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06-01-2006, 18:33
Hi ,
I've just started a wood elf army and i'm not shaw what to get next so far i've got, 2 units of 10 glade guard ,1 unit of eternal guard which is ten man and i made from part's from the glade guard and riders spruese, 1 unit of 7 waywatchers, a spellsinger adn 2 nobles,1 that join's my way watcher scoud and 1 thatjoins my eternal guard.

So I'm not shaw if i should get some dryad's or more glade guard.

thanks for reading this it is my first thread. :)

06-01-2006, 18:40
I would get both.
Both units are strong, but serve different purposes. However, it is important for you to figure out what it is you want your army to do. Focus more on shooting? Focus more on combat? What?

Right now the models you have are not particularly fast--so it means they could easily be out-flanked. Furthermore the unit does not have anything "hard" in it--like Tree Kin. Most of the Wood Elf list is fairly weak and fragile and right now you have nothing to protect your forces.

Plan some things out before you make any more purchases. Think about the job that unit will do, and what it will do to help you win.

06-01-2006, 18:52
Thankyou ,

My only point is that i only have 1k points at the moment so i can't have treeman bacause i can only have 1 rare choice. But thankyou for the advice about the tree kin i will get some but there quiet expensive, any ideas of how to get some cheap ones. (and I've tried usingtwigg's and it want work.)not really.


Da GoBBo
07-01-2006, 21:21
I know people who just take a piece of paper to proxy a unit (or even armies). If you really don't know what to get next, ye could use the same principle. Some players won't like it though. Personally I think this hobby is expensive enough buying one 2000 pt army and wouldn't mind facing pieces of paper every now and then (trying things out is a big part of the game as well).

god octo
07-01-2006, 22:09
you could look on ebay or another internet site. Even if you only get a couple of pounds off, its still a saving.

09-01-2006, 03:58
dryads. get dryads.

09-01-2006, 14:36
Would you go with a regiment of dryads in a shooting based army?

Da GoBBo
09-01-2006, 15:34
I'd always get at least two small units of dryads. Their really useful for luring units and only cost 96 points.

11-01-2006, 16:35
Hey...I just started playing Wood Elves...so take some of my inexperience into account when reading my opinions...

First off...Eternal Guard are awesome, depending on how you play Wood Elves. I like to run them with a Noble in them for the Subborn factor. I run the unit is a size of 14 with full command and the war banner. The noble in the unit has a great weapon and light armor. Nothing major...just there to give the unit stubborn. I run this unit up the middle of the board. Basically use them to stop up anything I find very scary....like Chaos warriors, Greatswords, etc... The fighting style options are pretty nifty. Stubborn units are good in my book. Once I get enough extra money I am going to buy a second unit of these and try two units of 15, one with my Highborn, and one with a Noble...the Noble will be a BSB. Two units of 15 with Stubborn or leadership 10 and rerolls to failed break test are pretty good. I use these for holding down the front.

Now...Glade Guard. Obviously you want to have these guys. I take two units of ten...with musicans. One on each side of the board. Pretty self explanitory.

Glade Guard Scouts. I've used these guys with limited success. They've never really played for themselves exactly...but they have slowed units down and caused issues with my opponent's light cav. Tomb King Cav and Marauder Horsemen go down the hole....:D I've also used them with a Scout Kindred Highborn to hand my opponent a nasty little suprise. Good if you are not going to use Waywatchers.

Glade Riders...I've had good success with two units of these guys, both with full command and just the musican. I will ALWAYS take a musican with these guys no matter what. That way I can rally from fleeing on leadership 9. These guys are fast cav, so ranks do nothing for you. I field them in units of 5 or 6 depending on how I feel at the time. The Full command choice comes normally on if I am going to be fielding Wild Riders...if I am going to field wild riders I will normally not take a full command...because the Wild Riders are much better at the job. More on that later.

Dryads...these guys are freaking awesome. I've not been let down at all by them. Sure they are skirmishers and cannot cancel ranks, but their number of attacks at strength 4 normally makes up for that fact. I field them in units of 8 with a unit champ. In a flank charge, there will be 11 attacks from the Dryads at strength 4. Very nice indeed...and you still get the Flank combat resolution bonus. And with all their attacks considered magical and the 5+ ward...they are pretty good. And if they get shoot up with Magic or whatever, it saves your expensive units from getting ruined. I take two units of 8.

Wardancers...I've only fielded these guys twice...and they did their job nicely. The first time they gutted a unit of Choas Knight, and the second time they killed themselves (my opponent was playing Wood Elves as well) and I used them to kill his wardancers...I was able to charge him and I should be able to kill themselves! :D I take them in units of 8 with full command options. Honestly I am not sure if I really like these guys, so I do not count them in my "uber cheese" groups. They just need more testing. These guys will probably make me happy in the long run...I mean they are the ultimate utility players. A few more games and I will be able to give a better judgement.

Warhawk riders...not my bag baby. These guys might be awesome for someone else, but not for me. They just do not match my play style. They will have their uses...just not in my lists.

Wild Riders...my bread and butter. These guys are awesome. Units of Five with full command. I have not been let down yet. Sometimes I take one unit...sometimes two and I use them to flank the scary units my Eternal Guard are having issues with. These guys might work in groups of 6, but I have not tested that yet. We'll see about that. These guys are awesome with their additional attack per combat (though I have not had a combat last long enough for that to matter :evilgrin: ) These guys coming into someone's flank...making the opponent take fear checks and strength 5 on the charge! O yea! Awesome. These guys are great and are fast cay so you can totally control what is going down and which combats they end up in. Hands down the greatest unit in the army!

Treekin...have not used them yet, so I will not comment other than they are an obvious magic target and any flame spell will end them. Still, I need to test them out. I think they will work just like Ogres or Kroxigors or Trolls or any of those types of units...I just want to test them before I make my final judgement.

Treeman...same as Treekin. I have not tested it yet. Honestly I don't think the Treeman will do anything for me either. Sure it looks good on paper, but it's just a big monster...that fire spells will ruin. It's too easy to get flame attacks, and a character + unit will ruin the treeman quick. In fact, I've watched as a treeman was ruined by a unit of 20 Empire Swordsmen. It was totally embarrasing. Anyway, in certain areas the Treeman might be good, but I don't think I will ever bee happy with him.

Great Eagles. Awesome if you are never going to use the rare slots. Use them to attack wayword Wizards and stop units from marching. and to chase down fleeing units. 50 points each for something to stop war machines and marches...good enough for me!

Waywatchers...Really good if you have the points. They are great at causing issues against your opponents and if you can get your trees in the right spot they can be amazing. I take them in groups of 6. Any more and the unit gets too big and becomes a target. Though they are a massive point sink.

Now I know you really didn't ask for a total unit breakdown, but you got one anyways! :p

12-01-2006, 07:29
Really nice! But I would suggest you try the treekin! Who doesn't want a wall backing up his troops?

12-01-2006, 12:34
Really nice! But I would suggest you try the treekin! Who doesn't want a wall backing up his troops?

I might look into them. The problem I have is that for the same cost I could field a unit of Enternal Guard with a Noble and have more attacks, same subborn leadership 8, plus I would have +2 ranks, +1 for standard, and the option of a magical Banner. Also, with the commonality of burn-a-nator spells, I just feel more comfortable with going with another unit of Eternal Guard...and I forgot that doing it that way, I have freed up my special slots for more Wild Riders of Broken-Cheese! :evilgrin:

Again, I have not tested these guys...just my inital thoughts on the matter.