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hlaine larkin
23-07-2009, 22:21
i have never played tks before- so tell me what you think :P

tomb king
chariot of fire
icon of rulership
golden eye of rahmut
light armour
enchanted shield 318

liche priest
death mask of kharnut
talisman of protection 173
(death mask because he iwll be in a light cav unit, running round causing terror)

icon bearer
light armour
banner of rataph 107

liche priest 115

18 spearmen (6x4)
lightarmour 205

10 archers 80

10 archers 80

5 chariots, full command
banner of the undying legion 300

5 light cavalry 70

5 light cavalry 70

15 tomb guard
full command 210

tomb scorpion 85

2 carrion 48

screaming skull catapult
skull of the foes 110

in case you didnt notice- i used to play empire :P the plan is-

infantry meelee in the middle
light cavalry up the same flank
chariots up the opposite (making the most of movement incantations
catapult behind the meelee
carrion war machien hunters
run the light cav with liche behind low ld units- terror checks etc

scorpion- area denial,stick the marker down and if they dont avoid it- they get a rear charge i hope.

icon bearer with the temple guard- free facing so they cant be outflanked ;D i decided not to give em to the chariot as the |TK can do that.

hlaine larkin
24-07-2009, 01:43
what u reckon guys?