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Brother captain Agrippa
23-07-2009, 17:58
after spraying some of my space marines.. i saw that the models had become, what i will describe as "rough coated" they look like the have been based all over...
so my questions to you is..
1. is this a normal problem whith the "army painter" spray.
2. how do i get the paint off...

thx for reading

23-07-2009, 18:02
To get the paint off you can use pine sol

23-07-2009, 18:02
Well, i used automotive primer for my models and get a nice smooth finish everytime. Thin coats is the way forward. Not to close to the model and not too far away. I usually go for about 8 - 10 inches away from the model.

As for stripping - if they're metal models then ordinary solvent based paint stripper works a treat. Give the model and good wash and scrub with a toothbrush. If the model is plastic a variety of materials such as dettol, brake fuid, oven cleaner and many more work a treat. Good luck!

Brother captain Agrippa
23-07-2009, 18:21
thx for the feedback guys. ill get straight to it..

23-07-2009, 18:36
See, the one thing I've used for stripping paint since that terrible fiasco with white spirits (don't try it, kids. It's not pretty) is nail polish remover. But the one absolutely necessary thing with it is that is must be acetone free.
Why do I recommend this above everything else? Five minutes. From dunking the model in to brushing off the majority of the paint. It is probably the fastest way to strip your minis and doesn't leave them any worse for wear.

23-07-2009, 18:43
There is some good guides in the Painting section of the forum on paint removal.