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24-07-2009, 15:17
Hello everyone.

I'm curious what do you think about my army list.

here it comes:

Vampire Lord [425]
- red fury
- beguile
- inf hatred
- the flayed hauberk
- crown of the damned
- balefire spike
- extra magic lvl

Zombie dragon [275]

Vampire #1 [235]
- the book of arkhan
- sword of battle
- avatar of death
- inf hatred
- helsteed

Vampire #2 [195]

- dark acolyte
- summon ghouls
- dispel scroll x2

20 Zombie’s [musician 4] [84 pts]
20 Zombie’s [musician 4] [84 pts]
10 Ghouls [ghast 8] [88 pts]
10 Ghouls [ghast 8] [88 pts]

3 fell bats [60 pts]

Corpse cart [75 pts]

17 grave guard’s [full command group] [234pts]
4 wraith’s [banshee] [225 pts]

Varghulf [175 pts]

total: 2243

As I play only with my friends, so the most important for me i's having fun. The zombie dragon can cause a headache but i like it too much to drop him:)

i have a big dilemma concerning one hero slot:

I'm talking about the vampire #2 (the caster one)
with his presence i can summon ghouls and field 2 units of those bad boys, but my grave guards become a bit useless.

The second setup is:
Wight lord
- the accursed armor
- sword of the kings
- barded skeletal steed

normally i field him with my grave guards equipped with banner of the barrows.
plus my ghouls go into 1 unit with this setup.
I realy love this combination, and i have downed lots of enemy characters with king but i lose my dispell scrolls.

And one more thing - i always play with same army list - no matter whom im playing against.

i hope to hear some advice guys! :)