manouvered his left Chariot unit around his archers to get them on the battlefield, as well as put his right Chariot unit in position to charge my frenzied Corsairs, and marched his Tomb Guards and Skeleton unit forward, preparing them for the oncoming troops. I somehow managed to dispel all of his spells, which is surprising since he had 6 dice to my 4. His Screaming Catapult didn't touch anything either. The Carrions didn't do any damage on my Sorceress, but her Pegasus returned 2 wounds, and he crumbled by 1. Things were looking good for me.

On my second turn, I gave my Dark Riders on the right an extra attack with the Cauldron of Blood, and charged his Horseman. My Cold Ones seeing it was a done deal wanted to go forward on the flank, but couldn't squeeze between the Dark Riders and the building, and so stood just behind them waiting for them to clean up. My Corsairs failed their charge against the Chariot unit, and just stayed there. My Spearmen decided to stay in place and protect my Sorceress from the advancing Skeletons, and the Hydra marched just in front of the Skeleton Archers and the Chariot unit on the left, with my shades walking in front of the chariot to protect the Hydra. The Witch Elves followed behind, in position to flank charge after the shades got run into by the Chariots. The Dark Riders on the left emerged from the left side of the table, with some sight on the Skeleton Archers. The Magic phase was mostly a bust, but I did manage to pull out a dispel scroll when my power spell came out. During shooting my Dark Riders on the left killed a few Archers, and my Shades managed to take out the 1st chariot. The Hydra breathed on the Archers, burning a few. During close combat my Dark Riders completely annihalated his Horsemen, making me seriously regret having brought the Cold One Knights the long way around. The Carrions still locked in combat with my Sorceress didn't manage to do any damage, and her Pegasus was the one dealing a wound on them, making them crumble a little more.

From my opponent's second turn on I was on a slippery sloap down to death. The Chariot unit on the left charged my Shades. This was what I wanted, thinking I could neuter the Chariot unit with a stand and shoot phase after my first luck turn on the shots, but was brutally dissapointed when I still had 2 chariots coming at me with impact hits. His Chariot Unit on the right also charged my corsairs, thanks to my previous failed charge. His Scorpion crawled out of the earth and charged my Cauldron of Blood. His Tomb Guards then got in position to charge my Hydra, and his Archers turned around to face my Dark Riders. His Skeleton Warrior unit marched on ahead, to meet my Dark Elf Warriors. The magic phase was disastrous. I simply could not dispel everything he cast, and he cast the same spells over and over. He eventually managed to get his Tomb Guards to charge my Hydra, thanks to a magical Jar, his Skeleton Warriors to charge my Warriors, to re-raise a Carrion from the unit fighting my Sorceress, and to give his Tomb Guards an extra attack on my Hydra. Ouch! The shooting phase also wasn't great for me. While his Archers only took out one of my Dark Riders on the left, his Screaming Skull Catapult completely destroyed my unit of Dark Riders on the right, with an excellent guess on his part. Then came the close combat phase. He only got 3 impact hits againt my Corsairs, but after his horses and horsemen were through, the Corsairs weren't able to return enough hits, lost combat, and were run over. The Chariot unit was in position to charge my Cauldron of Blood next turn if the Scorpion didn't finish it. The Scorpion didn't get a lucky break though, and the 2 hits it scored were warded. The Death Hag returned attacks, and killed it off. The Tomb Guards managed to kill both handlers thanks to his character's placement, and the Hydra lost combat, ran, and was caught by the Guards. The Shades weren't nearly as lucky as the Corsairs had been with the impact hits, and the charge alone made sure that they wouldn't be striking back. The rest of the Shades ran like crazy, but the Chariot ran faster and cut them down, just out of sight of my Witch Elves. His Skeleton Warriors didn;t do much to my Warriors, but his King used the special attack from his Destroyer of Eternities, and my Spear men got to hit back thanks to their 2nd rank, and managed to hold the enemy.

After having seen a big chunk of my army dissapear, I started turn 3 with some of my own charges...err, my own charge, rather. My Dark Riders unit still alive on the left decided to charge his archers, but failed their fear test. They were outnumbered, so didn't move at all. The Cauldron gave itself an extra attack, seeing the Chariot was close by. My Cold One Knights suffered from stupidity, and moved slightly forward. My Witch Elves, unable to see any units since they both over-ran just slightly past their line of site, regrouped to avoid being flanked and waited for the impending charges. Magic was pretty good, and my Sorceress managed to get rid of those Carrions, and gained 3 extra wounds by killing a few Skeleton warriors. During close combat, my Warriors lost to his Warriors, ran, and were caught, putting his Warriors closer to my Sorceress.

In his next turn, he declared 2 other charges. His Right Chariot charged my Cauldron of Blood, and his Skeleton Warriors charged my Supreme Sorceress. His Tomb Guards turned around to face front, and his Chariot unit on the left decided to face my Witch Elves, who were waiting for him. Both his Hierophants flew out of their units to be in range with everything. During the Magic phase, once again I ran out of dispel dice, and his Chariots on the right charged my Witch Elves. Another master guess with the Catapult, this time on my Cold One Knights, killed the Master, as well as 2 other Cold One Knights. The unit fled. The Witch Elves saw their numbers halved, lost their frenzy, and ran away from the Chariots, but were caught. The Chariot unit that charged the Cauldron was not so luck, since after all the dust had cleared, he only damaged the Death Hag once and killed on of her Attendants. In response, she dealt 4 damage, and the Chariot unit crumbled. The Tomb King and his unit only managed to kill the Sorceress's Pegasus, but she was saved thanks to her Pendant, and fled, but was not caught.

On my fourth turn, my Dark Riders finally managed to charge the Archers, who couldn't fire due to the charge distance. The Sorceress rallied, but the Cold One Knights were not so lucky. Having drawn out my opponent's two dispel scrolls, and succeeded in getting the Power of Darkness off with failed dispel attemps, I recieved 4 extra power dice. My sorceress managed to destroy more than half the Skeleton Warrior unit as well as deal 2 damage on the Skeleton king. My Dark Riders managed to completely destroy my opponent's Skeleton Archers.

This was the last turn of the game. My opponent's Tomb Swarms finally came out and also charged the Cauldron of blood. My Sorceress was charged by the Skeleton unit, but fled, and the Tomb Guards prepared to charge my Dark Riders. During Magic, my opponent replaced a few dead Skeletons, a few dead Tomb Guards, and charged my Dark Riders, who fled towards the Screaming Skull Catapult. During the close combat phase, the Tomb Swarms finally finished the job and killed the Death Hag and her attendant by the Cauldron of blood.

At this point, all my troops were fleeing, and the store was going to close in 15 minutes, so I just gave him the game. It was a disastrous game for me, although I did make it a turn longer than my first game, and overall saw a large improvement in my set up, although I still made a lot of mistakes. I didn't know what to expect at all from the Tomb Kings, and felt surprised every turn. The Magic phase is incredibly strong, and fear is a big reason why I ran so much. The Chariots were also a lot tougher than I had estimated. If I went back and did the game over, my Dark Riders would probably have been charging those Chariot units so they couldn't charge anything else like they did, and I probably wouldn't have used my Shades the way I used them as. I was impressed by the raw power of a Death Hag as well, who has to be the only unit that made her points back, and was probably the only source of frustration my opponent had. I'd really like to try giving the Witch Elves a Death hag and have them be ASF, see how poison, frenzy, and eternal hatred does when it doesn't have to worry about surviving the charge.

Still learning, but i'm slowly getting the hang of things. After this game, I had another game just last tuesday against an all cavalry Knights of Chaos army, and brought the knowledge I gained from this game. Care to guess who won that game?

23-07-2009, 15:24
I didn't think dark riders were khaininite(sp?).

If they are not, you can't have the cauldren give them an extra attack.

23-07-2009, 20:21
The Cauldron gives any friendly unit within 24 inches a blessing, except for harpies. Technically, with the wording in the army book I could give a unit an ally has and extra attack in a 2 vs 2 game. The only bonus it gives khainite units is stubborn, within 12 inches from the cauldron

26-07-2009, 12:44
Your corsairs failed their charge? Because you were out of range or because of a failed fear test? Because They have the frenzied banner so they HAVE to charge :p

If your corsairs had charged it might have been a different battle I think. Still nice effort :)

26-07-2009, 15:26
thanks Kaubin, I had been reading that wrong all this time.

27-07-2009, 00:09
Your corsairs failed their charge? Because you were out of range or because of a failed fear test? Because They have the frenzied banner so they HAVE to charge :p

If your corsairs had charged it might have been a different battle I think. Still nice effort :)

They failed their charge by about an inch, which was my opponent's intention. I was dealing with a master of distance guessing, it was really amazing how acurately he saw the distances without a measuring tape.

No problem Domandi. The rulings for the Cauldron of Blood seem to drastically change every new edition, I actually thought you were talking from past experiences in 6th or 5th edition :p