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23-07-2009, 22:35
Im getting back into Fantasy Battles for a bit as a break to all things 40k. So I dug into my closet and pulled out my collection of Lizzards and started to put them together. I will be playing in a tournament sat so I could use a little advice from LizVets. I do want to keep the razordons I love these models other than that im open.....Thanks in advance....

Mage priest
cupped hands
becalming cogitation
dispel scroll

Level 2 skink priest-
ancient steggy w/EOTG


skirmish skinks x10 shld/jav
skirmish skinks x10 shld/jav (have too this is modled)
saurus x12 mus stndrd spears
saurus x12 mus stndad spears


Temple Guard w/ full command x20
x5 Saurus Cav


x3 Razordons

Total 1999

RNF= Rank and file FYI incase u were wondering. I think I may have a problem with war machines though as I have nothing fast to go attack them and will be out maneuvered by a faster army. I should be ok in the magic phase. Thanks for the advice!


24-07-2009, 00:20
skirmish the skinks and give the saurus a champ if anything drop the musc. How many TG are there and how many points are left to?

24-07-2009, 00:26
the saurus need spears, NOT a champ. with spears both ranks will get 2 attacks each, and if you run them 6x2(18 strong) thats 24 str 4 attacks. the price of the champ is NOT worth the points for 1 more str 4 attack when you already have 24!

the TG unit should be 16 strong to get the full 3 rank bonus. if its more drop them to save points. also as stated above drop the saurus to 18 each.

now with the points you cut, if you drop 1 razordon, hopefull you will have enough points for 3 but preferably 4 terradons. this will help you alot with warmachines which you have good concern for.

i would also recommend sallies over razordons, or at least take 1 of each as you have 2 rare slots open. 2 units of 1 is better than 1 unit of 2 for shooting purposes.

i would also skirmish both skink units and make then 10 each, not 12.

24-07-2009, 00:31
My bad the saurs all have spears.

comes to 1999 points. sorry

EDITED. I have no teradons. So cold one cav are all I got to fill the fast slot as it were.

24-07-2009, 01:50
still beats nothing, id find a way to fit them in

24-07-2009, 03:24
Wow what great advice.