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06-01-2006, 18:51
OK im not quite sure where to post this so ill put it in here and see if it gets moved.

I want to try and write some fluff for my iron warriors army but dont realy know where to start. The way im going to build them it with a large proportion on the units having multiple spide like legs instead of their normal ones (like little defilers etc)

I also want to use either exclusively defilers and dreads to fill the HS slots or use converted walkers to represent the other HS choices I could take.

Here lies my problem, why would and army choose to use large numbers of walkers and replace troops normal 2 legs with 4 mechanical ones.

Any inspirational ideas and thoughts you people have would be great.


06-01-2006, 18:58
I'd imagine their home daemonworld or favored battleground is largely swamp or bog. Normal wheeled and tracked vehicles would be quagmired in such terrain, but a walker would probably fair well (with the added advantage of keeping the hull/body/whatever out of the muck).