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Death Korp
24-07-2009, 12:22
Hi all,

I have a 2250pt game against Wood Elves and a 2000pt game against Monster Heavy WOC list using my own WOC. My list is a fairly 'Mortal' one, no monsters apart from 2 Spawn, and a mix of infantry and Calvary. I have never played these 2 armies before, so some help will be appriciated.

I think the Wood Elf list is a fairly 'balanced' one, so I was thinking that there will be treekin and treemen in it. So I was thinking that my Khornate Lord on Jugger would be good with the Hellfire sword. Flammable attacks agaisnt trees would be fun. :evilgrin: I have no idea how to take on Skirmishers though...

The monster heavy list will have Galrauch and Throgg in it, and there will be lots of trolls, Dragon ogres and MON Ogres with Great Weapons. This army will kill me if they get the charge, so I am taking 2 units of Knights led by an Exalted Hero each to try and take as many wounds off the monsters as possible. I have a scroll caddy with a single scroll, and another sorcerer lvl 2 with MoN and Conjoined Homunculus. Since he only has Galrach as his only spellcaster,i think I have enough anti magic avaliable.



24-07-2009, 12:33
If he takes Throgg, odds are he'll take trolls; I played with Throgg once, and totally crushed my opponent's WoC thanks to a whole load of lucky regen trolls (went like that: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3704308&postcount=258). I guess the hellfire sword should be handy there too...

24-07-2009, 12:37
Skirmishers are a pain for most WoC-lists. A sorc on a disc tend to make short work of them though. Just give him Golden Eye of Tzeentch and he should withstand most shooting aimed his way. I use this for a sorc-lord with Enchanted shield and Golden eye to keep him safe. You could also give such a char Book of secrets to turn him into a magic missileplatform.

Death Korp
24-07-2009, 12:40
Cheers for the bat rep, them trolls do hurt...

I was thinking about this Lord combo:

Lord of Khorne: 410pts
-Hellfire Sword
-Enchanted Shield
-Favor of the Gods
-Word of Agony

He is alot of points, but he can kill monsters and treemen easily, no problem at all. The FotGs lets me have a little more reliability in the EotGs chart, and the Word of Agony is awesome.

I have to get rid of both my Exalted Heroes for him in 2000pts, but I get an extra dispel scroll and a guy who is great at killing monsters.

EDIT: Missed you out Unuhexium :D Problem is, I don't have a disk model yet, but I am planning on getting some for a Tournie next year. A Sorcerer Lord on Disk and goodies would be great, but like I said, I don't have the model :(
Against skrimishers, would a lone Sorcerer with the Lore of Fire be good at taking down skirmishers, magic missiling them all?



24-07-2009, 17:09
Er, careful with your lord there. Frenzy against an army of skirmishers and fast cavalry will NOT end well.
Plus, you may well bounce off his treeman if you get there - will almost certainly have annoyance of netlings (hit on 6s in challenge). Combined with T6, you'd be unlikely to wound him. At which stage, assuming he doesn't wound you (which he quite easily could...) he outnumbers you and wins combat. Therefore u lose frenzy, outnumbered by terror causing creature, please roll snake eyes or go away.

In other words, not healthy for your lord. He would work very very well against trolls and treekin though. But i'd say lose the mark of khorne - against wood elves, its just not gonna happen.

Death Korp
24-07-2009, 23:25
I think I'll keep him anyway, as I do like the model, and he'll be handy against the troll army. Do treemen move fast at all, or are they slow?



25-07-2009, 00:12
Easiest way of killing WE with WoC is with magic. WE usually have a really bad magic defence. I would avoid frenzy as much as possible, your armour save, WS and S are good enough to easily kill any WE (except for treemen) in close combat anyway.

I play WE a lot and WoC is a frequent opponent and frenzy really kills them (or at least prevents them from doing something useful). Chances are that your tooled up lord wont kill anything.

Da GoBBo
25-07-2009, 00:16
Go en mass versus woodies
Go elite versus WoC