View Full Version : Sectors and Subsectors (Size of the Imperium)

25-07-2009, 00:55
Current fluff gives rough estimates of the military strength of a sector, but no where can I find the average amount of sectors in a segmentum or a rough estimate of the number of sub-sectors in a sector. Does anyone have these figures?

25-07-2009, 02:04
To my knowledge, there has never been a figure associated with Sectors per Segmentum, and doubt there ever will be. It's in GW's best interest to leave that undefined.

However, Sub-Sectors per Sector varies, and the numbers are typically 3-10, depending on a number of factors.

25-07-2009, 10:01
Seeing as the segmentums vary vastly in size, and even then have disproportional military might (the Solar Segmentum is the smallest, yet has the strongest military in order to safeguard Terra. Segmentum Obscurus is the second smallest, yet has the second strongest military to protect against the Eye of Terror), I'd say calculating military strength based on the number of sectors in a segmentum wouldn't be the way to go about it even if we did know the number.