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Prince Sairion
23-07-2009, 22:10
New Skaven player, old time warhammer gamer, would like some C+C on this 2k list please :)

hvy armour, shield, bands of power, warpstone amulet, weeping blade
(sits in largest clanrat unit)

Chieftain battle standard bearer
warbanner (leads from the back of largest clanrat unit)

All the gubbinz minus the pistol, scroll, storm demon

All the gubbinz minus pistol, scroll

2x25 clanrats, full command, ratling gun

30 clanrats, full cmd

2x21 slaves

25 plague monks, full cmd, additional hand weapons

5 censer bearers

3 rat ogres

5 jezzails

10 nightrunners

5 strong tunnelling team, poisoned hand weapons

2x4 globadiers

Let me know what you think!

25-07-2009, 09:12
Looks good 1 or 2 things id be tempted to change tho:-

3 rat ogres

Worthless unit, just swap them out for more Jezzails/PWG's.

10 nightrunners

2 units of 5 would be better for drawing people into the skyre/charges.

5 censer bearers

These tend to get shot alot you may want to get a few more of them :)
What people normally do is take a barebones unit of 10 plague monks and take alot more Pcbs.

Also a WLC may come in useful you never know the other day mine wasnt doing so good then a Chaos guy exposed his flank for his chaos knights+character to it cos he was confident and it shot a strength 10 bolt and killed them all, its worth taking a WLC just for the random factor.

Nice list though!



25-07-2009, 09:50
drop the night runners. in my experience they only run away making other things run away.

you have 3 units of clan rats so you should have 3 units of slaves

with the globadiers drop them to units of 2 or remove them all together. two units of 2 is better than 1 unit of 4 as it takes 2 casualties to have them all panic rather than 1. best use for them is to soak up the first few deployments,

agree about the rat ogres. just not effectiveness enough.

any spare points get more clanrats&slaves (25 min) or ratling guns and warpfire throwers.

I run 2 guns and 1 thrower in 2000pts (grey seer led usually).

iīd consider eliminating the battle standard as well. your units are cheap enough to not worry about them dying and running away in my opinion but then when I play skaven I donīt put any value on my troops. everyone is expendable except characters. trying to stay in character and all that i suppose.